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  1. Yorgii's App

    Any last questions for yogurii?
  2. Yorgii's App

    Solid advice. When someone asks a question, you should just answer it by telling them what you would actually do. LOL Wait, are you saying the hypothetical test question is actually plausible? That's an astute observation. No, it has to do with being in a hurry and missing key information that a person wouldn't typically miss during regular game play, forcing them to make quick decisions by relying on their experience, knowledge and skill. Good talk.
  3. Tayler Derden

    @Tayler Derden Recreate a typical russian nanoz ping from s-u fountain days )))
  4. Yorgii's App

    Wrong answer. You certainly don't control every situation you are in. Wanna try again? :brain concentration intensifies:
  5. Yorgii's App

    Easily one of the worst answers possible. So the FC needs to decide whether or not your shit fit mach is OK to join the fleet, while he's actively engaging the enemy? Don't you think the FC has more important things to do then decide some basic shit for you? You claim to be a leader, yet you are missing key elements of independent thought. This worries me.
  6. Yorgii's App

    Those thoughts are just the devil trying to persuade you off the path of righteousness. Pay no attention to them and repent because the LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.
  7. Yorgii's App

    @Yorgii You hear pings for a mach fleet fc'd by your favorite eve FC hedliner. You login late and realize that people are undocking and warping to the titan already. You jump into your starship, undock and warp to the titan for the LAST BRIDGE out of system. BUT, mid warp you realize your macharial is not fit according to the MOTD because you were in a RUSH and forgot to check it. You have 4 incorrect modules and a wrong armor resistance profile. Do you take the bridge? What do you do? There is guaranteed fun and dank frags in the destination system but you are OUT OF TIME as the bridge is going down, you must decide! While you are answering that, send me a full API for every account you own in a pm.
  8. Yorgii's App

    So we need to devote our valuable time and energy training you now? lol Not sure we need another "lack luster" middle manager with a low activity threshold.
  9. Yorgii's App

    Life partner? Did you hear about the gay security guard who got fired from his job at the sperm bank? He got caught drinking on the job. jk we are full mate sorry...(this is a christian alliance, we don't tolerate your kind)
  10. Yorgii's App

    Maybe, it might give me some insight into your abilities beyond this generic persona you've generated for this application. Do you want to take the initiative and post them with an explanation or do you want my authorization before you do anything? weird, it's almost like I knew you were guessing. This attitude is exactly why you've failed time and time again. You've clearly developed a poor attitude because of it. We are looking for TEAM players in NESW, not one man "quad boxing" wrecking crews who like to repeat different kinds of PVE failure. Guess I don't get an answer as to why you actually want to be here besides Krios4233466 telling you it might be fun. Maybe you'll take this opportunity to push your brain to the max one last time and put together a half decent answer for us.
  11. Tayler Derden

    have them post here confirming it's you.
  12. Yorgii's App

    Do you feel bad negatively generalizing all the unnamed and incredibly hardworking PL fleet scouts, links, logistics and cyno characters that work tirelessly while running single accounts to their absolute effectiveness? For someone who claims they do "more" than the average person, this application is incredibly boring and <insert generic response here>. Stop with the Krios says garbage and start telling me why you want to be here. Your vouch only gets you to the door, you have to step through it under your own power.
  13. Yorgii's App

    So no videos of you fcing? I know how hard it is to comprehend simple English when you are pushing your concentration and brain to the max. :rofl: How can I expect you to hold on a gate in fleet when it's important, when you miss simple instructions?
  14. Yorgii's App

    I don't hate this application, you just don't excite me at all. Any videos of you fc'ing at all? If you don't get into nesw will you be halting your gameplay? bahahahah :cringe: One month after you join, things are going ok for you, a few gangs here or there but nothing has caught your attention, and you basically just press f1 and sit in tidi. Suddenly, Krios422222 decides to leave and start his own powerhou5e down under aussie corp filled with great times, great kills and great barbecues (lamb, snags and shrimp). Would you leave nesw for Krios' corp? It's your turn to have fun, right?
  15. Warmonger App

    It's hard to get into anything when you are unwilling to put forth any reasonable effort.