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  1. DavidT33 Application

    Explain why this is a poor choice.
  2. DavidT33 Application

    Hmm, feels like missed opportunity to me.
  3. DavidT33 Application

    Okay, now describe to me how you would use said curse after jumping into a system with high npc delta.
  4. DavidT33 Application

    I get ur trying to fit two med neuts but WTF
  5. DavidT33 Application

    What is a good solo roaming cruiser for catching ratters?
  6. Dunn Calderbank

    Take him out in a Rorq :D
  7. Lily Arkaval

    Is this the origin of "Average Lewis"?
  8. De'Veldrin

    Lol you're Erik Pentecost? Damn, I'm slow.
  9. Ox Fast Application

    My bad I mean we are both autocannon fit
  10. Ox Fast Application

    Say we are arty and both decided to go for the Vexor first because it is closer to the both of us but then we hit its armor and realize its dual rep fit, we aren't in fleet and not in chat together, do you keep hitting the Vexor or do you independently switch to the Cynabal hoping I will realize what you are doing and do the same?
  11. Ox Fast Application

    Scenario: You are in a Cynabal 150km off a hostile POS, you see a friendly Cynabal warp in and start anchoring a bubble just outside of the hostile POS, maybe 100km off the stick. Suddenly a Cynabal and Vexor from inside the POS warp right near the friendly Cynabal anchoring the bubble and burn at him. What do you do?
  12. The seugahnator

    I like your avatar
  13. Bert Macklin1

    Please watch all 25 episodes of Shinsekai yori and tell us how you feel about it afterwards.
  14. Gyn Steel rp-app

    Please Gyn
  15. Gyn Steel rp-app

    Confirming I am vouching this French Canadian who sounds like a frog when he speaks.