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returning from valhalla

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Hello folks! , after a huge inactivity I am back from valhalla, previously I was playing as Sluggard which was my Alt ( old forums doesnt allow me to register main nick)
(the alt Sluggards is already sold) however I still have main and some support alts

Will be nice to have a fun with you guys again

1. Whо do you know in ΕO? If you don't know anyone in ΕO‚ do you know anyone іn PL that can vouch for you? How do you know your vouchees?

PenifSMASH (also know as "close conversation or disconnect when mpp is online") ;}
frocke ( that guy plants always bacteria when helping me tank my super :< )
Am0n ( sad that offline )
CheebAman ( the best bro when we was in waffles )
nunun ( "Sluggard you shouldnt fly drunk bro, seriously", not sure if he is still playing [ salty balls ] )
Grath ( just a bit rage [ every time ])
Elise ( best 3rd party, thx for selling my stuff to Bluemajere or bluemelon, dont remember)
Radakos ( aka badakos, funny fellow )
Giacomo ( not sure if he remember, but adviced me to post that crap )

2. How long have you been playing EVE Online?

Don't fucking remember , started in 2009 then have fun later girlfriend and get offline

3. What do you like to do in EVE Online?

Literally everything, but hit'n'run roams or cloaky gatecamps with Am0n & frocke was the best

4. Give us a brief biography of your ΕVΕ career.

started at bufu ( when that corp have cool peoples and spirit)
then created own corp
then moved to c0ven 
then applied to tons of shitty corporations
get bored
moved to wh get bored again
i dont remember rest

5. What are the names of all your characters and how many SP does each one have? Link killboards and skillsheets for all your PvP characters. If you have bought any of your characters link the relevant sale thread.

mpp - 94.5mil
poganiacz bydla - 89.5mil
Mr - Satan - 37.3mil

6. Post three kills that you are most pleased with‚ and tell us why you like them.

Hard to find anything after longer time inactivity also eve-kill is dead 
but i've soloed a revelation ( some of you should remember , and I was proud for leading a waffles frig gang which executed rhea on cyno near control tower)

7. Can you fly a carrier?

Depends on which char, yes

8. Do you own a supercapital?

No, but have isks for that and I guess Elise can help me with seller 

9. What do you think you are good at‚ and what would you like to improve at in ΕVΕ?

Maybe start from what you would to improve, will be nice to have better fleet command "personal skills"
I am usefull, good scout and ceptor pilot

10. What is your main way of making ISK?
Wh, plex , pvpfarm

11. Hоw did you hear about‚ and why do you want to join ΕO?

Because that was the corporation where I have a lot of fun
12. On average‚ how many hours per week do you think you play?

Hard to say, I plan to be online every day min 2h

13. A) Give us fits for each of the following ships: Hyena‚ Panther‚ Vigilant‚ Εtana‚ and a fleet fіt logіstics ship

Hyena - hyena 10mn AB.jpg

Panther - New Setup 1.jpg

Vigilant - New Setup 1.jpg

Etana - New Setup 1.jpg

Guardian - New Setup 1.jpg

13. B) If you were using a supercarrier to dunk on nerds which one would you use and how would you fit it.

Nyx - New Setup 1.jpg

14. You are in a PL armor HAC fleet and we are heavily engaged with some random scrublords. We get bombed and you receive roughly 30% armor damage. What do you do?

Just focus on primary and keep noticed the number of red/yellow boxes, if increasing brodcast for reps

15. You are in a LR zealot in a PL sniper HAC fleet‚ engaged with a large fleet of enemy Drakes and your overview suddenly goes all yellow boxy. What do you do?

prebroadcast for reps

16. Yоu are roaming with an alliance member‚ both of уou in vagabonds‚ and spot a lone Drake on a gate in an emptу system. What do you do?

engage him and order friend to stick to the gate and wait for his aggro or just jumps after him

17. You are solo roaming in a Vagabond and jump into a gate camp with some interceptors and Arazus. What do уou do?

Depends of dropoff location, overload mwd and try to get to gate 
or just try to fly opposite direction and try to kill ceptors depends of numbers

18. How old are уou (real lіfe age)?

19. In what country do you currently lіve?  Are you Danish and or Australian?

20. Do you have any pets?

21. What is yоur favorite Ke$ha song?
who the fuck is Ke$ha?

22. Do уou read 4-chan?

23. Do уou have an SA account? If you do then lіnk іt you shiftless faggot.

24. Do you post on any public forums eg Reddit/FHC etc? If so link them

25. Do you have a working microphone?

26. Is your voice annoying?

I will upload it later

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28 minutes ago, AlpiNeStaRs said:

What did you eat on christmas eve?

Fried Becon, Carp in aspic , herring in oil & onion and other good stuff ;)

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22 minutes ago, alchemist8 said:

How do you feel about @Bluemelon and @Angelus X choices to vote in favor of Brexit?

Nohow, imho brexit will give positive income after some time  :3

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mpp is a good man. I'm pretty sure I recognize your voice, I'll verify once we are on comms. Let's get his APIs checked and into corp ))

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25 minutes ago, MissBolyai said:

send your apis to me and @Fiddle Booboo please, thanks

already sent to fiddle , also included you into convo , I will be back at Monday for voice verification @ snowboard now :)

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cool, if he's got them then you've already made the Allstate Good Hands Play of the Game

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On 1/6/2017 at 6:04 PM, Raviolia said:

hey Sluggard, been a long time, welcome back mate

Hi Buddy, Just saw your signature ( somehow my shitty phone doesn't display it before ) ! nice to see that you are alive!

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