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  1. Val Thropp

    App accepted, welcome to ISRAD. Etc etc rest PM'd.
  2. Val Thropp

    @Val Thropp Never buy anything of Chordo Garr's. #1 rule of ISRAD
  3. Mark Trayan

    #26 hello?
  4. Supreme Leader Mao - Application

    Apply to ISRAD ingame. He's MINE fuck off @Kilo181 @Marivauder
  5. Quetzalcoatl FortyTwo

    App to ElitistOps ingame as well as through the auth on pl.pl Welcome to ISRAD
  6. Quetzalcoatl FortyTwo

    @Quetzalcoatl FortyTwo PM me your full APIs on the forums.
  7. somnolence

    https://zkillboard.com/character/92774250/ Are you sure tho?
  8. somnolence

    Penif vouch vs a single Laenatus vouch :thinking:
  9. Opseed

    Once the corn dog video is uploaded I can weigh in. Otherwise nope.
  10. app

    Another successful ISRAD application. Nice try poaching our revered Space Princess.
  11. app

    Please use http://vocaroo.com/ to record and upload. tia Edit: Vouch, flew with her in Wrecking Shots from 1992-1995
  12. Opseed

    Pls reply to @alchemist8 before further processing.
  13. Techstrateyremake

    @Techstrategyremake PM me your API's on the forums.
  14. Brohamo

    What's worse, Tara's TLDR posts or this app? P.S. He already joined goons as of an hour ago. https://zkillboard.com/character/95484990/
  15. Brohamo

    Upload a video of you downing a corn dog in one go, tia.