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Kat Ayclism

Authentic Love Bible Study for Phages: Shamis, Culture, and the Pursuit of Hazed

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We're on a mission from God. We're putting the hazed back together.


If you've been brought here, I'm sorry to tell you but you've been bamboozled. Had. Tricked. Gotten. Owned.


You now are honor-bound to perform one of two actions:

  • Post the name of the person that hazed you and thank them.
  • Post the name of the thread you were expecting to get to.


In the meantime, please enjoy this little diddy by someone also fooled multiple times


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I was hazed into thinking @Doomchinchilla finally came to his senses and was purging all ex vera, horde, waffles, and other dropout corps from Cynou. A boy can dream :cripes:

Edited by John Selth

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@Terephon TivianneTivianneTivianneTTivTivianneTivianneTivian idk what my phone is doing but ty for reminding to check the preview before I click on a link

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