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  1. SilverBack Rotineque

    PM Sumo and I on the forums with your full APIs. Thanks!
  2. Goborn

    Why is Hylnurth one your least favorite people?
  3. SilverBack Rotineque

    From my birds eye view of ISBAD in the past year I've seen Silverback put in an insane amount of logistical legwork on a consistent basis for the group. Not a vouch since I don't know him personally but worth a note.
  4. Jason Knight

    Please forum PM Sumo and I your full APIs.
  5. Jason Knight

    Whats your favorite kind of coffee
  6. Val Thropp

    App accepted, welcome to ISRAD. Etc etc rest PM'd.
  7. Val Thropp

    @Val Thropp Never buy anything of Chordo Garr's. #1 rule of ISRAD
  8. Mark Trayan

    #26 hello?
  9. Quetzalcoatl FortyTwo

    App to ElitistOps ingame as well as through the auth on Welcome to ISRAD
  10. Quetzalcoatl FortyTwo

    @Quetzalcoatl FortyTwo PM me your full APIs on the forums.
  11. somnolence Are you sure tho?
  12. somnolence

    Penif vouch vs a single Laenatus vouch :thinking:
  13. Opseed

    Once the corn dog video is uploaded I can weigh in. Otherwise nope.
  14. app

    Another successful ISRAD application. Nice try poaching our revered Space Princess.
  15. app

    Please use to record and upload. tia Edit: Vouch, flew with her in Wrecking Shots from 1992-1995