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  1. Krutoj returning

    all these alliance big wigs in this thread, must be a fellow big wig.
  2. Jonatan Reed

    which part
  3. Nuruvo

  4. Bill Auduin

    If you were to get pets would you then abandon them? How long until you go afk and block your vouch? Do you intend to just join and F1? Will you let avery feed you to the enemy in a roam? Are you one of the guys i gave charge of ISBAD when the old guard left and the great dozer purging.
  5. Goborn

    are you better than @Hlynurth at rocket league
  6. SilverBack Rotineque

    thats just dedication. vouch
  7. SilverBack Rotineque

    he said do haikus your haikus were very shit still need a corndog
  8. Goborn

    what do you plan on doing in israd? what roles will you fill in main fleet?
  9. SilverBack Rotineque

    can you multibox? it would be most excellent if you could anchor-> f1 while also doing something else useful like links or a sabre etc. do you have experience with this type of multiboxing?
  10. SilverBack Rotineque

    what fleet positions are you intending to fill during stratops? I will followup on this if you get in so be honest.
  11. SilverBack Rotineque

    1. do you play rocket league. 2. why do you want to join israd and not one of the low tier corps that are easy to get into. 3. @Madkicker needs to know the effective range of the m21 ebr, can you provide that to him?
  12. Jason Knight

    thats dedication, vouch
  13. Jason Knight

    one last question: jai hind?
  14. Jason Knight

    are you lying about your skin color? what do you want out of being in israd/PL?
  15. Impunitus Umbra

    are you going to go afk and block your vouch right after joining?