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  1. i was hazed by @Bill Auduin 2 ez
  2. somnolence

  3. somnolence

    Hey at least this guy wants to be active
  4. somnolence

    He put's a lot of time into content creation. We are going to start running jumpcats as soon as he lands that JF. This guy doesnt just show up to gatecamps and wait to do things, or be "spoonfed". I'm sorry this was your assessment from 500 yards away but it is simply wrong. I wont stand for "spoonfed" or f1 pushers in this alliance as much as you will, and that is why i'm vouching this guy. If only your app was noticed nearly as much as this one, trottl
  5. somnolence

    I remember the day Penif went off to get married. What wonderful news that was! Still kisses girls to this day.
  6. somnolence

    Vouch. Good honest man and positive for brain cells.
  7. #2

    I knew it was a trap. I'm glad you cleared that up for us. Please send your API's to @Baasima in triplicate. Welcome to the Legion, sir!
  8. Opseed

    Use another pilot to do what exactly? That's a good one i get that from time to time Use another pilot to do what? Think about what those FCON guys are doing there
  9. Opseed

    ^ +
  10. Opseed

    What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Have you sent grath telkin and evemail detailing this yet? How about froyo flavors?
  11. Edibleghost

    what's your favorite froyo flavor tho
  12. Rejuice K

    cronyism is encouraged within The Corporation
  13. Rejuice K

    @juice re:farmers app profile pic
  14. Rejuice K

  15. Rejuice K

    Gotta keep the dream alive yo