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    Call back when you are done choking on that dick.
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    Ok team prepare for a long post. Unless i get bored and two part this thing so I can go workout #gymlife Alright so let's start off with @Andrew Jesterand his demands so that my corp and Pohds both realize how serious Andy J is taking this. No leaks of any type will be tolerated, that means screenshots of the forums, cutouts of quotes of any of this to @Pohds 's friends outside of PL. Even here apping, opsec is opsec, if Andy J talks to you privately or Daagin, or Riffs or any of us consider it potential bait to see if you'll leak it to someone else. We love having @Chester Paterson in our family and will do anything we can to prevent him being on the line. A leak of a private convo to any of our recruiters or members to anyone else will be considered an end to this app, we'll end there and Chester isn't on the line yet so he'll be fine. A screenshot of the forum, a cutout, a mention of an op, a mention of being busy because PL has something to do, any of that leaking out will be considered a leak, and sadly Both you and Chester will have to part ways with us. A leak from our discord even in a memeing jest will also be counted as a leak, (if you can't keep corp stuff opsec, why would we think you could do alliance level opsec). Any information within PL, doesn't leave PL. (hint: it's why most of us only hang out on PL comms, can't leak while playing another game if you never leave PL comms) Everyone in CYNOU can add to that but I think I covered it decently well. If you were in our place what 3 questions would you ask yourself? AND the second part of this answer said questions, and explain why you'd ask those questions. And now I want you to think on this question because it's one of my new favorite ones, knowing what you know about yourself, and what you think we know about you, from YOUR side would you recruit you into our corp? Would you take the risk in it? And why?
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    why did you fake that video?
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    lets say you as a BIG DUMB IDIOT brought a titan class super-capital vessel to the passive roam fleet but then BIG SURPRISE you got TACKLED!?!?!?!?! (OMG) Now Itachi (who is always a good boy btw (by the way)) has to ping and #saveyou. What do you do to help yourself and better your chances of living while the #SQUAD is otw (on the way) to save you?
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    what do you think of the American action police procedural television series NCIS and why is it the best show ever?
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    Greetings friends and welcome to the 201 course. You got got again, friend. Officially hazed. Your options are few and dire, you poor soul: Post the name of the person that gotcha Post the name of the thread you thought you were gonna get to A great man once said "Fool me once, shame on- shame on you. Fool me... you can't get fooled again." That man never met your gullible ass.
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    So I've been holding off to see how this goes before throwing my 2 cents in. I wasn't willing to vouch pohds because i havent known him well enough or long enough, having been introduced to him through daagin a few months ago. From what I've seen hes good enough at subcaps that hes on par with whats expected. Most of my experience with pohds is being on comms and playing other games with him though. I can confirm that pohds is a spaz and he is young, however I find him an enjoyable kid who as far as I've seen has his heart in the right place. My main concern is leaks, which he has addressed and It seems he understands the gravity of the situation and has a proper respect for what chester has risked in vouching him. I also very much know that pohds is part of a family of friends we have and I know that that is important to him to not mess up. In terms of the video I find it reprehensible. However, you have done as best you can i would say at easing my concerns about it, even though I still have them. I watched closely at how you responded to these concerns both in your snuff application and here. I think you have very maturely and effectively dealt with the situation and I give you props for owning up to it and seem to have learned from the situation. (We didn't get a titan-gate episode 2 when your hel died). Apping to cynou is a hell of a process and probably one of the most daunting apps in eve. To do so with your history and knowing how rough this would go shows your desire to fly with your friends, make new ones, and "CYNOUrself" TM to a higher level of gameplay. The question is whether people see titangate as unforgivable or read your app and think you deserve another chance. I expected this app to be dead on arrival tbh,.The fact that its still going, I think, is a testament to your humility and willingness to try and improve thus far.
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    +1 from me but just becareful not to use your vast wealth to be ignorant to your mistakes
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    ignoring your titans skills (jesus) why are over 6 pages of your titan's killboard your main's frigates?
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    Sorry, I don't normally post on other corps recruitment threads, but this is an exception. I haven't read the app sorry Sean lol but I would happily vouch Sean, for whatever that is worth. As CEO of Total Mayhem. I confirm that Sean has been a massive help to us and has worked tirelessly helping me get Total Mayhem. off the ground. I am sad to see him go but couldn't say no after all the hard work he put in or stop him from being with friends/former corp mates.