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Felix Shoen

[Felix Shoen] Application

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1.     Do you know anyone in PL or Black Omega that can vouch for you? If yes, who.


2.     If you don’t know anyone, how did you hear about Black Omega?

I saw your advertisement through the recruitment tool

3.     Tell us about your time in Eve (alliances, corps etc).

I started out in small corps then moved to NS in 2011 in the old Intrepid crossing alliance.  From there went to lowsec piracy, then back to Null in Lawn, then into 

A4D in NPC NULL doing small gang/wormhole.  I was in A4D the longest and really learned most of my skills there.  I briefly went back to Lawn (just in time for them to

completely lose every system they had. lol) back in 2015.  Then i took a break from eve for a few months.  I went back to A4D for another year, took another break when the corp

went inactive then did FW for 10 days (yuk) until joining Mind Games where i am currently doing WH/small gangs

4.     Tell us a bit about yourself as a person.

i will be 52 tomorrow (which means my warranty has expired for the last 12 years).  I served in the US army as a scout in my youth and since then I am a full-time

Fireman and Mechanical Engineer.  I have retired from my engineering job and only work as a Fireman now.  This has freed up my leisure time dramatically as my

FD schedule is 24hrs. on/72hrs. off.

5.     What is your main TZ? What hours do you usually play in?

On my off-days i can cover  from early EU to late US time zones.   I usually am on around 12:00 eve as i kill time in the morning

while i kick-start my brain with large amounts of coffee

6.     List all of your alts, how many SP (to the nearest million), what their role is and links to their killboard.

I have 3 mains with 4 associated alts. I'll list them below with the main that they are attached to.

Felix Shoen [main] (123million SP)  primary combat toon. subcaps

----- 3rdplace Gary [alt] (6 million SP) covert cyno/prober. comic relief (you'll understand when you see picture)


Fiona Mctaggert [main] (95 million SP) command pilot/hauler/general utility/all the crap i don't want to do with my combat toon

----- Dixon Deep [alt] (17 million SP) primary prober/started out as a gank alt

-----Napalm Stickstakids (.5 million SP) just a placeholder for my alt corp when i take a break from eve/ Jita price-checker


Reltor Relnick [main] (109 million SP) Dread/carrier/Logistics isk earner havent used him often for pvp thought about training him for a Fax

----- Hugh Jasshole [alt] (10 million SP) backup prober


7.     Do you have any capitals? If so, what and which character.

not currently.

8.     If no, why not?

i had a blap dread in the south and a carrier in our wormhole. I've since converted everything back to isk. I like to show up in a new place without billions of isk in assets 

strewn all over eve. Instead i show up with a wad of cash and go looking for corp doctrine contracts

9.     Do you have any Supercapitals/Titans? If so, what and which character.

no, never had a supercap

10.   What type of gameplay do you enjoy the most?

I like any form of pvp.  the most fun is small gang/small fleet where the lack of tidi gets the adrenaline flowing.  Large engagements can be fun as long as they dont turn

into 6-VDT where i tried to lock a target, waited, waited, went outside and mowed my lawn, came back to still trying to lock same target. totally happened.  that isnt fun

for anyone

11.   Do you have any FC experience? If yes please elaborate

yes, but not for large fleets.  I have been an FC for roaming gangs and small engagements

12.   If no to the above, are you interested?

not without a great deal of time watching the fleets we use, learning the doctrines, keeping up with game changes, etc.

nothing worse than an inexperienced FC too proud to admit his limitations who whelps a fleet.  I know my limitations and 

right now i am nowhere near ready to FC a large engagement

13.   How do you make ISK in game?

i use Reltor my capital alt to run abyssal sites.  they are convenient, good isk/time and need zero infrastructure. if i need my cap i just jump clone

and am ready to go

14.   If you were an inch inside your mum, and your dad an inch inside you… which way would you push to get out?

oh absolutely towards mom. after leaving the womb i haven't been back and i wonder if the murals i drew are still there

15.   SCENARIO 1: You log in and not much is happening....what do you do?

log in my prober. go through our home and some adjacent systems and see if i can find some wormholes.  then log into Felix and go kick

some anthills.  if i need isk or if nothing is happening i'll log into my isk ATM machine and run abyssal sites for a bit

16.   SCENARIO 2: Someone calls you a faggit in comms....what do you do?

laugh.  I'm a 52 year old fireman.  let's just say it takes a real professional to even find a button on me to press.  

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Happy birthday for tomorrow :) 


Seeing as you have a history with LAWN, do you not fancy going back? Why do you want to come over to PL?


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oh hell no. Lawn was horrible. I ended up in Dogfort because one of the players from my very first corporation ended up there and talked it up.  The corporation was a funny place full of trolls and comedians but Lawn

itself was a complete soup sandwich.  Within 6 months the trolls in Dogfort managed to piss off Lawn leadership and were (cough) "asked" to leave the alliance.  That about when 3rdplace Gary (my alt) was born as a continuation

of that joke.  Dogfort in the move basically disbanded at that point and our corp remnants ended up in Northstar cabal which was about as close to a retirement home as you could get in eve. I lasted less than a month before i was ready

to head out and i ended up in A4D for nearly 2 years. Those were my best 2 years in EVE.  Then A4D started to decline and one of the former Dogfort players who adz1410 and I talked into coming down to A4D decided to try and resurrect the old Dogfort corp.  It wasn't very

successful and I took all my toons, threw them into a holding corp and took a year off from EVE.  A year later I got talked into returning and to my surprise Dogfort has been resurrected and was running Lawn of all things.  I reluctantly

re-subbed my 3 accounts, moved everything up where they were based on promises that it was going to be a "whole new Lawn" and since Dogfort was running it, it was going to be great.  Long story short, it was still a soup sandwich, they lost all their systems within 2 months.

I lost a ton of assets for no good reason when the same Dogfort leadership that talked me into returning secretly evacced all their shit and left the rest of the players, myself included,  to fend for themselves when everything collapsed.   Thanks buddies.

I would rather have my balls pounded flat with a paving stone than return to Dogfort or Lawn.  That's my history with Lawn.  Simply awful sums it up I think.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Too bad i can't drink tomorrow as I will be at the firehouse working.

As for why come over to PL.  Well, I have been in 2 corps I could describe as highly competent:  A4D and Mind games.  A4D is gone sadly and Mind Games is nearly dead after the core of its players have left for other things.  After playing with

competent people it's kinda hard to join the usual circus.  So, if wormhole and npc null pirate corps are gone and sov space is going back to the place to be then i'd much rather be with competent people doing it.


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Thank you for your comprehensive response! 


I assume you you would have no issue in getting new capitals if you were accepted. Having a capital/pilot is now a requirement of PL. 


Please continue to speak with @Winter Alabel via discord to continue your application. Keep an eye in here please in case anyone else in the alliance has any questions. 

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Sure, have cash on hand and toon is dread/cv ready and Fax training (will prob inject because my patience will run out long before my cash will)

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