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  1. Chester Paterson

    There are a lot of "+1" for a man who just spied on an alliance he also worked for. The word of Doom is a solid one but maybe, just maybe, @Chester Patersonis playing all of y'all to get into PL. Welcome to the team Chester. See you in fleet.
  2. Edibleghost

    It seems capitals aren't your thing yet. Fortunately there are other roles to be filled as you learn. If an FC were to ping for a fleet asking for proteus's, hics, logi, dictors, ceptors, and dreads/apostle on standby; which role would you fill and why?
  3. Drafus

    For what its worth I remember Drafus from RKK. As mentioned, he wasn't one to talk up in fleets or IRC but was always coherent, competent, and you knew he was paying attention. I remember A LOT of RKK callouts in my RKK days where an FC would begin to haze us because someone did something dumb but luckily DRAFUS was never on the receiving end. Fortunately he never stepped out of sync and mostly stayed below the radar. When it came to modernizing the corporation and investing in FAX's Drafus was on point in buying his along with keeping his super fit properly. In regards to communication DRAFUS was always reachable via IRC. Membership wise I think DRAFUS pulls his weight. He's no public speaker by any account but he stays on top of his stuff and doesn't have drama.
  4. Nebelas

    I mentioned it in Coe's thread but I'll mentioned it here too. I was in RKK and I can attest to the drama, at times, being unbearable. Some of us were extremely loyal to one half of the leadership while the other half felt like a raging brain tumor. It hurt the soul to login to play the game and deal with the BS but it would also hurt to leave the 50% of the leadership you liked behind. Neb was always accessible on IRC even when the killboard said he was "inactive". Furthermore its clear the guy will go down with the ship. I think he would be a great asset to your corporation.... and of course give him a challenge to meet your activity requirements.
  5. coeathal vega

    I was recently in RKK and can vouch that when drama was the highest in RKK I too struggled to play Eve. It's one of those things where its hard to explain unless you were apart of it. At times the culture was so toxic I'd just keep my computer off. Yeah I could participate in fleets but just the presence of others being in my corp list turned me off. Bottom line is this, its hard to like the community if you don't like your home. Coe is a solid recruit and I think he deserves a chance.
  6. Darius JOHNSON

    Hey Darius, I'm a fan of your work and I think you'll fit I nicely. We talked about this before. -Jack
  7. Happy Birthday and welcome home
  8. Application [ Lyvv ]

    Thank you for your service
  9. Xrend

    Glad you are still part of the fam, fam.
  10. blawrf

    In before mutiny speech... I mean Mittani.