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  1. Karl landers

    Daemon Belial

    i forgot how fuckin stupid tyler looks
  2. Karl landers


    so im finally gonna take a position on this, your responses have been good, you have an excellent app and an excellent vouch, however. I do not trust you, your reputation is a huge factor and im not sure if youre the right fit for this corporation. I wish you luck on this aplication but im a -1
  3. Karl landers


    not bad
  4. Karl landers


    Explain to me a tough situation you were in and how you worked your way out of that situation, be detailed
  5. Karl landers


    Almost like me and doom told you so #livefromfirefly
  6. Karl landers


    Being a renter didn’t last to long did it #livefromfirefly
  7. Karl landers

    Corp Looking to Join PL

    this seems like the perfect corp for you