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1. List your sponsor(s) North Eastern Swat if you have any (make sure to that they post in the thread to confirm). 

Killah Bee , Shai Tai


2. How old are you? 



3. Where do you live and what languages do you speak? 
Germany / German, English


4. Which time zone sees the most of your playing time (US/EU/AUS)? 


5. How many hours do you play Eve on average during a week?

25 - 50h


6. Please list all your characters on all your accounts and provide links to skill sheets and killboards. State how long you've had ownership of said characters. If you have characters that you for some reason need to keep secret‚ PM the relevant info to your recruiter when asked to provide API.

Ramiires / 2 lowskill HS- Cyno Chars

Milay Lee / 5h17l3r ( Bomber & FW Char) / 1 Cynochar

Nomad Moon ( Capital SuperChar ) / Flagur (Dreadchar) / Chai Selbo ( lowskill Char )


7. Why are you leaving your current corporation and/or alliance? Please let us know what you did and didn't like about your previous home.

We wanted to try life in WH Space and finished the project and now i want to return PL.


9. Are you a shit disturber? Have you caused drama or headache to those around you? Be honest.



10. Why are you trying to join North Eastern Swat over other‚ less selective and easier corporatoons within Pandemic Legion? 

Because all old CE Members are here.





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