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15 hours ago, Gallente Rebel said:

Section One 


1. List your vouch(s) and have them confirm in the thread.
Hoping to Earn a vouch(s) after this application



And before this section right at the top

Alliance Corporation Public Recruitment

PLEASE READ The stickies before posting!"



So you can't read forum threads and appear to fail on literally the first question in an app.....



 4a. Why do you want to join N0X?
Word on the street says PL has some great pilots and even better people


So did you literally just go" Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" And choose nox? I don't know what your expecting here

Can you explain this?

I understand the hull tanked meme thanny if this was pre-citadel/fighter changed 

...but even then not even having rigs, and with no cyno, so it wasn't even bait? 




i am super bored and pretending to work, so i did try and read through the app while my eyes were melting at the color choices

I do at least give props for your answers, most were on point, so nothing to pick/comment on there, and your KB shows lots of solo, which always better than just being an f1

Although without having any vouches in a corp and alliance that requires vouches

I think your gunna have a bad time







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The app looks decent overall but your lack of a vouch will probably kill the app. 


I thought I was inactive, but it seems you have me beat. For someone who claims to play 30 hours a week, your killboard is noticeably sparse. Granted numbers aren't everything, especially when soloing, killboard stats should show some sense of activity (besides kb padding by killing empty haulers in Jita). My shitty JF/carrier alt has almost as many kills in March as you do during the entirety of 2017. Why is your activity level so low, and why do you expect it to change assuming you get into NOX?


Just to give you a fleeting glimmer of hope, please answer the following:


You're FCing a group of 10-15 pilots roaming in kitey nano bullshit. List what ships you bring, quantity of each, and fits for each as well.



Assuming you get in you will need to inject a triage alt as well as a dread alt (these can probably be the same pilot). Are you willing to do this?

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skill injection

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On 12/11/2017 at 5:21 PM, Susan Deschian said:


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I agree with Kromix, your app isn't terrible (hell you even had dank colours) but the real killer here is lack of vouch and for me KB activity 



back in the day (better legion) we had a kill limit for applicants (~300 kills in  the last 6 months, if I remember correctly) 


Being the holiday season and me being in a very good mood; I'll offer a Faustian bargain, get me 75 kills in 1 week from this post and I''ll think very hard about +1ing you. 

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Aside from the lack of vouch this looks like a good app. 


What will you be able to bring to the table? What are your short term and long term goals? Do you have any FC experience?

Why should I vouch you?






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7 hours ago, Qwynn said:

@Gallente Rebel

I think you should try joining some other nullsec entity to learn before trying to join PL.




Learning from PL would have been great but I understand.


Thank you for the review. If there is anything I can do to change the outcome of this app just let me know. o7

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