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Tyee 0301

Application Format (do not complete until asked)

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Use this format, create your own thread, submit answers. EZPZ


1.       List ALL of your characters, along with zkillboard and evewho links for each one. If the character was purchased please link the forum thread for the sale.


2.       Why are you leaving your current corp? What did and didn’t you like about this corp?


3.       Why do you want to join L-INJ?


4.       On average‚ how many hours per week do you play, and what time (eve-time) are you active?


5.       What do you enjoy most in EVE? The least?


6.       Give an overview of your EVE history (what have you been doing/who did you fly with most?).


7.       How do you make your ISK? Are you ISK independent? (This can be vague, “I do market stuff”)


8.       Post fits for one of your favorite ships (that you actually use) from each of these categories: Solo, Small Gang, Large Fleet, Blops (battleship or recon).


9.       What is your favorite role in each of these categories: Small Gang, Large Fleet


10.   If you had a choose a non meta ship for solo PvP what would that ship be and what would it’s fit look like? Also why did you fit it this way and what are the weaknesses of your fit?


11.   A small gang is forming in staging with a Malediction, RAIL Brutix Navy, RLML Cerberus, and an ARTY Cynabal. What do you bring to compliment this gang?


12.   Can you hunt? Are you able to light a covert cyno on an alt?


13.   Are you a content creator? Show us some examples of what you have done (link battle reports of your personally run fleets, or other content you’ve created).


14.   What do you think of the "ping warrior" style of play?


15.   Your FC calls you shit and gives you abuse for doing something bad in the middle of a fleet op, the problem is you didn't do the thing he accuses you of. What course of action do you take?


16.   Oh shit, you are yellow boxed by half the enemy fleet. What do you do? Now you are taking DPS, you’ve broadcast for reps already but aren’t getting any, how loud do you yell on comms for help?


17.   Are you comfortable communicating during tense fleet situations? (constant communication is expected for roles such as logi, interdictors and tackle, as well as for coordinating bombing and booshes)



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