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  1. rejuice k

    Kappa Pride App

    new hanzo is actually way better in every way
  2. rejuice k

    Kappa Pride App

    you could 1 shot people with scatter arrow until less than a full week ago, rip scatter arrow
  3. rejuice k

    Kappa Pride App

    are you calling jabul a liar
  4. rejuice k


    no t2 triage or t2 dread or carrier alt? how long would it take you to get these things?
  5. rejuice k

    Kappa Pride App

    are you related to kappa 4head
  6. rejuice k

    Origin. corp application

    How many renters are you willing to bring to the table? Are you willing to forsake any use of super capital vessels outside of protecting the aforementioned renters? Looking forward to hearing back so we can process your application!
  7. rejuice k

    Elissa Oriki

    what do you do if your lenovo think pad is clipping while attempting to secure a frag during the weekly @Avery Lewis roam
  8. rejuice k

    Hustlan Jones

    Why ISRAD? Are you a mute girl? Give me a shield aeon fit you would use to meme around. have fun with it and tell me why you chose the fittings you did, dont need to be crazy specific just have fun.
  9. rejuice k

    Captain Washburn

    @Impunitus Umbra is building my super at a fair price. If you were him would you steal my super in build.
  10. rejuice k

    Bodewhin Schwarz - Returning Vera. Player

    filling out forms is hard why are you even here
  11. rejuice k

    Krutoj returning

    all these alliance big wigs in this thread, must be a fellow big wig.
  12. rejuice k

    Jonatan Reed

    which part
  13. rejuice k


  14. rejuice k

    Bill Auduin

    If you were to get pets would you then abandon them? How long until you go afk and block your vouch? Do you intend to just join and F1? Will you let avery feed you to the enemy in a roam? Are you one of the guys i gave charge of ISBAD when the old guard left and the great dozer purging.
  15. rejuice k


    are you better than @Hlynurth at rocket league