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    what button is it to vouch is it the green arrow
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    whos that in ur sig is that the beastie boys
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    -1 annoying euro
  4. Application - Vladimir Khurelem

    both a leak and a leaq :---)
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    jfyi this kid is literally trying to crowdsource every post he makes in tib discord its funny
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    i know u are but what am i fucking hilarious :thinking: haha :ok:
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    post a classic meme of choice that is NOT flavor of the month
  8. Application - Vladimir Khurelem

    +1 for what it is worth even tho this c-class memer caused me to lose my sin which indirectly made me lose interest in eve and go inactive, i'll still vouch the shit out of him everything everyone else says is true, this kid has cynos everywhere and is super useful. he creates content and this is one of the few tishu dudes that is worth having around. don't undermine, it's part of the question :-----)
  9. 1. Whо is your vouch in Collapsed Оut (Read this for information regarding vouches) Who else in PL can confirm you are not a "fuccboi" What is your relationship with your vouch? i.e. How do you know him/her? Do you know anyone else in CYNOU who can speak for you? Feawen - csgo and eve atlanta Awarmingcoat - memeing together 2. How long have you been playing EVE Online? Three years 3. What do you like to do in EVE Online? I like fleets, particularly ones where everyone has a role/is important. I also like fighting people that don’t want to fight. This allows for fighting outnumbered/outclassed. 4. Give us a brief biography of your EVE career. My main Ben Nagaki’s corp history is deceptively long, although I’ve only been a member of a handful of real corps. I started in 2013, played the trial, couldn't support myself as a solo player and never subbed. I still kept up with game politics, meta, and changes/updates. I came back about 11 months later, subbed, and joined an industry corp. After a week of joining them I managed to steal an orca. Now I was hooked on the game. After this I poked around in other indy corps but wasn't as successful. I joined brave, got bored and went to fw. In fw I made some great friends which I still keep in contact today. We made a lot of corps for just fucking around, so my employment history has a lot of trash that is all really one group. Those corps are: limitless combat, sons and daughters of mandalore, burned out, lacrimae advena, blumpkin boys, CONTRATTO, cumguzzlas, and cloak squad. All the same group of 6-7 dudes. We did wardeccing, wormholes, npc null, ganking, lowsec blocs, and of course fw. We were not good at any of those things. In the interim between these corps I joined the kadeshit and learned how to fly interceptors (lol). I also joined love squad, which was one of the best times in eve for me. Rest in peace pizza etc.etc. I also was In BL for a bit and hated it, simply because I made no effort to making friends in corp and only joined to be an f1 monkey. My most recent corp was scope works. Upon joining, I didn't know that scope works was a meme corp. Anslo was a cool guy and is really good at poaching, so he did just that. I joined while they were in dead terrorists and hated it. But we were going to join Tishu so I stuck around and bought a super. In this Corp I made an effort to make friends with the corp/alliance, and in doing this I rose to being a director within 2 months of being in scope. There were 6 directors, but Thomas and I were the only active ones. Anslo had a bunch of problems with his corp that I couldn't even begin to fix, being such a new member. We tried stuff like purging inactives and I ran regular corp fleets, but the corp was just inherently broken. It got pretty stressful and started to affect real life so I dropped corp. I currently reside in tackled in belt where we just meme all day and lose poorly fit ships in molden heath. 5. What are the names of all your characters and how many SP does each one have? Provide the following for every character Killboards (zkill preferred) Skillsheets (eveboard preferred) APIs for EVERY account and character MUST be entered here (All corporation APIs as well if applicable) The characters I'm applying with: PW on all should be: "yungman". They aren't completely updated, I've been extracting trained skills since it's been updated. Ben Nagaki 32m SP - Original main Qwen Zu 120m SP - Bought in October Hobocus 163m SP - bought sometime in August 6. Post three kills that you are most pleased with and tell us why you like them. - This beta nu-male was suiciding his thanny so i popped it before he could whore. Also lex wasted a DD - chased this noob down in a plated cloaked rapier as he was flying around a gate. camped this dude for days, tricked him into flying this shitfit by using an incorp spy. Very rewarding kill and the tears were quality. - bonus!! i got this sweet cyno frag in dead terrorists 7. Can you fly a carrier? Yes. T2 triage, can fly chimera/archon well. 8. Do you own a supercapital? No, I sold mine, can buy one though. 9. What do you think you are good at and what would you like to improve at in EVE? I'm pretty good at flying DPS whether it be nano, dreads, or non-anchored battleships. I would like to get better at triage and be good at the new carrier fighters. 10. What is your main way of making ISK? I don’t formally grind isk, I do small stuff like JFing and WH trips for my isk. If I really need isk I do level 5’s in placid. 11. How did you hear about‚ and why do you want to join Collapsed Оut? I know of CYNOU through TISHU. I want to join because I've heard a lot of positive things about it from my vouches and other people, and I think I would be useful to the corp 12. On average‚ how many hours per week do you think you play? If I find something to do in game I can handle 40+ hours a week. If I can't find anything to do I'll still be logged in 35+ hours a week, just not undocked a whole lot. 13. Tell us a bit about your real self. How old are you ? What do you do outside of EVE such as work or play? I’m 18, and live in inner-city Atlanta AKA the never ignorant getting goals accomplished capital of USA. I’m a failed normie, so some weekends I'll be going to parties, but on others I'll be shut in playing bad video games. 14. Poѕt your favorite Taylor Swift gif and explain why it ѕpeаks tо you. that neck though 15. There’s a ping that goes out for a fleet forming and at the same time a ping from Jeffraider goes out for his movie night‚ what do you do? It all depends how important the fleet is/if I can actually be useful to it. The answer to that is usually “yes go on the fleet u mango”, so I’ll usually be opting for the fleet. The only case I can see going on movie night over the fleet is if it’s a european pos bash fleet AND jeff is showing Kubrick or some shit. 16. Hоw many WHѕ it it worth taking to get a ѕlightly possible cаpkill/fight? Wormholes aren’t too bad to go through in my experience, so I’d be willing to take 6-7 whs. Worst case scenario we scare some noobs away and some beta gets his t3 stuck in the bleak lands. 17. Using this picture create 3 amusing/funny/deep or 'just surprise us' versions. We will judge you on the font you use and the phrase that you use. Good luck.