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  1. Laenatus


    ok make ISBAD a music video
  2. Laenatus


    write a rap about why you belong in israd, post a beat with it edit: if the first one sux you have to actually rap it
  3. Laenatus


    There are some good ones between the 2 of us ez quest
  4. Laenatus


    i made myself sad
  5. Laenatus

    Bodewhin Schwarz - Returning Vera. Player

    Or would u abort a bunch of Titans and dumpster all the clones ?? Sorry team I couldn't resist
  6. Laenatus


    Do u need help finding the door
  7. Laenatus

    Bodewhin Schwarz - Returning Vera. Player

    AYyyy! Fuck'a you too, buddy! Thx for posting
  8. Laenatus


    Not a fuccboi. He's been in ISBAD for a while and is one of my fav golden bois. a bonafide Good Man™
  9. Laenatus


    You need to give your love to a cowboy, man...he's gonna love you as hard as he can (can), until you make up for this unfavorable statement:
  10. Laenatus

    Bill Auduin

    @Bill Auduinwhat is your favorite wutang clan banger and why
  11. Laenatus

    Bill Auduin

    Bill is a good man and Kilo beat me to vouching him into israd so ggs ++1
  12. Laenatus

    SilverBack Rotineque

    You can fit a lot of corndog in that maul of yours. Good job ++
  13. Laenatus

    SilverBack Rotineque

    Please answer the following questions in the form of haku: How many roads must a man walk down? Can a man eat his own head? What is your favorite froyo flavor?