Dr Haxxx

Dr Haxxx returning to EvE

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Application Questionnaire:

1.       What are the names of your main and other PvP characters?

·         Dr Haxxx

·         Mrs Haxxx

·         Aiden Atruin


2.       How long have you been playing Eve Online?

·         Since October 2009


3.       How old are you and in what country do you live in real life?

·         24, Germany


4.       About how many hours a week do you spend playing Eve Online?

·         Around 10h/week for a start.

·         Will expand this again up to more


5.       In which timezone do you do most of your PvP (US/EU/AUS)?

·         Generally EUTZ

·         AUS sometimes


6.       Why do you want to join Blackwater USA. Inc.?

·         Getting back home 😊


7.       Have you ever applied to another PL corporation. If so‚ which and when?

·         No


8.       Who is your vouch in BUSA? (will be verified)

·         Returning member


9.       Hоw do you support yoursеlf fіnancially in Eve (aka - Where does your isk come from)?

·         Trading

·         Maybe production again in a long therm view


10.   Which ships do you normally fly in PvP?

·         I prefer Logi

·         Support (HIC, DIC; Recon)


11.   Which T3 cruisers, battleships and logistics ships can you fly proficiently?

·         All T3 maxed

·         All BS

·         All Logi maxed

·         All HIC maxed

·         All Cmd Ships maxed w/ all Leadship maxed (FC V, Specs V)


12.   Do you currently own a Carrier, Dreadnaught, Force Auxiliary, Ѕupercarrier or Titan? If so‚ which?

·         Apostle

·         Thanatos

·         Aeon


13.   Dо yоu havе any useful PvP Alts (іe. bonuses, prober, triage, dread, cynos, etc)?

·         Listed above, Covert Cyno with probin skills.


14.   Are you willing to regularly deploy with the alliance and join both large fleets and roams?

·         Absolutely, looking for action again!


15.   Do you have any FC experience?

·         Some, but quite some time ago..


16.    What are your long term goals in Eve?

·         Becoming fully engaged again

·         Having 3 active, self sustaining accounts again


17.   Tell us a bit about your Eve career to date. What alliances have you been a member of? What have you done? Etc.

·         Started out in little shit corps, moved to ev0ke from there.

·         Was CEO of TRUX and went to 401k with them.

·         Merged TRUX with 3nd, came to BUSA with remaining active players from TRUX and 3nd..

·         Been in BUSA ever since..


18.   Is there anything else that you would like us to consider while we review your application?

·         no



If you have any questions, feel free to ask...

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