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♥1♥ What іs your timezone‚ primary language and approximately how many hours of EVE do you play per week? Tell us a little about your real life‚ your age‚ occupation etc.

ustz, some amount

♥2♥ What are your feelings about Taylor Swift? Which Taylor Swift song inspires you the most and why?

generally opposed, sorry elise and everyone else, i'll show myself out

♥3♥ Do you approve of scamming people in EVE? Have you ever done so? Do you think it’s okay not to honour ransoms?

i scam for love not money

♥4♥ Do you approve of meta-gaming and spying in EVE? Have ever you done so or had it done to you? Do you have any useful spy alts? PM details about them to Elise Randolph.

i am the spy alt,  my spy alt is destr0math he's in israd right now what intel do you want

♥5♥ List all of your EVE characters with links to skill sheets. Note your main character‚ skill points of each character‚ specializations and how long you’ve had each character.

destr0math cynthia ysolde you have the api's

♥6♥ What ships can you pilot and what ships do you like? What is your play style? Do you have any FC experience? If so‚ on what scale? What other roles are you familiar with in fleets?


♥7♥ Do you have an independent way to make income? Do you pay for EVE with PLEX or money?

i'm independently wealthy thanks to some avatar based sales in the far past


♥8♥ How long have you been playing EVE? Tell us a little about your EVE history‚ greatest achievements‚ your favorite fights or kills‚ previous corporations and alliances‚ and any past friendly or unfriendly relationships you’ve had with us.

12 years minus some (4?) that i wasnt playing. best eve online achievement was getting blackout at fanfest and punching my brother and walking across reyjavik with a german man i'd met that day. i've had friendly relationships with fmerc and elise randolph, in the same bed at the same time.

♥9♥ List any relevant killboard links to your PvP characters‚ and explanations of any significant losses.

i lost a rifter in highsec earlier today, and it had both lasers and artillery fit. any other embarrassing losses were probably agmar.

♥10♥ Why do you want to join us? Where did you hear about us? List any references or vouches in HABIT or PL (MAKE SURE you’ve talked to them first before posting here).

i don't want to be in penif's corp anymore


Section 2: Ship Setups


♥11♥ Give a setup for a ship or ships you would likely solo PvP in‚ even if you never solo PvP (multiboxing setups are fine).

i think im pretty bad at eve, but i flew a svipul recently and it was pretty fun


♥12♥ Give a setup for an armour tanked HAC or T3.

a legion, with lasers, a plate, and an afterburner.

♥13♥ Give a setup for a Machariel or long-range HAC/T3.

agmar gave me a machariel with 12000mm 'scout' artillery fit, i'm skeptical

i hear feroxes are the new hotness anyway.


♥14♥ Give a Remote Repair Battleship setup.

i died in this ship yesterday



♥15♥ Give a setup for a combat carrier you would use with us. If you have a supercarrier‚ post its current setup instead.

i aint about no carriers, im more of a dread kinda guy


♥16♥ If any of your characters can pilot Heavy Interdictors‚ give a setup for a Heavy Interdictor you’d use with us.

idk like some bubbles and a claok who cares


Section 3: EVE Knowledge

This next section is designed to get to know more about your EVE knowledge and what you would do in different situations.


♥17♥ While roaming‚ you find a Drake in a belt and engage it (you decide what ship(s) you’re roaming in‚ and give us the setups here too). Half way through the fight‚ while the Drake has you warp disrupted‚ a Basilisk uncloaks. What do you do?

uncloak *my* drake

♥18♥ You are roaming with an alliance member‚ both of you in Vagabonds‚ and spot a lone Drake on a gate in an empty system. What do you do?

realize the year is 2008 because that was the last time anyone flew a 2 man vagabond gang 

♥19♥ You are solo roaming in a Vagabond and jump into a gate-camp with some interceptors and Arazus. How do you survive‚ if possible?

i do not survive

♥20♥ You and a friend are in supercarriers‚ in low-sec, killing a small offline tower. Suddenly‚ a Falcon uncloaks and 50 roleplayers bridge in on top of both of you with eight HICs and 50k dps worth of ships. How do you survive?

call viper shizzie

♥21♥ You and a friend are in scrubby battlecruisers (e.g. Hurricanes or Harbingers) with weak tanks‚ in low sec. A Tempest aggresses you under sentry fire and neutralizes all your cap‚ but you are able to MWD away out to 30km after taking a lot of damage. Do you leave your friend to die?


♥22♥ You are in Old Man Star and have intel of a Nyx warping around. Describe the steps you would take to find the Nyx.

warp to the forsaken rally point in a rorqual and hope he shows up, if he doesn't at least i killed some "krabs" (since when are tehse not called rats whats wrong wtih th eyouth these days)

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Please prove this is really you by sexting me a picture of that "secret" birthmark.

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i do feel like dick pics are a pretty reasonable thing ot ask for in an eve online corporation application

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hey man, i hear nibbletek dissolved and you got a new job how's that going

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Join the HABIT forum group so I can confirm your tokens, then welcome back :)

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