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  1. hi guys

    There are a few of us old guardes still around. Mandozer, alpine and salastil are getting back into it (again). We'v been gate camping a few times a week. Penif runs a hunter/drop thing called ** which is mad funs, and baasima, trottel (a few others) and i run a similar thing with hunters/torp bombers piloted by hordlings, called ISBAD. Eve def isn't what it used to be, but there is plenty of people still playing from that time, and some new bloods that are into the cloaky game, creating that sorta content. I came back a couple years ago, and i'd say this is the best time to come back if you got the itch. ISBAD was started around the same time i came back , a bunch of old guardes resubbed and quickly discovered cloaky game had been dustballed for a long time, and we set out to do what always enjoyed doing - cloaky shit - and it is still running. We got ribeye to log into eve last year for 14 minutes and then he logged out, so, maybe we'll get 28 minutes in 2017? who knows.
  2. Trottel Elf

    we are hard at work discovering new and fabulous butt-stuff we can do with the trottel elf. Did you know this trottel can fit over 297 ping pong balls in it's anus? absolutely fascinating.
  3. Trottel Elf

    Chicken wings are fuqn dank
  4. Kilo181

  5. Trottel Elf

    Tell her about your Internet spaceship mercenary alliance!!!!! Edit til Tara is into some weird shit
  6. Trottel Elf

    You get into ISRAD and undock your carrier for a joint NC. PL operation. You warp to the gate and are intercepted by a bubble. NC. supers begin to target you en masse, what do you do? Follow up question: Oh no, you got fragged by NC. for all the trouble you have caused them. Who are you required to send your SRP request to?
  7. Trottel Elf

    +1 vouch for trottel "i suck dick by choice" elf. guy has been an essential part of our torpedo hot drop thing we'v been running for over a year. always manages to provide solid content during ISBAD fleets, either with the rest of the FC/hunters or running shit solo. I'v flown with Trottel on pretty much a daily basis since he got involved with us back in May. He's a good honest dude, always down to fuck, and also almost started a war with NC. by baiting them with his carrier~ Also confirmed as having a brain so that's cool too
  8. Kilo181

    Yeah you really gotta answer that question if we are going to take u seriously Kilo is a good dude. Was one of the waffle bros that was around when ISBAD was just popping off. Later he would participate in ISBAD and always would be down to jump in any vacant rolls in the fleet. Wouldn't pass up on this guy
  9. Wapplejack

    Ayyy wapplesmack