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Bipster returning to game

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Application Questionnaire:
1. What are the names of your main and other PvP characters?


Victoria Ahashion

Tian Oni

2. How long have you been playing Eve Online?

Since 2008

3. How old are you and in what country do you live in real life?

4. About how many hours a week do you spend playing Eve Online?
~10 or more

5. In which timezone do you do most of your PvP (US/EU/AUS)?

6. Why do you want to join Blackwater USA. Inc.?
Was in Blackwater previously at the start, I know several of the old corp members.

7. Have you ever applied to another PL corporation. If so‚ which and when?

8. Who is your vouch in BUSA? (will be verified)
Mukk, Dex

9. Hоw do you support yoursеlf fіnancially in Eve (aka - Where does your isk come from)?
GTC... I work too much in real life to rat for isk

10. Which ships do you normally fly in PvP?
I can pretty much fly all sub-caps with nearly all t2 weapon options

11. Which T3 cruisers, battleships and logistics ships can you fly proficiently?

12. Do you currently own a Carrier, Dreadnaught, Force Auxiliary, Ѕupercarrier or Titan? If so‚ which?

Yes, Archon, Apostle,  Moros, Minokawa, Nyx

13. Dо yоu havе any useful PvP Alts (іe. bonuses, prober, triage, dread, cynos, etc)?
Yes - listed above all have good probing skills, one toon has perfect leadership skills with FC5 and can fly an archon

14. Are you willing to regularly deploy with the alliance and join both large fleets and roams?

15. Do you have any FC experience?

1б. What are your long term goals in Eve?
Repeat the fights we had against Brave

17. Tell us a bit about your Eve career to date. What alliances have you been a member of? What have you done? Etc.
Started in Moris Mihi, Gentleman's Club, joined BUSA in AAA, was in BUSA moving to PL

18. Is there anything else that you would like us to consider while we review your application?
I have lit cyno's 70k off the desired cyno spot resulting in Titan and Supercap deaths, Grath Telkin raging and Jeff Raider laughing.

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