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  1. yeah i gotta be honest, your two main goals are to get better at solo pvp and using your super, and neither is really the core of what the corp is about. so i'm worried it wouldn't be a good fit. what's more worrying is that you don't seem to do a lot of pvp of any kind. you were moderately active in 2015/early 2016, and your total activity comes to 24 pages on zkill. for some context, i only started playing in january 2016, and i have almost 9x as many kills as you. hidden, who is recommending you, is a top lad. he's also been inactive from time to time, which in itself is no big deal. but when i go to page 7 of his killboard, it's last month. when i go to page 7 of yours, it's over 3 years ago. also, you only list 3 characters here. do you only have a single account, and if not, what characters do you have on your other slots? because right now it sounds like you don't have a triage character that you could use alongside the super. could you maybe flesh out your utility characters a bit?