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Tainted Orphen

Pure Avarice. Application Form

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Pure Avarice Recruitment Form:


Who is your vouch:





General time zone


Your hours in game per week

Primary language

What are your views on honor, loyalty, meta-gaming and spying in EVE

Non-Eve things we should know about you?   

Describe your favorite playstyle





  1. List all of your combat characters who plan to apply to corp, including their Eveboard (passworded if you want), zKillboard and role

  2. Do you have any super capitals?

  3. How do you make your ISK?
  4. Favorite and least favorite ship?
  5. FC / scout / other unique role you’d bring to corp
  6. Who are you and what’s your history in Eve?

  7. Crowning / defining moments? Any amusing events or kills?

Link a fit for the following:

  • The favorite ship you mentioned
  • Solo ship
  • Fleet subcap fit
  • Dread or carrier (don’t just copy/paste generic fit like a slacko)

You are informally FCing a small nano gang of a few cruisers, a couple t3ds and assorted tackle. One of your inties catches and tackles a Hyperion sitting 30km off a gate in Kedama.  Try and provide an answer for each of the scenarios below.


  • Before you can say anything, the rest of your fleet warps to the scout to help kill the Hyperion.  How do you plan on killing him?
  • The Hyperion sits there for 3 minutes easily tanking your fleet.  However he’s now moved to about 100km off the gate chasing you(?) who does that :narrative:
  • The Hyperion lights a cyno – describe what happens and what you do



You’re flying a capital of your choice in a POS ref fleet. You have to this point been totally unopposed, but your fleet is deep in enemy territory and the FC calls to immediately inject to jump cap.

  • You run out of boosters before hitting jump cap.
  • The tower is dead, and again you’ve forgotten to cap up. A Malediction warps in on the fleet and lights a cyno. The FC knows everyone should be out of siege and capped up at which point he asks everyone to jump out.  You didn't and are pointed.


You and a buddy are in Nyxes. You decide to hotdrop an AFK Vexor by taking a regional gate and jumping to your hunter’s cyno.  You get tackled by 3 HICs and a Falcon after noscoping the vexor. The Falcon opens a covert cyno at zero, and 16 Blops jump in.  Your hunter is dead rip.


  • How do you plan to survive?   Don’t say “light cyno and pray Doomchinchilla and Mr Rive will save you.”

  • The hics and blops drop point on you, but keep the other Nyx tackled.

  • You both manage to warp off to a safe pos however it is only a small, but bubbled by a single hic and is being reinforced by subcapitals (Trigun setup the pos so it has no stront).




  1. Why are you applying to Pure Avarice?

  2. Why should we accept you?

  3. What is your favourite beverage, and why is it Milo?

  4. Other corps ask you to submit a picture of a hot sheila, talk about Taylor Swift or make a craft project.  We’re more interested in your ability to tell yarns. What’s your best story after a hard night of milo.


NB: Good luck with the formatting. o.O

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