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  5. @Preeb Greeb Hey bud, what's the deal with this? Huh? You think you're so clever or something? Huh? C'mon jack, what's happening? You think this is some sort of game? Some sort of game of tallywhicks or whatever the youths are playing these days? Don't you have something better to be doing? I mean, really? Is that what you're doing with your life instead? Seriously? For real? For real? My dude, what? What have you been doing with your life? C'mon, scrimshaw, you think this is funny? You think this is some kind of joke? You're laughing, I can see you're laughing, but... really? I mean, can you get real for just one moment? For just a little bit of time my dude? Caprese? Por favor? I mean, I'm not asking much, am I? Its not that difficult, yeah? You dig it, slim pole? Jafeel me, corn man? I mean, honestly, do you? Can we be real right now?
  6. @Sindri Oksaras got me, i knew what was coming yet i clicked anyway. I thought i was going to a thread on NOGRL corp history, fucking Sindri.
  7. @Lucius Annages He got me, i was doing questionable stuff 😄 forgive and forget lol
  8. @Shad0wsFury Absentmindedly clicking on the recruitment thread... or so I thought
  9. Clicked expecting to see a goodbye thread from @Sindri Oksaras, almost crying some manly tears, instead I got hazed for the first time. Get fucked.
  10. @Sindri Oksaraseat shit bro, I was concerned as a bro and was looking for good deals ;(
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