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  1. bitch ass nword -1
  2. now THIS is the way to get what you want! Nice!
  3. i like this thread
  4. vouch Wow, nice post
  5. what button is it to vouch is it the green arrow
  6. whos that in ur sig is that the beastie boys
  7. -1 annoying euro
  8. both a leak and a leaq :---)
  9. jfyi this kid is literally trying to crowdsource every post he makes in tib discord its funny
  10. i know u are but what am i fucking hilarious :thinking: haha :ok:
  11. post a classic meme of choice that is NOT flavor of the month
  12. +1 for what it is worth even tho this c-class memer caused me to lose my sin which indirectly made me lose interest in eve and go inactive, i'll still vouch the shit out of him everything everyone else says is true, this kid has cynos everywhere and is super useful. he creates content and this is one of the few tishu dudes that is worth having around. don't undermine, it's part of the question :-----)