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  5. @Minton Benidal got me with a bait app link. I even looked at the guy's in-game corp roles and it looked like he was dropping corp roles already.
  6. Fucking Shadow right in his fucking holes
  7. Earlier
  8. @Adanna LeafI’m a Yankee Doodler and that’s all I’ll ever be. Yee Haw!
  9. Never clicking on anything @Lucius Annages links again. Fool me once, fool me twice. Probably will be back... see you soon. 👀
  10. dammit @DJ Aldard =( 16362-a-guide-on-dropping-in-malpais-white-listed-streamers-and-pl
  11. @DJ Aldard with the masterstroke
  12. Just like there are NOGRLs, there is no history
  13. I was supposed to see https://www.pandemic-legion.pl/forums/topic/18645-nogrl-history/ please someone give me the real history thread. NewJack has to know
  14. @Minton Benidal Fuck FUCK fuck FUCK fuckkk
  15. @Sindri Oksaras How to lose a corpies trust in one day, haze them twice on their first day. You bastard
  16. @Sindri Oksaras I thought I could trust him
  17. Just got rolled by Shad0wsFury. ☠️
  18. 10/10 would be bamboozled again.
  19. @Terephon Tivianne thanks for nothing lol. Was expecting this 18645-hellcats-making-a-comeback, was tempted to re-sub Hope you get super AIDS.
  20. @Terephon TivianneTivianneTivianneTTivTivianneTivianneTivian idk what my phone is doing but ty for reminding to check the preview before I click on a link
  21. !mute @Sindri Oksaras
  22. @Sindri Oksaras thanks for the reminder about following cybersecurity practices even at home, punk.
  23. I was hazed into thinking @Doomchinchilla finally came to his senses and was purging all ex vera, horde, waffles, and other dropout corps from Cynou. A boy can dream
  24. Walter EastPak

    wh corp Looking to Join PL

    High effort
  25. Doomchinchilla

    wh corp Looking to Join PL

    when u app to hoover tell them that big DJ sent you
  26. apply to hoover inc in game app accepted
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