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  1. Dryden Gootch - Application.

    Can you take all of your HK characters with you? Cheers
  2. app

    Aren't you that guy who loses a dread every other week on stream to HK/whoever
  3. Nirati Anturasi Application

    On the serious for whatever little my word means on these forums, foedus isn't a complete fuccboi and would be a good addition to PL/ISRAD as a whole.
  4. Nirati Anturasi Application

    What type of crop do you farm?
  5. Dev Aldard

    I remember you, but it was such a long time ago. From what i do remember you always did triage or something and were generally soft spoken easy to get along with.
  6. Capqu

  7. Blot'vardy'vard

    What's it like living in an inferior country that doesn't hold the rugby world cup and requires underarm bowling to win cricket matches.
  8. Returning member: Chino Saisima

    Are you the guy who pinged his password on slack that one time back in lazerhawks?
  9. The seugahnator

    Man, i too don't link eve-boards and killboards when told to.
  10. Asher Kagen Application

    What is your favourite brand of lightbulbs?
  11. Janos Blake

    Did you ever play freelancer online and not just LAN? If so what server?
  12. Janos Blake

    How far off T2 triage are you? What carrier(s) can the pilots that will have T2 triage fly? What do you think about Englands result in the 2015 rugby world cup?
  13. Toshiro umezawa

    Thug life or hug life?