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    I probably should have. BOS actually grabbed me out of recruitment chat. I've been busy with RL for the past couple years so i havent played. I missed the merge from Busa to PL. There is nothing at all wrong with busa but as i intend to get more active i would like a group that has more active fleets. I was in FIX where i learned to play the game and make money via trading. I got into doing small gang stuff. After my fix corp fell apart i went over to wreckless abandon which i believe was in TRI at the time and that was where i started doing some serious pvp. I got my first at that time and had some serious fun with AOE DD's. I was in Wreck for 2-3 years even after tri fell apart for the first time. After that i spent a year starting an alliance with a friend called HTA. We were a pet of RA. I was doing alot of fun pvp then and hot dropping like crazy. I think around that time mukk killed my titan (dick) and then a couple weeks later i joined him in -a-. I pretty much spent the rest of my time doing PVP nightly. ( I have a set of indy chars which i use for money and then my main pvp chars which i use to lose shit on) . I spent the next year in MV doing small gang pvp stuff. When -a- fell i went with busa to join PL. I spent the last 6 years in PL. Of those the first 4 were extremely active and the last 2 not at all. I did whatever was needed. In the beginning it was alot of fishing since we could jump from amamake to anywhere in 5 minutes. Generally i would get a spy character or two into whatever group we were fighting at the time. When we whelped all of our stuff in b-r i spent 1-2 years building supers/titans and selling them near cost into the alliance. My preference of pvp is the small gang late night us tz roams. I have not been active for the past 1.5~ years. I was going through the process of selling my business. That transaction was completed and i am now on the final stages of my earn out. Effective last week i am able to work from home 4~ days a week so for the first time in awhile ill actually have time to play this game again. Touche. I didnt necessarily think that i had to go through the entire process. Clearly i missed that timeline on that and it was my mistake.
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    due to oilfield lay offs I had to stop playing due to the fact my pc fried and I could not afford to play. not long ago I got a decent job again and a computer to play the game on.
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    Yo guys im ready to rumble. Lets kill some shit.
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    Lots of Goons on the previous KMs... Thinks we are still in MC, didn't realize he was on PL forums.... Thonking.....
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    literally read this app in the time it took me to warp across Taisy. At least, try. ...ok...now I saw the reply. Carry on.
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    Did you consider after being rejected from BOS maybe putting more effort in this time? Can you actually answer this question? 7. Tell uѕ about your history in Eve. Where have you been? What have you done? Who are your friends? Your enemies? What was your most memorable fight? Be thorough! Write a book!
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    Did you think it was going to be a link on "How to read the MOTD" or?