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  2. Clicked expecting to see a goodbye thread from @Sindri Oksaras, almost crying some manly tears, instead I got hazed for the first time. Get fucked.
  3. @Sindri Oksaraseat shit bro, I was concerned as a bro and was looking for good deals ;(
  4. @Sindri Oksaras much hate
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  7. @Terephon Tivianne wtf is this witchcraft.
  8. Habit would be an improvement to his life cause Habit is #1
  9. @Itachi Uchonela got me...
  10. @Itachi Uchonelais looking for a new corp
  11. @Itachi Uchonela i willingly hazed my self knowing full well i was about to get hazed.i bring dishonor to my family.
  12. Wow, this isn't "DJ's Dick Picks of 2019"...
  13. @Tamoka Heartway I am so sorry, don't know what happened there... must have copied the wrong link ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Here you go
  14. @Gregorius Davaham baited me with a dank 'burner mission guide'...........
  15. @Sindri Oksaras jebaited me with a link https://www.pandemic-legion.pl/forums/topic/16362-circlejerk/ @Gareth Jax The most important NOGRL thread as well tbh, make sure to post there Who would not make a post in a thread titled circle jerk?
  16. Only one . @MissBolyai.. should totally do it again!
  17. Fuck you Velo, this was not funny in 2013.
  18. Shad0wsFury sent me here to read up on “PHAT-policies-and-procedures-2019-edition” thanks bud
  19. Seems my Haze cherry has been popped by @Shad0wsFury when I was fooled into thinking this was a policies and procedures guide for the corp. May the Shenanigans Begin!
  20. @Minton Benidal got me with a bait app link. I even looked at the guy's in-game corp roles and it looked like he was dropping corp roles already.
  21. @Adanna LeafI’m a Yankee Doodler and that’s all I’ll ever be. Yee Haw!
  22. Never clicking on anything @Lucius Annages links again. Fool me once, fool me twice. Probably will be back... see you soon. 👀
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