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Thank you very much for your interest in HABIT, but at this point we are only really looking at applications from people with a vouch in HABIT itself, not just PL in general.
If you know Doom, I would suggest talking to him about the requirements for joining PL and see if he's willing to vouch for you, then apply to his corporation.

Good luck!

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4 hours ago, Whitmore said:

So why the fuck you wanna get in HABIT if you don't even know anyone in here?

I applied to HABIT based solely on the fact that while I have met Doom in person once, I didn't feel that it  was justification enough to ask for a vouch from him or any other PL member. I then picked HABIT because that happened to be another ticker that I was familiar with, so I just cold applied. 

1 hour ago, Jeronica said:

Serious question here.


Taylor Swift or Iggy Azalea.

While Iggy has a certain fire in both her music and her bod, Swift's legs send me over the top.


Thanks for all the input dudes, had a chance to make an ass of myself, which is always fun. I will ping Doom about a possible vouch for the chinchis.

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