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  3. Tolstoy also vouched you so his list isn't great, he's lucky he got schlampa as one of his vouches to counteract you or else his credits would be terrible
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  5. Apply in-game.
  6. Yepp, can verify it's Hendrick.
  7. Last week
  8. do you play eve?
  9. do you play pubg?
  10. As discussed in convo, you're good if they're already in.
  11. My API keys are already in auth. Do I need to make new ones?
  12. Was in a New Bean Thank u Horde thread, thought I was clicking on a Kryptik Kia good bye Horde thread. It was @kv2 dng that hazed me.
  13. Also if you could go ahead and throw APIs in auth that would be dank.
  14. ^ Need some 'old guard' to confirm you are you and then you're good.
  15. Find someone who can verify you and of course you can.
  16. idk can u lol
  17. Can I join up again?
  18. You're learning :okhand: Gotta thank @Kilo181 for the original idea though <3
  19. @Pterry Dactyl Kasterborous fuck you. judas-goldstein-application/
  20. @kv2 dng nice bait with the Judas Goldstein app post. I stepped right into that.
  21. Wow Mari I didn't vouch him, Tolstoy did. Are you gonna say all Asians look the same Also I'm fine with him ganking on the side as long as he also contributes to the corp and alliance in whatever we're doing at the time.
  22. I do enjoy it, however I enjoy large fleet fights - especially BS sized slug fests a whole lot more. Frankly, if all I wanted to do was gank things I'd have stayed with GSF and just done that, but it's not all that I want to do - it's what I want to do between the fleet fights.
  23. Do i at least get a reacharound for this shiet
  24. Drinking and posting is bad Mari.
  25. Also death to weebs Having Bob as a vouch is a huge negative, just saying
  26. You seem to enjoy ganking a stupidly amount, given you said it a lot. We as an alliance and corp don't gank (or at least not a lot) What says you won't get bored here and go back ganking
  27. God Bless the USA
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