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  1. Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    Would your colony on the distant planet, the one under an absolute monarchy, agree with the following European passage:
  2. Bensen1296

    I read literally none of this application, but it looked pretty, and I'm ok with that.
  3. Judy Mikakka

    I heard some weird auditions in my life, but I have to tell you that is possibly the weirdest I've ever heard. It was like a one year old singing that. It was like something out of starwars. I literally could not understand a word, it was a language that has never been heard or invented. Nobody in a million, billion years would play that version on the radio. It was literally music murder.
  4. Ben Bone (aka MBIII)

    The lack of color in the OP reminds me of his pasty skin Other than that, yay!
  5. Searbhreathach - app

    There are no colors in this App. I say no.
  6. achientgladiator

    Who is your bias?