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    Hello fam, I got purged and I deserved it cause I haven't taken this seriously enough. I've been having a lot of straight sex and one woman keeps distracting me on top of all the other stuff going down. I have found good contractors to start making some adjustments to the house which I bought this January. I haven't even watched any anime lately (lel, #TeamNoMad) cause of all the hassle around. I started a new job that is going great, I am doing C# programming and my 6 month trial period is over and I am now a permanent employee (so to say). Summer has been crazy too and now it's the prime starting time of hunting season and did I say contractors are coming to work on the house 18.9 for 1-2 weeks. Gonna get a new roof, new sauna, new bathroom, new insulation to survive the winter and all the wet rooms get heated floors <3 New doors and all kinds of good shit. I also got a new car, which got hit in the tail the very same day I bought it. It's fixed now too... Here is the duck hunting platform thingy we built to shoot ducks from :D We just can't build small things it seems, god dammit this was a hassle too. We have it all ready now, it has roof on the side, bench etc... Also we have lights there with small sunpanel haha! Every summer we need to go fishing! It's been great, but only been able to do few trips cause of all the stuff to do, just don't have lazy afternoons available This year's Assembly festival was a blast too, we also went out to eat a few wings. There were 6 of us eating all of this, holy shit amazing stuff. Here is the new car + the dude that crashed in to the ass of my car taking photos... His car on the right, he got owned. I got the fireplace fixed and decided to hide all the bricks and just apply a feint grey color on it. I have since scrubbed the black metal parts to a good shine and cleaned the glass too I'ts looking great! As I told before, hunting season is now on and the start of waterfowl was amazing. We got to shoot a few duck I quess were at 5 killed now with 3 of us. Gonna keep feeding them and soon they will start to migrate from north to south and hopefully we can get a load more ducks here to shoot at This turned to a fucking marathon, well @Puchoco Voluspawill be proud. I haven't been completely sitting on my ass, I have been training stuff on my alts a lot. I have now a Fax pilot, CC Pilot, and my sub main Tumeski. My one alt is going over 100mill SP today! Yeeey! Also my CC pilot is soonish able to fly a dread so I can multibox 3 accounts in near future (Dread, Fax, Main/Sub). Also I got my internet things fixed a bit. I now live in the middle of woods and having good internet is hard, but now I have a 4G antenna on the roof to help with latency and it's working great. I was on few fleets last week but then this automatic purge happened and I really want to get back with the fam and I am greatly sorry for being such a useless piece of shit. Love you all <3 PS. Cya everyone in Evesterdam no matter what happens I will come and BLAZE IT F4GG0TS!
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    I apologise that this won't be a 17h application, but since we actually have standards instead of pretending it's not possible :\ 1. give me a stabber fleet issue fit because it apparently depicts your ability to use pyfa and not copy zkilll which proves you'll somehow be useful to alliance????? 2. please look at @Proteus Ormande's post history and give me a similarly self-aggrandizing and useless post (I'd suggest you look at any dys0n recruitment posts really) 3. if you were to compare yourself to either Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning which one would you choose, and what would you have most in common with them? 4. how do you feel about useless deadweight corps in an alliance? What steps would you take to encourage them to be better from the outside? (@Tainted Orphen [lol nice joke you finna be kicked] and @Wrik Hoover take note) 5. explain why useless people should never pretend to be important 6. why does activity not equate to how useful someone is? 7. why are apostle alts more important than having dread alt jump clones for titan characters?
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    Is this app the definition of low-effort?
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    Hi. I want to come home and actually play, cause I miss playing Eve. But I did the courtesy of filling this out. 1. List all of your characters, along with eveboard and zkillboard links for each one. Let us know if any of the characters are bought. - Newtronamonics, Vaseth Ataru (Jita market alt), NEWRAIDER (cyno alt/was in the NOMAD exec. corp for a bit)/Rob Ford's Crackpipe 2. Why are you leaving your current corp? - Beause its The Scope lol 3. Why do you want to join Waffles? - To give Reza a handy in a Las Vegas hotel room. 4. Do you know anyone in Waffles? - Not personally in real life because I work in radio and have no money or vacation time to go to Vegas this year. 5. What do you enjoy most in EVE? - FCing mainly, though it's been an awfully long time now. 6. Give an overview of* your EVE history (what have you been doing/who did you fly with most). - I flew with WAFFLES, and was Reza's speechwriter when I was a W-DIR. I also see there's a grammar mistake in this question on the stickied thread 7. What country are you from, what languages do you speak and how old are you? - Canada/English, Quebec French/29 8. In what time zone are you most active? - Pacific Daylight Time 9. What makes you stand out from your average F1 monkey? - I'm a terrible FC, and I don't shut up on comms. 10. How do you make your ISK? - I don't really, I buy it from time to time. But I want to actually start so that I can yolo a Hel alongside Reza's Vendetta 11. Can you fly any caps - if so, which ones? - Dreads and Carriers/Supers (no I don't own one yet) 12. Do you play any other games or have other hobbies? - Gay sex, the PL OG game of the month
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    When an app has so little effort put into it that the corp can't even be bothered to post responses or questions really gets you thinking. So far all I can see is a piss poor app, with half hearted responses failing to resolve any questions posed. One reason many don't vouch, cause this is pretty embarrassing. Let's hope OP can turn things around.
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    how do we know you're not jeff pretending to be newt
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    Hey Allox STFU for the next 6 months. Don't say a word until the 6 months are over if you are still in corp we can talk later about how you might be part of the group of people who give questions to potential recruits.
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    Apply to Bat Country ingame
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    I think it's past that. There's been no effort, cherry picked answers, and apparently there was the same effort in his previous corps. -1 from me.
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    Just kidding, I am never playing this fucking gay game again lmao
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    I'd like to come home, it's cold out here.
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    https://evewho.com/pilot/Tumeski lol
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    can you krab like a master? tell me why beyblades is shit? will you be my best friend? lmao you clearly dont know how caps work