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    Have you not you seen dooms loss mails??
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    Arestes' application

    Shut up Anal X your not even allowed to attend Shrewsbury’s without your missus🙈
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    Arestes' application

    Arestes is a good dude I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in real life a couple of times he’s a nice guy to be around and has been very helpful to me ingame from building my Vanquiser which I paid in full up front (he could have took my isk and ran) to spotting me isk when I needed it. I believe he’s pulled this app back with his recent adjustments so it’s a +1 from me
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    Claire Ijonen

    yes dont worry your normal
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    Claire Ijonen

    I'm all for giving people a chance and I know number or skill points doesn't determine how useful a person can be but as quoted above you simply lack the skills to fly our main doctrine and I simply can't see where you would fit in on one of the main fleets unless your good at flying booshers? If that's the case please provide evidence. If not maybe holding of a few months a polishing of some of skills needed to fly those ships wouldn't be such a bad thing.
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    Returning: Dame Death

    I feel like Jakemiester should be the kicked from PL for this diagram TYIA and also....
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    Shiwan Khan

    Shut up American enjoy wanking yourself into oblivion at Olympia
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    Jack Paladin

    I don't post in these things but this was brilliant
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    Keppo is a super cool dude and is very helpful