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  1. Lelob


    lol, that's a new one gj
  2. Lelob


    1. Yeah, but if YOU were an Albertan seperatist, and you wanted to seperate from Canada, how would you try and do it? 2. Cool looking forward to it
  3. Lelob


    If you could spearhead Albertan separation, how would you do it? Post a super fit without an nsa, and explain what you would do with it. On your loki fit you have: Small Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 75 Auto Targeting System II why? What's your favourite food to cook? (Not eat)
  4. Lelob


    Hopefully he and Wendy do a betrayal/vengeance song about it though.
  5. Lelob

    Karl Landers

    lol who joins the corps
  6. Lelob


    Rab is amazing, gl bro
  7. Lelob

    Darius JOHNSON

    Assuming this isn't some shitty troll, what happens to goons alliance?
  8. Lelob

    Intaki Guy

    <3 vouch <3
  9. Lelob


    your neg rep level is most impressive
  10. Lelob


    get with the times
  11. Lelob

    Casper24 API

    hi casper