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Part 1

1. Who is vouching you and how do you know them?


2. How old are you and where do you come from?


3. Give us an overview of your corp history - be honest!


4. How many hours a week do you play Eve?


5. Do you post on any public forums e.g. Reddit/FHC etc? If so, link them.


Part 2

6. How do you make ISK?


7. What do you enjoy doing in EVE?


8. Do you have any experience FCing or anchoring?


9. List any useful skills you may have - combat probing, tackle ceptors, multiboxing, fits, whatever.


10. What do you think of maltecs? If you can't find out what a maltec is, name your favorite anime. (Note: eva is a dWEEB)


11. Include your favourite Emma Stone GIF.


Part 3


12. Can you fly a FAX and a dread on two different characters? If no, explain why and tell us how long it would take you to solve this.


13. List all your characters. Please provide a description along with relevant zkillboard, eveboard and sale thread links. Don't include characters you'd rather keep out of public view - PM these to @Avery Lewis.

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Also be sure you have a working microphone and a thick skin before you apply. Thanks!

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