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    The only thing Turkey is good for is Bitches and Coffee.... -1 - Prejudice against Turks
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    What?!?!? Wait your corp has money? Thought Dog RMT it for chinos and timberlands?
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    Design a ping app for android compatible with irc that pl will approve of. Not only will i vouch you but i will also pay you 1 trillion for your services. No bull shit. I tried....and thank you for the kind words
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    Sorry Smve, Hop you like. & I prefer Pizza Taco
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    Pleasssssssssseeeeeeeeee.... Audi.....oh my..........
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    Was my first BMW 325xi......good times
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    42 * 10
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    1. List your vouch(s) and have them confirm in the thread. DoggofWarr, Hammer, Ips (Real Money Pays) 2. Where do you live IRL and when do you play(EVE TIME)? Canadian, Toronto, UZ - EU Evening 3. How old are you? OLD - 41 4. What languages can you speak? Jamaican - rude boy, English when I am not high 5. How many hours do you play per week? ( On Average ) 20-30hours - Depend on the fun factor 6. Link your killboard. https://beta.eve-kill.net/character/1238136694/kills/ 7. List all your characters with a short description of what they do‚ and include a link to their skill sheet http://eveboard.com http://eveboard.com/pilot/Lord_RockerE46 - weed Main - PVP ( So I tried) love weed & Bitches http://eveboard.com/pilot/TKJode - weed Link, super sitting account, shield triage/armor - Saved this account from someone who thought industry was OP! http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sir_AfroGlow - weed Nyx pilot - Real lonely guy http://eveboard.com/pilot/Gorax_DaDestroyer - weed Money Making, JF Services, POS guy - Went on strike for taking care of 30 poses for this corp that like goats. DO NOT list - Spy chars (Obv. lmao) - Other potentially useful neutral characters (HICs‚ cynos etc) PM the info on any of those types of characters to your recruiter. 8. How are you financially? Tell us about your current wallet/assets situation and how you make ISK. I steal corp money when I get angry. 60b <--True Black I hustle my corp/alliance at %20-30 JF fees - 30B Recent firesales - 30B I have 1.5m Gurista LP - to cash out in Venal Mission LV4 or Ratting 9. Which caps can you fly? Do you own any of said caps? Nyx - Yes Aeon - NO Wyv- NO Nag - No Moros - No Roq - Yes Chimera - NO Archon - NO Thantos - Yes - Venal with BL colors *pours one for my fallen BL Anshar - Yes 10. What's your Steam username? Luckyrocker2012 Section Two (A) ~Who are you?~ 1a. What was your previous corp and why did you leave? Higher Than Everest, Time for something new and Dog misses me. Had a good bond with my old corp. Miss my BL bros 2a. Give us quick summary of what you've done in EvE‚ who you've been with‚ accomplishments in your career‚ what your ambitions are‚ etc. I was there... Started in 09, went through Brick Squad, end up on BL then broke off and stayed with Higher than Everest to be part of The Culture Leadership. I will refuse to admit that I was part of provi-bloc. Rough time period for me. Part of Dropsquad with the total amount of ZERO super kills.........Yeah we had drive though..... 3a. What is your favorite ship to fly and why? Crow - Missiles are OP ( Seriously nano, old school) Cynbals - Bc my ex - CEO loved them and I want to be like my ex-ceo 4a. Why do you want to join N0X? CCP has a new tax write off program for the subhuman players. Nox makes dank isk and needs writesoffs - They are lacking karma and I Like flying under Ips. Once they have accepted me, NOX will BE THE NUMBER 1 PL CORP. I will make sure of it...... 5a. When will you most likely be available for an interview (Eve time)? 0100 - USTZ please 6a. Do you have any FC experience? If so‚ list with who‚ and link any relevant media if it exists. (Videos‚ Recordings etc.) HHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA - I Have fc move fleets. Cyno up - jump - yeah dock. So NO FC experience 7a. If you had a titan tackled and you had just taken a huge bite of food what would you do? Speak into my mic with my mouth full. 8a. What's your opinion of Taylor Swift‚ A.K.A. T-Swift A.K.A. T-Swizzle? The main reason why I want to join NOX Section Three (B) ~Critical Thinking~ 1b. We're flying Tanky Tengu's with Tengu logistics ‚ you're in a Hictor fitt with an MWD and you're falling behind and fear you may be out of rep range‚ why might it be a bad idea to pulse your MWD towards the fleet to catch up? I'm falling behind because my bubble is up so i can secure your dank kills and I can't get reps anyways.....getrekt! 2b. You're in a Dread shooting a POS‚ you realize you fucked up big time and didn’t put enough cap boosters in your Dread‚ what do you do?(Besides commit honorabru-sapuku)PLEASE EXPLAIN IN GREAT DETAIL Refit off triage carrier or drop you mobile depot. If those two options are not available, commit honorabru-sapuku 3b. You're in null solo roaming in a Sabre‚ fragging subhumans on gates. You jump into a station-less system and see a cyno up‚ it disappears but you've already engaged warp. Through some cosmic coincidence you find a Nyx that just got done smartbombing its in-cyno and is beginning it's align down to it's POS. Describe in detail what you would do to secure the frag for your bros in the Legion. Bubble Nyx, Tell Command, Stay away from its SB range, Bubble. If he drops fighters, warp to safe spot wait for fighters to appear and warp back and bubble. 4b. Please give a detailed explanation and overview of proper damage mitigation tactics when logi anchoring. Include any and all situations or scenarios that these various tactics would be implemented in. Stay a repping distance from the fleet. Anchor on FC when called for. I personally Prelock FC to feel warm and fuzzy. 5b. You're on a Maelstrom fleet‚ we're heavily engaged with whatever nerd-kings we happen to be fighting at the time‚ a flight of bombers decloak and bomb you into 50% shield and leave your capacitor dry. What do you do? Keep shooting. 6b. You’re Fcing a fleet of 30 (23 Gila - 5 logi - Links - scout) and you engage a (40) drake fleet‚ with no logi‚ when suddenly a cyno is lit and the enemy brings in a triage carrier‚ as well as some more support. Your fleet has recently come through a WH which is in bridge range of your alliance’s staging system but the WH is now very unstable‚ and has little mass. You have a total of 300mil KG mass to play around with. You ping to get more support and get ready to bridge‚ you get a total of 9 reinforcements (Cuz lol no one comes on your fleets). What ships do you have your reinforcements bring? Bearing in mind your fleet is barely tanking and can’t break the triage. Explain why you picked what you did. Arty cynbals should make a difference. Most likely if no one likes me.....sigh 7b. You are one of three (Cloaky) interdictors trying to keep a Revenant bubbled while the rest of the fleet burns 8 jumps to reach you‚ The Revenant is fit with mostly neuts and smartbombs in the highs. Explain everything you do while your fleet burns to stay alive and make sure the Revenant remains tackled? Take turns in bubbling the rev while watching House of cards and taking a toke 8b. Some disgusting scrublords made the terrible mistake of attempting to RF a N0X POS with their garbage Dominix doctrine in range of our staging‚ you quickly hop in your blap dread and prepare to bring the hammer down on the subhumans. What steps do you take to make sure you don't make your Legion look like trash at Blap dreading? (Give Fit and full load-out + A brief blap-dreading tutorial.) Naglfar] Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II Reactive Armor Hardener Capital Armor Rep I Heavy Capacitor Booster II Heavy Capacitor Booster II Sensor Booster II Sensor Booster II Tracking Computer II Tracking Computer II Siege Module II 6x2500mm Heavy Gallium Repeating Cannon 6x2500mm Heavy Gallium Repeating Cannon Capital Capacitor Control Circuit II Capital Projectile Collision Accelerator I Capital Trimark Armor Pump I 9b. Provide fits for four ships of your choosing; two of which having to be suitable for fleet warfare (Preferably Original Concepts) ‚ and the other two must be a capital ships. Explain your choices of both hulls and modules ( EFT format ) BONUS POINTS FOR A WILDCARD SOLO-FIT! Capitals - https://beta.eve-kill.net/kill/50629418/ <-- Thanks Ips Sub Caps [Proteus, Proteus] Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Core X-Type Armor Explosive Hardener Core X-Type Armor EM Hardener Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Damage Control II Federation Navy 10MN Afterburner Warp Scrambler II Small Capacitor Booster II 250mm Railgun II 250mm Railgun II 250mm Railgun II 250mm Railgun II 250mm Railgun II 250mm Railgun II Medium Trimark Armor Pump II Medium Trimark Armor Pump II Medium Trimark Armor Pump II Proteus Electronics - Friction Extension Processor Proteus Defensive - Augmented Plating Proteus Engineering - Power Core Multiplier Proteus Offensive - Dissonic Encoding Platform Proteus Propulsion - Localized Injectors Javelin M x2000 Spike M x2000 Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M x2000 Caldari Navy Plutonium Charge M x2000 Caldari Navy Thorium Charge M x2000 Caldari Navy Iridium Charge M x2000 Scan Resolution Dampening Script x1 Targeting Range Dampening Script x1 Navy Cap Booster 150 x21 10b. If you had to go 10 rounds with Kimbo Slice‚ what would be your strategy for survival? Chicken & Watermelon should work. 11b. Do you for any reason ever talk in local? When Ips asks for USA#1 12b. What do you think your biggest flaw as a person is? Playing EVE and not fucking girls.... 13b. Take this test and post your results here. ( No, we're not kidding. ) http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp http://www.humanmetrics.com/hr/jtypesresult.aspx?EI=31&SN=9&TF=34&JP=22 VOICE TEST (C) http://i.imgur.com/eD4HuLC.png Please record yourself reading the description of "The Black Destroyer" aloud and post the uploaded recording in the thread. https://soundcloud.com/ https://soundcloud.com/lucky-rocker/applicaiton-for-nox This is to insure that your voice isn't super fucking annoying.