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  1. Baasima


    Another successful ISRAD application. Nice try poaching our revered Space Princess.
  2. Baasima


    Please use to record and upload. tia Edit: Vouch, flew with her in Wrecking Shots from 1992-1995
  3. Baasima

    Brett Joseph

    I came here to find a bad fit in one of your losses. I leave having to ask this. What is the most important part of EvE, and why is it krabbing? How would you possibly sustain yourself in PL as someone who seems to lose MTU's/Krabbing ships as much as he loses PvP fits.
  4. Baasima


    Are you seriously going to keep internet tough guying your way around hoping things 180? Do you actually think the gang/solo meter is anything? What if we use dual box or triple box, why is not being a useless inexperienced fuck something to look down upon? PvP isn't about attempting to have honorable solo PvP, you will be SORELY disappointed the second you join PL(P.S. It won't happen) that you will be blobbed or left alone. P.P.S. Your attitude will get you fucking buried, as seen ITT
  5. Baasima


    Why is PL a place to learn? How is PvP the biggest draw to the game for you, when you have spent years of your eve career seemingly semi-inactive. 195b killed(whored on), 55b lost (fed) PL thrives on personally seeking content, why are we supposed to provide you content? What kind of knowledge can you bring to the table?
  6. Baasima


    What is the best fit for a stratios and why is it dual active tanked blaster fit?
  7. Baasima

    Gihon Maersk

    For what it's worth for a out of corp members 2 cents.. I think Gihon would be a great addition to Hoover, good hunter, experienced player, nice guy. Would fit in well the blops/small gang/community action you guy's have going.
  8. Baasima


    How would you fit a sin for solo blops? Let's stack some more questions on top of each other.
  9. Baasima

    Bert Macklin1

    I still don't quite understand, why are you vouching 4 people into Hoover if you're in ISRAD?
  10. Baasima

    Asher Kagen Application

    There's this cool group called horde where PL guys can mentor you. You should try it.