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  2. Baaaack

    Dooooope looking forward to it! Great to see you're still around, I wasn't sure who would have got purged by now.
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  5. Request to return home please

    Thanks for blowing up my thread White 0rchird replied. Thanks everyone. See you all soon! (i hope)
  6. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    There's a few I've been to, a couple by KC and one near Warrensburg. Most of the time though I just play at a friend's house.
  7. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    What game store do you go to I live right out side of kc Liberty area
  8. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    Around the Warrensburg area currently but I'll be leaving soon to head to tech school.
  9. Baaaack

    Hey Layne, the names in your signature made me cry a bit from nostalgia <3 Good to see you coming back to the game and having sorted everything out Muchos Loverinos, someone recruitment relevant will make contact at some point in the not so distant future with you I guess
  10. Request to return home please

    Hey friend, wb! You failed the patience test. But there is still hope Sorry that this takes so long. <3 pulse
  11. Request to return home please

    Winter is coming. Welcome back dude, I'm sure a family representative will be in contact in the near future. @White 0rchid has been cycling to work, and with English weather, he is probably too frozen to type most of the week.
  12. Request to return home please

    wb bro im sure someone will get to you soon™
  13. Request to return home please

    Good talk bros...
  14. Baaaack

    Oh hi. It's been more than 6 months since I was a waffle, but my only other corps are self-made carebear corps (because I didn't have the time or money to play) Horde, and Blue Republic since I just got back and am assuming you fuckers are going to make me go get some kills. I was active as shit while I was a member for over a year, almost 2 (until being unemployed, which is not a thing for me anymore), and really just want to jump back in. It's nice to see so many familiar names still kicking around in the Ethikos thread, hopefully a few can vouch. Time and money aren't an issue for me anymore, and I just want to hit the ground running with some roams. Happy to put in a proper application if I've been gone too long, really itching to blow shit up with y'all though.
  15. Tennebrae Umbrascen

  16. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    What part on Missouri
  17. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    fuck Nan caldari make the best ships
  18. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    Yea, Nans not a lover of anything those poor people make.
  19. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    I like Pokémon as much as the next person. Played it intently as a kid, would have to say my favorite was Ruby/Saphire. Haven't played it in a long time with the exception of the Go craze. As for Caldari, I began my journey in this game as Caldari and still manage to enjoy it. Despite meta I've always had a soft spot for the Phoenix. The Drake was my favorite ship for a while, and I love the ship designs of the battleships. So hate me for not hating them I guess.
  20. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    do you like pokemon and/or hate caldari
  21. Murtific

    Done, its fetching now.
  22. Murtific

    make sure the ones in the auth tool are different then the ones u gave the recruiters. once they're done you'll nuke em
  23. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    Hi, PM me all your keys for all accounts and corps.
  24. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    Yep, just let me know if you have any questions for me. I'll gladly answer them as best I can.
  25. Murtific

    I sent the API's to the person's listed above and put the API's in the Auth tool.
  26. Tennebrae Umbrascen

    Nice, jay said you'd be stopping by
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