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  1. Marivauder


    My ceo 😻
  2. Marivauder


    You will HAVE to have T2 Triage and T2 dread guns + Siege on an alt before accepted into corp. Not tryig to be a dick but it's policy for everyone.
  3. Marivauder


    No T2 triage on either chars No T2 Cap guns on either char
  4. Marivauder


    Fix your api's, use ESI on here and get w33ds to post in here that he's your vouch and his confirmed it's you
  5. Marivauder


    Double oh six
  6. Marivauder


    Next up on the "i got kicked so i'm coming back instantly even though i was afk for a shit load of time train" IIIIIIIIIIIIIS FOE "i once masterbated on comms unknowingly"HAMMER
  7. Marivauder


    Do you feel your app is better than Claire's?
  8. Marivauder

    Bill Auduin

    Because who would want to talk to you
  9. Marivauder

    Impunitus Umbra

  10. Marivauder

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

  11. Marivauder

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

    App rejected, get trolled into injecting t2 capital missiles
  12. Marivauder

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

  13. Marivauder

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

    How come you don't inject for t2 dread guns?
  14. Marivauder

    Cheradenine-Zakalwe Amtiskaw

    I feel if his voice was deeper and had a clearer microphone he would have sounded exactly like Marine.