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  1. Kaynard Stormwalker's application

    Have you heard about the rorq changes? Paging @Doomchinchilla as he can tell you all about why your rorq fit is bad
  2. Kaynard Stormwalker's application

    WOAH WOAH! Now Im all about the paw patrol love, but dont go dissing Thomas! Thomas will always be the best!
  3. Kaynard Stormwalker's application

    Just yelp for help!
  4. Kaynard Stormwalker's application

    What is your fave pokemon and why?
  5. app

    This is the one and only time I will ever write this on this forum...... VOUCH! SAS is a lovely welcomming corp. We also have another really kool girl that you can hang out with. Please feel free to ap in game and mail our CEO to accept you
  6. PipoDeYoyo's App

    WOAH WOAH..... Dont you go disrespecting colourful aps! (Altho I do agree his choice of colours is tragic)
  7. Gihon Maersk

    ITs ok @Kris Sirober I still love you just as much
  8. Gihon Maersk

    This guy gets an upvote for pretty colours
  9. Capqu

    YAY HES BACK!!!!!! (Running off to seed fuccccck loads of bombers :P)
  10. Kris Sirober

    You get an upvote for your use of pretty colours
  11. DavidT33 Application

    Which pokemon would you be and why? Alternatively which is your fave first gen pokemon?
  12. Ox Fast Application

    A triage alt is mandatory in PL so you may want to rethink that a little bit, your main being your only triage is a bit useless if your main is in the subcap fleet on grid and all hell breaks lose and we need apostles
  13. Ox Fast Application

    you would be better off to inject an alt, as apostle alts are preferred. So you can always field it no matter where your main is
  14. Ox Fast Application

    ohhh your the competition so bfl hauler here
  15. Ox Fast Application

    Jf-ing huh? And who do you jf for/with can I ask?