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    We are SWIGG not Snigg you god damn hippie -1
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    As this is the Sniggwaffe RECRUITMENT Forum and not the Sniggwaffe GONNA SHITPOST IN PUBLIC Forum, I'm having this locked down. Please try to control yourselves and stop posting here thanks.
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    Glad to see you put a lot of time and thought into your app, so I can grant an equally thought out response!
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    @Coyote Benihime has been working with temptress for the past two days she has shown exceptional work that allowed us to get some nice kills. I believe she is an excellent candidate for waffles and will prove to be a very valuable asset the future if she decides to keep on the current path that she is walking. +1
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    This is a very low effort type of application. With low effort, you won't get far. Actually, you won't even get in.
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    Now is not the time cptn.
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    The fact that I have tits instead of moobs like most eve players... doesn't affect my ability to play Eve and I would expect everyone else to realize that as well. I've never used my gender to get special advantages and I sure as hell don't plan to now. I'm not a girly girl IRL and most of my friends are guys so I'm use to rude and crude and that's what I'm good at. I've dealt with people trying to white knight me and I've dealt with guys acting like they were beating off to my voice and skull fucking my corpse giving lots of details while on coms... The only thing I expect special consideration for is the fact that I have 3 kids and you will hear them and their cartoons in the background when I talk in coms. I ALWAYS have a headset on so what people say isn't an issue, but I can't shut them up, so bitch if you must, but they're never gonna be quiet.
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    Suggestion: Wait with answering until you are able to get to your pc and answer properly and not link us buffer fit phobos with an Auxilliary Nano Pump Take your time.
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    Why are you downvoting my posts now faggot?
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    You're making my app look good.
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    Hi @Zero Starraider, I'll be your recruiter for this evening. Send me full, non-expiry APIs for all of your accounts, characters and corps.
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    https://vocaroo.com/i/s0EkL2k6C4XH my bowl stuck again r i p
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    1. Whо do you know in ΕO? If you don't know anyone in ΕO‚ do you know anyone іn PL that can vouch for you? How do you know your vouchees? @somnolence is my vouch; I also know @Laenatus and @Val Thropp, all of whom I know from flying with ISBAD in Horde. I also know @Madison Madeveda from Dropbears, and @Yaolan from kinda Dropbears/his renter corp he ran for a while. 2. How long have you been playing EVE Online? 3.5 years, with a 9 month break for a military deployment 3. What do you like to do in EVE Online? Any kind of PVP, but especially BLOPs, cloaky shenanigans, and just hot dropping in general. I love the feeling of “right click -> Jump” and going onto a hostile grid, not always knowing what’s waiting on the other side. I also enjoy hunting, and the excitement (read: hard on) you get when you decloak on someone, scram them and light a cyno. I like flying special snowflakes when possible, as opposed to just F1 monkey. Lately I’ve been flying links ships a lot, which is still kinda F1 but I like that it fills a special role. I also like to do behind the scenes work to facilitate content and make shit happen. When I was in Dropbears I joined the recruiting team, paid for propaganda, and even tried making a shitty propaganda video. When I first joined ISBAD in Horde I bought a Jump Freighter and started doing runs to spread load the work. I’m a pretty shit FC but I try to find other ways to make content happen, and that brings me a lot of satisfaction. 4. Give us a brief biography of your ΕVΕ career. I kinda stumbled into a small corp (Thrall Nation) that happened to be in Brave. They were more of a social club than an actual functioning corp. I went on some fleets in Catch/Fountain but mostly ratted. Shortly after Brave got cucked by Black Legion in Fountain I took a vacation from Eve to go to Iraq. When I got back I joined Dropbears Anonymous, which is where I really grew up in Eve. Two weeks after I joined citadels were introduced, capital escalations were nerfed, and membership dropped. We ended up in a C2 with NS/C5 statics. The NS static was awesome for BLOPs and roaming nullsec, but membership was down. I wanted more dudes to roam with so I joined the recruiting team and wrote articles for our website, r/evejobs, etc. I led rage rolling BLOPs fleets, small gang roams, and tried (with little success) FCing brawls in wormholes. Somewhere in the process I was made a director and did really anything I could to get some content and fights so dudes we recruited wanted to stay. My goal was to maximize fun and build the corp up. I eventually got burnt out, and combining that with some RL stuff limiting playtime decided to leave. I decided to go to Horde because I needed something low-commitment (due to RL) but still wanted to get some good content when I was able to play, finally use my cap characters, etc. I had some friends who had done some time in Horde and recommended ISBAD, along with Hordes cap group to get some experience w/ capital mechanics. I joined ISBAD and had a blast with them cloaky camping both Catch and Delve, participating in BLOPs/Jumpcats and doing otherwise cloaky shenanigans. I’ve done a lot of stratops, random fleets, and gotten more familiar with capital mechanics and it’s been pretty fun. 5. What are the names of all your characters and how many SP does each one have? Link killboards and skillsheets for all your PvP characters. If you have bought any of your characters link the relevant sale thread. All passwords: israd Silverback Rotineque – Main. 69m SP https://zkillboard.com/character/94855517/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/SilverBack_Rotineque Silverback Red – Nag/Carrier/Apostle/Blops, 59m SP https://zkillboard.com/character/95301475/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/Silverback_Red Silverback Buckfutter: Carrier/Nag 46m SP https://zkillboard.com/character/96311241/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/Silverback_Buckfutter Jak Mallix – Hunter/other random shit. https://zkillboard.com/character/95262997/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jak_Mallix Silverback Rin – JF pilot I've also got several toons in an alt corp for running my C5 shit, plus two accounts worth of cyno alts for the JF. Can add them if needed. 6. Post three kills that you are most pleased with‚ and tell us why you like them. https://zkillboard.com/kill/55821924/ - My first cap kill I scouted. I thought our wormhole static chain looked like shit so I rolled the C5 and rolled into this big boy running sites. Got the follow on sabre pilot a good warp in, once he was bubbled we brought the rest of the fleet in and killed him. https://zkillboard.com/kill/56542227/ - We had some friends blopsing with us out of our static, dropped on this guy and killed him. He sperged so hard in local we took a screenshot, sent it to a friend in TEST who put it on their forums and the guy got kicked from his corp for being an asshat. https://zkillboard.com/kill/67148024/ - This one’s recent, ISBAD was blopsing in Fountain and I happened to jump a gate at the same time as this dude. He tried to cloak and warp but I managed to decloak him, grab tackle and light the cyno. Also he had a high-grade crystal pod which was pretty neat. https://zkillboard.com/kill/67148032/ 7. Can you fly a carrier? Yes – Buckfutter can fly Gal/Min and Red can fly Gal/Amarr 8. Do you own a supercapital? No; Buckfutter is almost ready for a Nyx and I have the liquid isk for one 9. What do you think you are good at‚ and what would you like to improve at in ΕVΕ? I think I’m good at identifying gaps and trying to fill them; IE “wow our USTZ is dead.” So I volunteer to help recruit, “There’s one pilot doing JF runs and he’s afk for two weeks for work” ok I’ll buy a JF and pick up some of the load, “we need more hunters to do good BLOPs fleets” ok I’ll train cyno 5. Dunno if this is an Eve skill as much as personality thing, but it’s my approach to the game and creating content. I’d like to get better at hunting, manual piloting, building fits, FCing…the list goes on. I try to constantly learn and improve myself. 10. What is your main way of making ISK? I have a C5 where I run sites in rattlesnakes. 11. Hоw did you hear about‚ and why do you want to join ΕO? All I want out of Eve is great content and great dudes to fly with, and I’ve been interested in PL since Brave got kicked out of Catch. Flying with ISBAD was my first interaction with Elitist Ops, and everyone I met seemed like good dudes who really knew what they were doing. I also have gone on a few of Vic Jefferson’s Poitot Blops fleets, and holy shit those are well run and lots of fun. If the dudes I know, and the fleets I’ve been on have been a representation of ISRAD then I’m really excited to get the chance to apply. 12. On average‚ how many hours per week do you think you play? Anywhere from 2-3 to 25-30. My fiancée is a nurse, switching between dayshift and night shift. When she works, I play Eve. When she’s off I generally don’t play as much. So it varies, but I like to put in around 10-15. 13. A) Give us fits for each of the following ships: Hyena‚ Panther‚ Vigilant‚ Εtana‚ and a fleet fіt logіstics ship [Hyena, Fit] Damage Control II Adaptive Nano Plating II Adaptive Nano Plating II Stasis Webifier II Stasis Webifier II Peripheral Compact Target Painter 5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II [Empty High slot] Small Trimark Armor Pump I Small Targeting System Subcontroller II [Panther, Panther] Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates Heavy Stasis Grappler II Large Micro Jump Drive Dread Guristas Warp Scrambler Domination 500MN Microwarpdrive True Sansha Heavy Capacitor Booster Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon II, Republic Fleet EMP L Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon II, Republic Fleet EMP L Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon II, Republic Fleet EMP L Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon II, Republic Fleet EMP L Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon II, Republic Fleet EMP L Medium Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer Medium Energy Neutralizer II Caldari Navy Cloaking Device Large Trimark Armor Pump II Large Trimark Armor Pump II [Vigilant, Vigilant fit] Imperial Navy 800mm Steel Plates Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Damage Control II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Federation Navy Stasis Webifier Federation Navy Stasis Webifier Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I, Navy Cap Booster 400 50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive Heavy Neutron Blaster II Heavy Neutron Blaster II Heavy Neutron Blaster II Heavy Neutron Blaster II Heavy Neutron Blaster II Medium Trimark Armor Pump II Medium Trimark Armor Pump II Medium Trimark Armor Pump II [Etana, Etana fit] Sentient Damage Control Reactor Control Unit II Reactor Control Unit II Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender Domination 50MN Microwarpdrive Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender Pith X-Type EM Ward Field Small Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 400 Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Medium Core Defense Field Extender II Medium Core Defense Field Extender II [Guardian, Guardian] Damage Control II True Sansha Armor EM Hardener Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II True Sansha Armor Thermal Hardener 1600mm Steel Plates II 10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner F-90 Compact Sensor Booster Large Coaxial Compact Remote Armor Repairer Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter Large Coaxial Compact Remote Armor Repairer Large Coaxial Compact Remote Armor Repairer Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter Large Coaxial Compact Remote Armor Repairer Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Ancillary Current Router I Warrior II x5 Nanite Repair Paste x100 Targeting Range Script x1 Scan Resolution Script x1 ECCM Script x1 13. B) If you were using a supercarrier to dunk on nerds which one would you use and how would you fit it. [Nyx, Nyx] CONCORD 25000mm Steel Plates CONCORD 25000mm Steel Plates Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Corpum A-Type Energized EM Membrane Corpum A-Type Energized Explosive Membrane Corpum A-Type Energized Kinetic Membrane Corpum A-Type Energized Thermal Membrane Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link Capital Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 3200 Sentient Drone Navigation Computer Shadow Serpentis 10000MN Afterburner Networked Sensor Array Fighter Support Unit II Fighter Support Unit II Fighter Support Unit II Corpus X-Type Heavy Energy Neutralizer Imperial Navy Large EMP Smartbomb Capital Trimark Armor Pump II Capital Trimark Armor Pump II Capital Trimark Armor Pump II 14. You are in a PL armor HAC fleet and we are heavily engaged with some random scrublords. We get bombed and you receive roughly 30% armor damage. What do you do? Don’t broadcast for reps unless instructed by the FC. 15. You are in a LR zealot in a PL sniper HAC fleet‚ engaged with a large fleet of enemy Drakes and your overview suddenly goes all yellow boxy. What do you do? Broadcast for reps, overheat hardeners, align out if possible. 16. Yоu are roaming with an alliance member‚ both of уou in vagabonds‚ and spot a lone Drake on a gate in an emptу system. What do you do? Lone drake on a gate smells an awful lot like bait; stay out of scram range, start shooting him and be prepared to burn out of point range and GTFO if he lights a cyno. 17. You are solo roaming in a Vagabond and jump into a gate camp with some interceptors and Arazus. What do уou do? Burn back to gate; try and get them to aggress before I jump through. 18. How old are уou (real lіfe age)? 28 19. In what country do you currently lіve? Are you Danish and or Australian? ‘Murica 20. Do you have any pets? I have a dog, Cooper. He is the best boy. https://imgur.com/i36rkQA 21. What is yоur favorite Ke$ha song? Die Young 22. Do уou read 4-chan? No 23. Do уou have an SA account? If you do then lіnk іt you shiftless faggot. No 24. Do you post on any public forums eg Reddit/FHC etc? If so link them https://www.reddit.com/user/SilverbackRotineque/ 25. Do you have a working microphone? Yes 26. Is your voice annoying? I like to think not but every time I hear my recorded voice I cringe a bit.
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    Then why not commit and do it? Saying you have isk to buy ships and skills is way different than actually having those resources. Before this thread turns into a giant meme, I have an actual suggestion: Join Horde, buy your caps and inject your skills that you need. Join horde cap group and get some practice with them in using your caps while also showing that you can actually be active and aren't going to turn face 2 weeks after joining or something not going your way. You need to actually show to people that you are capable of doing these things and being a competent player and not just saying you have "means to make things happen".
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    1. List your sponsor(s) within Sniggerdly if you have any (make sure to that they post in the thread to confirm). @Freebird VII @Korgan Beldrulf @x Zhukov 2. How old are you? 38 3. Where do you live and what languages do you speak? Trump's America, English 4. Which time zone sees the most of your playing time (US/EU/AUS)? Usually west coast USTZ, 0300 - 0700 EVE time 5. How many hours do you play Eve on average during a week? Typically around ~20 hours/week. 6. Please list all your characters on all your accounts and provide links to skill sheets and killboards. State how long you've had ownership of said characters. If you have characters that you for some reason need to keep secret‚ PM the relevant infо to your recruiter when аѕked to provide API. I've never bought or sold any characters - all chars were created and have been owned by me. All Eveboard passwords are "snigg" without the quotes. Account #1 Zero Starraider - Sub-cap main https://zkillboard.com/character/96099495/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/Zero_Starraider Jeebus Depran - BR and DST pilot, jita sitter/trader, wallet, alt-corp holder, etc. https://zkillboard.com/character/96136699/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jeebus_Depran Account #2 SneakyN1nja - PVE/dumb stuff alt, now dread (nag) alt. Can also be used as a dictor (sabre) alt, tengu hunter, good scanning skills, etc. https://zkillboard.com/character/96236685/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/SneakyN1nja Axyl Oramara - scanner/cyno alt https://zkillboard.com/character/96569427/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/Axyl_Oramara Account #3 DixieFlatline - Triage (Apostle) alt, thanny pilot https://zkillboard.com/character/96286786/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/DixieFlatline Tala Shana - scanner/cyno alt https://zkillboard.com/character/96581611/ http://eveboard.com/pilot/Tala_Shana I injected SneakyN1nja to be a dread pilot before creating this app. Short-term, I'm going to continue cross-training SneakyN1nja into a Revelation as I hear that's the new hotness. Long-term, barring someone smarter advising me to do something else, I think I'll train Zero into dreads - he's already got the jump skills trained for BLOPS and has good gunnery skills, and train SneakyN1nja into a second triage character. Then since I have a lot of the requisite fighter skills trained on DixieFlatline, I'll focus her into an eventual super (Nyx) pilot. 7. Tell uѕ about your history in Eve. Where have you been? What have you done? Who are your friends? Your enemies? What was your most memorable fight? Be thorough! Write a book! My eldest son wanted to give EVE a try and I told him that I would give it a go with him. We started playing in late Dec. 2015. He didn't really care much for it and gave it up after a few weeks, but I have quite a bit more patience and tend to laser-focus on anything that interests me. When looking around for a corp to join, it seemed like joining Horde was the thing to do. I joined Horde while they were in Querious in Jan. of 2016. I had really no idea what to do, but had read in several different places that you needed to set yourself goals, so making a goal to get a solo PVP kill. I moved myself up to Amarr FW space and after a lot(!) of losses, finally secured my first solo pvp kill: https://zkillboard.com/kill/52040178 It was about this time that we moved up to Okagaiken to cloaky camp SMA in Fade and Pure Blind, and the beginning of WWB. I had also signed up for Horde's mentoring program and I got paired up with Freebird VII when he was still in Waffles. Waffles was pretty busy murder-zoning SMA, so we played email tag quite a bit, but he never seemed to get tired of me asking incredibly dumb shit about fits, strategies, what fights to pick, etc. Eventually, he'd break away for a bit and take me roaming, and took the extra time/effort to show me how to combat probe (and more generally, what it meant to be "useful"). About the time he started talking to me about joining Waffles, he took me on a Mukk fleet that had been opened up to Hordlings, and holy shit - that was probably the most fun I'd had to that point - it was so incredibly exciting, and daunting, to witness the competence and confidence being exhibited by those playing at this level. I knew at this point that I wanted to be a part of *that* and needed to take the next step and get into Waffles. I joined Waffles in May 2016, right after they were finishing the return from the X-70 deployment back to Kinakka. From day one, I had a really great time in Waffles, though for at least the first 6 months or so I felt like a complete moron, totally out of sorts like I didn't have any clue what I was doing and didn't belong. Far and beyond, my favorite thing to do was our nano-cruiser roams, everyone flying their own ship. During our Immensea and Ostingele deployments we'd go out on 4-8 man roams through FCON's space (Immensea) and Brave staging from Ostingele and fight everything we could. I'm sure I'm in the minority on this, but our roaming content was so good during the Immensea deployment, it ended up being my favorite Waffles deployment. Following a lengthy and welcome stay in Black Rise, we deployed to Provi for the "anime war" (I'm not sure if that's what it was officially called, but that's at least how it was being referred to at the time). At this time, it nearing summertime, I was finding myself getting increasingly burned-out with Eve, and most all of the corp-level content was happening while I was at work. There was a lot of dudes in USTZ doing blops in provi, which just isn't my thing (nothing against it all, I personally just don't find it that fun). Not only that, but I didn't get the whole anime bullshit, and just couldn't get into it, or find "purpose" or a goal, if you will. So, I found myself logging in less and less, and not really missing the game. I took my wife and kids on vacation and started doing other summer stuff, and before long Moab PM'd me that I was about to get the nomad purge from Waffles. Honestly, at this time I wasn't super sure that I was going to come back to eve at all, and the thought of logging into the game just to mash F1 a few times to avoid the purge seemed stupid - so I didn't. As for memorable fights, returning to Kinakka from Amamake, we through the usual surge in activity upon returning to Black Rise, and when that started to taper off we started really trying to use wormholes to find content. One of the most memorable fights I certainly had was this group of miners or some such shit that were found by another waffle through a WH near Kinakka. We went through the hole and engaged them just a bunch of kitchen-sink stuff, totally expecting them to run when we showed but we ended up in this 45-minute bloodbath where they just kept warping shit into us. A couple of us lost Stratioses, but reshipped into confessors and went back to assist the rest of the gang. All told I think our only losses were two Stratioses and maybe a slicer or some other frigate, and killed at least 12 to 18 of their ships, from Griffins to T3Ds to Myrmidons. After I'd been in Waffles for maybe three weeks, we really weren't doing much and I was searching on a scanner alt to see what WH connections I found near Kinakka for us to go roaming. I happened up on this group of 3 or 4 ravens ratting in some backwater pocket of Provi a half-dozen or so jumps from the hole. We got a few of us together to go see if we could catch them and maybe get a fight out of their response fleet. A small group of us (4-5) when through and tried to catch them. We ended up only snagging one: https://zkillboard.com/kill/53974273/ - admittedly, not much at all, but as a 6-month old player just having joined Waffles I was fucking hyper-pumped after this. Late in 2016 I also came across Longinius Spear's (formerly of Isogen-5) blog post(s) about "backpacking" out of a confessor in a C13 (Wolf Rayet) shattered wormhole. It sounded awesome so I thought I'd set that as a goal for myself and see if I could do the same. I spent an enormous amount of time scanning mostly C2's and NS wormholes looking for one of these holes, and after a month or so of doing this for a couple of hours every night, I finally found one. I logged off my scanner in the hole and prepped SneakyN1nja (again, my PVE/dumb-stuff alt) to go in and make a fortune in WH blue loot and salvage. Living solo (well, two chars, my scanner and the confessor pilot) in a WH fucking sucks balls. I mean really sucks, but sort of in a good way. The feeling of living "out in the wild" was pretty awesome. Having to scan my way out to K-Space and see what I was connected to before running sites was intense. Running the sites themselves having to be ever watchful of the WH boogeymen was intense. However, I really enjoyed hanging with Waffles more than this, so I shut the operation down after a couple of months. I never really made any money to speak of - for the effort involved, it's far more efficient to just AFK rat in a VNI, but it was still stupid fun - I felt like a fucking Apache warrior living out in the far reaches of unknown territory. I've tried to FC a few times, but I have to say I'm really terrible at it, and it's just not for me. I enjoy being in supporting roles, flying dictor, prober, damps/ewar, etc. There's only one time that I feel my FC'ing was even moderately successful (killed around ~1Bil and only lost a couple of cheap frigates) - and I ended up flying damps (Keres) for our small frigate gang because I thought maybe we'd be able to engage a bigger target/gang should we find it. My AAR for that roam can be found in the Waffles forums (I would link it here, but I don't have access). Fortunately, after I fucked up and died stupidly, the rest of the crew was able to hold tackle and secure the kill(s) while I reshipped and made my way back. I think one of my biggest problems with FCing is that I'm by *far* my own worst critic, but also when I'm in that sort of role, I feel that I'm overly responsible for everyone's "fun". I know that's really not how it works (personally, I have no problem taking 30+ gates roaming with my bros trying to find a fight), but if I'm leading that roam and we haven't found anything after a dozen or so jumps, then I feel like I'm letting dudes down - it's hard for me to imagine that other folks really don't mind just roaming to find "whatever". 8. Why are you leaving your current corporation and/or alliance? Please let us know what you did and didn't like about your previous home. All of my characters are currently in NPC corps except for SneakyN1nja who I put back in Horde to jew a bit while I get back into the game over the last month or so. There's nothing to point at to say "I didn't like <...blah...>" about Waffles. Before my hiatus, I had just been logging in basically every day with very exceptions for over a year - without really realizing it, I desperately needed to take break; I was well past burnt-out. Summer came along, my kids had just got out of school for summer break, it just got easier to step away from the game, and before I knew it, I was completely AFG. I was just burnt out and need to step away and spend some more time with my family, do shit around the house, etc. 9. Are you a shit disturber? Have you caused drama or headache to those around you? Be honest. No, not at all. I pretty much avoid any drama like the plague. 10. Why are you trying to join Sniggerdly over other‚ less selective and easier corporations within Pandemic Legion? Well, first off, it's not in my nature. If I knew or had the feeling that something else was easier, less selective, etc., I'd probably avoid it because I don't like feeling that I settled for something less than the best, even if it was an easier task/goal/etc. I'm very good at taking constructive criticism, recognizing and admitting my own flaws and fuck-ups, and taking steps to improve. As for why I'm not re-applying to Waffles, and am instead applying to SNIGG: First, as I said before, ever since that Mukk fleet with Freebird, I've wanted to play EVE at this level. Most of my friends that I like to fly with are here in SNIGG, and so I want to make SNIGG my home as well, and join my bros here in the promised land. 11. What ѕetѕ you apart from being yet another F1 pushing member in fleets? Give examples of you being useful and/or leading fleets; include logs or battle/after-action reports you might have written. As I said before, I enjoy being in special/supportive roles. I like combat probing, flying e-war, dictor, getting offensive and often times even more importantly, proper defensive bubbling can lead to our gang wiping out an entire fleet. While I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but I do enjoy flying Logi - especially for large fleet fights, I will often volunteer to do logi/triage over DPS roles because I like that you have to be more active/aware of what's going on. I enjoy scanning for routes to fights/content - there have been a few occasions in my time with Waffles were I've got us some good connections to nano-roam for content when nothing else is going on. I remember getting a WH route for Eonan to engage a Predator Elite fleet within like 30 mins - I think this was for a citadel or some such shit, but I could be remembering wrong. Unfortunately, we still missed the fight because we took too long to find a connection, which sucked, but I totally got lucky with a WH route from Aivonen->Lowsec somewhere in Metropolis relatively close to Pred's fleet, and felt like fucking rockstar nonetheless. All of that said - even though I enjoy scanning, I've got a family, kids, work, etc., and can't really be online for hours on end to do a proper job in a "real" recon role. My scanning/hunting activity is very pedestrian at best - but if we need it (or if nothing else is going on), I'll be one of the first to volunteer to jump in and starting scanning. 12. Got any tears (griefing logs‚ instances оf scams, etc) to share? Unfortunately, no. I'm pretty terrible about saving local chat messages, taking screenshots, etc. 13. What games other than Eve do you play? Feel free to lіnk your Steаm account if you feel comfortable doing ѕo. Recently PUBG, but I suck pretty bad (my son continually reminds me of this fact). I also play a few single player RPGs like Fallout, Borderlands, etc. I enjoy Civilization, some older RTS games, and a slew of some more obscure indie games - puzzle and rogue-likes like Opus Magnum, The Witness, Dead Cells, etc. 14. Do you post on Eve-related websites (Reddit‚ FHC, Zulu, EN24/TMC comments sections)? If so, link your profile/post history. I lurk on r/eve, and poke around the EVE online forums, but don't post anywhere.
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    Get the fuck outta my corps forums you waffle tard
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    Your application is among the stronger that we have seen recently and your vouches are good. I'm in two minds about you have handled choosing between SNIGG and SWIGG though. On the one hand I can appreciate that you want to run in corp with what I assume would have been your graduation class under the old Waffle setup there's definitely a sense of belonging associated with that. However, if at any point you've been laboring under the misapprehension that you'll slide on in here off the back of your vouches (who I have plenty of respect for) because you struck out of an easy way back into Waffles then you're in for a shock. If you want to sit at my table you won't be eating for free. You'll earn your crust and I'll work you hard for it. If you're up for that then keep knocking these queries back as you are and we will see where you land. If not, thanks for playing, better luck next time.
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    Thread staying open so that you can all witness what not to do on a recruitment forum.
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    Can I have my isk back
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    @Coyote Benihime you do realize if one of your vouches fuck up during his trial period that you get purged too right? Because there are people who can't wait to see you being purged. Use your vouches carefully.
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    Don’t mind me waffles. Just saving this since I’m about to go workout and I’m pretty sure he’s going to edit his post away before I finish the workout.
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    Tl;dr: Apped to NOX 3 weeks ago, rejected because inactive, no Triage, no Dread and no vouch. Still no Triage, still no Dread, still no vouch. Lmfao
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    So you were asked to provide a fit for a small gang and you essentially opted for a disposable frig size class vessel, which you put together from hangar scrap, that plays the role of "tackle and die who cares we're isk positive". It has nowhere near enough tank to survive any of the actual fights an actual roaming gang will get and its paper dps will evaporate when get shot at by anything that's not a ratter/miner. Also, if you die, we might be momentarily isk positive, but with an on paper at least, scout/tackler down, you gimp your roaming gang by a huge margin and you do that when they most likely are deep into hostile space. The only thing this ranis does good is work as a "whoring" ceptor, that does the job of getting there and then hoping it doesn't get shot at amidst the dozens of hordelings on grid who shoot at the admittedly expensive soon to be killmail that bigmiker's nightmare is. I honestly believe our ideas on what constitutes a small gang and what such a gang does as a rule of thumb, greatly differ. I assure you, our small roaming gangs are not looking for "tackle at all costs" tacklers and ceptors play a crucial role in anything we do, ranging from pico gangs to humongous fleets. We certainly do NOT shitfit them with hangar leftovers and in fact we have entire threads/actual presentations on how to properly fit them, for whatever role they might have + how to properly fly them. As someone who has done endless roaming pico gangs with a single ceptor, your nonchalant approach kinda rubs me the wrong way. I'm kewl with people losing shit, but I'm not kewl with my ceptors dying. The fact that you've been an FC and you're cool with that is literally puzzling. I hate the fact that I love your vouch...
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    Please explain what you mean when you say this fit works well with large mach fleets.
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    Agreed and I appreciate the feedback.
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    Thanks for this post. Like your opinion counts at all.
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    Application Questionnaire: 1. What are the names of your main and other PvP characters? Enigma06 (Main) Kirisi Odom Kristan Odom Northrup 2. How long have you been playing Eve Online? Since 12/12/2009 with 2 longer breaks due to being deployed with the military (7/2012-01/2013, 2/2014-7/2016) The second break was a military deployment, followed by getting married and moving. 3. How old are you and in what country do you live in real life? 36 years of age. Reside in the United States (Eastern TZ) 4. About how many hours a week do you spend playing Eve Online? Average 20-25hrs per week. On some occasions I tend to almost double those numbers during the week. 5. In which timezone do you do most of your PvP (US/EU/AUS)? Most of my PVP occurs during mid-late USTZ and have been known to carry over into AUS TZ. On days I am not working, I try to get on during EU-US TZ 6. Why do you want to join Blackwater USA. Inc.? My main drive to join Blackwater USA. Inc. is to once again fly alongside some of my former corp mates (PWWN, DTHI). I also would rather be involved in making eve history and not just talking about it. 7. Have you ever applied to another PL corporation. If so‚ which and when? No 8. Who is your vouch in BUSA? (will be verified) Shamfor 9. Hоw do you support yourself fіnancially in Eve (aka - Where does your isk come from)? Prefer spending more time doing PVP so most isk is from PLEX. Some income is subsidized by loot collected. 10. Which ships do you normally fly in PvP? Inties, Sabre, T3C’s (Loki, Tengu), Falcon (for the salt), Panther, Various cloaky things Occasional capitals when called for 11. Which T3 cruisers, battleships and logistics ships can you fly proficiently? Enigma06 (Loki, Tengu, abaddon, apocalypse, amageddon, dominix, Hyperion, megathron, maelstrom, tempest, typhoon, bhaalgorn, macharial, nestor, vindicator, scimitar, oneiros, basilisk, guardian) Kirisi Odom (Tengu) 12. Do you currently own a Carrier, Dreadnaught, Force Auxiliary, Ѕupercarrier or Titan? If so‚ which? Nid, Thanny, Archon, Revelation, Apostle (currently in build) 13. Dо yоu havе any useful PvP Alts (іe. bonuses, prober, triage, dread, cynos, etc)? Enigma06 (Main) – can also fly carriers, dread, and Fax, cyno, Kirisi Odom – Hunter, covert cyno/cyno Kristan Odom – carrier Northrup – Fax, Dread, cyno Multiple cyno alts changed out various times 14. Are you willing to regularly deploy with the alliance and join both large fleets and roams? Most definitely 15. Do you have any FC experience? Limited FC experience mainly small roams and gate camps 1б. What are your long term goals in Eve? Looking to expand my capital play along with working toward gaining sub cap FC experience. Want to increase my kills by at least three fold, to start. Then continue from there. As stated before I am also looking to be part the events in eve history and not just talking about them. 17. Tell us a bit about your Eve career to date. What alliances have you been a member of? What have you done? Etc. Things started out slow in my eve career. Initially joined E-Uni were I learned the basics and started to get my legs under me. Initially focused on mining and industry thinking that was the way to greatness. I soon realized mining and high sec was not for me. Moved out to Fountain and joined PWWN (Test) in 2012. About the time I got settled and gained confidence for PVP, I deployed with the military. Upon my return, most of my friends had moved on to DTHI in Test. I followed suit and got sucked into the carebear world of the Clusterfuck Coalition. I spent most of my time as logi within the larger fleets and would assist with killing/running off the occasional neutral within the lower portions of Fountain. Right as the Fountain War was starting to kick off, I once again was pulled away by the military. Once leaving the service my afk time was extended by RL. I returned in Spring of 2016 and found once again a majority of my friends had moved on. With the large number of changes in the game, I was directed toward Pandemic Horde to gain my bearings. In Horde my PVP took off. I dropped almost everything that was not PvP. I rearranged my skill training and started alts in order to get into as many types of PvP as possible. I focused a large portion of my time in interest groups away from mainline Horde. Got a taste of glorious salt that is harvested through the use of ECM. Learned to love using capital ships in combat. I have found that in order to get the full experience of capital warfare and expand the number of fleet battles, I need to move on. With a number of former corp mates in BUSA and new friends throughout Pandemic Legion, I focused on training the skills I needed to attain my goal of joining BUSA as well. 18. Is there anything else that you would like us to consider while we review your application? I am no longer in the military so large time periods AFK are not expected. My goal is to be active as possible within the corporation and alliance as a whole.
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    I don't have a favorite pokemon because I never got into pokemon...if I remember correctly I was in highscool chasin tail back then...didn't really have time for all that...I was all about Ronin Warriors though.
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    There’s a lone apostle that can be tackled 130 km away by your interceptor, do you: A) Wait for the FC orders to tackle it? B) Listen to the guy on coms that’s telling you to warp to him @100 and tackle it C) Warp to a wreck 140km away from it D) Say, “I got this, I got this” wait 2 minutes and decide on a, b, or c