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Tainted Orphen

Application Instructions

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Sup fellow Convict and welcome to the Pure Avarice recruitment forum


Here are some easy mode steps for you to follow to be considered for membership.


  1.  Check to see if it's Open and organize who your vouch is.  Currently if no vouch no app, sorry.
  2.  Contact a Recruiter in our public channel
  3.  Create an account on the Pandemic Legion Forums using the EXACT name of your Main and enter in NEW FULL API KEYS for ALL of your accounts with NO EXPIRY DATE. This includes unsubbed accounts thanks to Alpha Clones
  4.  Create a new thread in this section of the forums with your main characters name and fill out the Application located here:  :Waitingforthewalloftexttobedone::thinking: 
  5.  Pay attention to this thread until you're either accepted or not
  6.  ???
  7.  Dunk


Looking forward to your app.

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