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Φόρμα Ένταξης [Application Form Template]

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Mythos Corp.




BEFORE you fill the following form:


- Read: 

- Make sure you are in our corporation Discord Server, and forum.

- Make sure you have read and accept our ruleset.



AFTER you completed the following form:


- Be online in our discord server and wait for our responce.

- You can find us also in our ingame channel: MYTHOS




Application Form Template


Copy the following question list, create a new topic in: https://www.pandemic-legion.pl/forums/forum/368-applications/ and fill the form as thorough as possible.



1. Age, living location [GREEK language is mandatory].

2. Character(s) name(s), orientation, skill points of each one.

3. History, ex corporation and reasons you left.

4. Reason(s) you want to join us.

5. Your motivations. What are you offering to the team and what you expect from us in return.

6. Your goals in EVE online

7. How experienced you believe you are in pvp.

8. What role do you prefer filling in a small roam fleet.

9. Average play time per day.

10. What is your main way of income in game.

11. Other. Anything you want to add, clarify.





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