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  1. Yazoul Samaiel

    It is my understanding that...

    Hey guys , how can i join this dead corp ?
  2. Yazoul Samaiel

    Back after 6 years

    You fucking cunt.
  3. Yazoul Samaiel

    Building The Wall

  4. Yazoul Samaiel

    Building The Wall

  5. Yazoul Samaiel

    Hello peelee

    North eastern Twat.
  6. Yazoul Samaiel

    SoD EnGun

    Can do voice check as well if needed but it does smell like Sod.
  7. Yazoul Samaiel

    Building The Wall

  8. Yazoul Samaiel


    Is he going to be working with you on building the wall ?
  9. Yazoul Samaiel

    Shiwan Khan

    Are you that desperate in finding dates?
  10. Do you still hate Arabs and Muslims DLK ?
  11. Yazoul Samaiel

    Intaki Guy

    More like Intaki GAY lolololololololololol
  12. Yazoul Samaiel

    DTee app

    Well since you claim to be DTee , name one distinguished feature about amphi.
  13. Yazoul Samaiel

    Intaki Guy

    Trump said no beaners or wetbacks in the land of the free and home of the brave , sorry Ese.
  14. Yazoul Samaiel

    DTee app

    Do you mean this ? http://i.4cdn.org/gif/1468959032891.webm
  15. Yazoul Samaiel

    DTee app

    How things are done in North Eastern Twat ?