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Dacil Arandur


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Thank you for your interest in applying to Habitual Euthanasia, the #1 Best Corporation in Pandemic Legion!

These are the steps for applying to HABIT:

  1. Check HABIT's Recruitment Status in this forum
  2. If you have a vouch in HABIT, please speak with him or her first
  3. Create an account on this forum using the EXACT name of your primary EVE character
  4. Copy the Habitual Euthanasia Application to a new post and answer every question
  5. Enter FULL ACCESS API Keys with NO EXPIRY DATE for EVERY EVE Account you own
  6. Be prepared to answer additional questions in your application thread
  7. If everything goes well, you will be assigned an Arts and Crafts project as the final step


You can find the Habitual Euthanasia Application here:

To enter your API keys on the Pandemic Legion Forum:
1) Set a "Services Password" here:
2) Enter your API keys as described above, here:


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