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Hello everyone,


As you may know Origin. has restarted. We're approaching 200 characters in the corp and believe that now is a good time to join an alliance. Below are some reasons why we think we would be a good fit with your alliance "Pandemic Legion". 


1. We're better than any current PL corp per the zkillboard looking at active PVP count, total kills, and 30 day rank. Admitting us would instantly bring up the average for the alliance. 


2. Elo is better than any active FC in your alliance "Pandemic Legion". 


3. We bring a whole basket of tips and tricks to the table (like the piss jug) that we can share with the alliance 


4. Most of our members are buff and swole as fuck and per fanfest pics you could use the help on that front 


Thank you for considering our application. 

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How many renters are you willing to bring to the table?


Are you willing to forsake any use of super capital vessels outside of protecting the aforementioned renters?


Looking forward to hearing back so we can process your application!

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