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    That's my alt. 1, That's a frigate not an interceptor 2, You were bubble camping with WERMT alts which are blue to me, then brought in that orth to do the killing lol But I'm glad I'm in your top 3.
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    -1 Gonna need an explanation as to why you were shit talking "afk ceo" and pl literally less than a week ago and now want in. We recently met as a group to discuss people bitching about the way things are and wanting to go back in time, while offering nothing in the way of a solution or taking fleets out etc. This is just april, too lazy to go through the constant hate you people spew about it all. Flaming Butterfly-Last Friday at 11:14 PM I got tired of an entire alliance of good pvpers waiting for one person to come back before doing anything Flaming Butterfly-Last Friday at 9:04 PM PL is not a fun place to be when you actually want to enjoy yourself Not sit there and be leet Flaming Butterfly-Last Friday at 8:57 PM I mean I’m not in PL because the reputation I would rather fly in NCdot And because PL is boring\ Flaming Butterfly-04/01/2018 Love is when Reza tells you to drink the Kool aid and you do Flaming Butterfly-Last Friday at 7:08 PM PL was a huge mistakes I fully regret supporting it Atlas [N0MAD] [SWIGG]-03/18/2018 My CEO is not only at his keyboard, but he is the most beautiful man alive Flaming Butterfly-03/18/2018 Thanks Atlas But let’s talk about Reza now
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    Alright, me and Flaming Butterfly cleared things up and he is good to come back to the family. We do give people second chance, especially brothers.
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    Why are the retarded apps always from Americans?
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    For the love of god can I get access to this damn discord i keep hearing about I want to shittalk reza too
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    Translation: stealing patients pudding, and sniffing bed pans...
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    @John Falkner we kinda touched on how i felt about it but il just post here so everyone knows. I was invited to a priv discord about three days ago were him n a few other people were shit talking PL n @Reza Najafi i would post logs but within 5 hours i was already ban for standing up for the waffles family iv grown to know. i have nothing against @Flaming Butterfly being i don't know his intention with us, i just don't stand for shit talking be hide someones back then asking to join 3 days later.
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    Dam since you left Waffles you've seen like every corner of the eve universe. It also states in White recruitment post that if you didn't join another corp you don't need to make an application "If you would prefer to speak to one of us before applying, feel free to join the in game channel "Join Sniggwaffe". Also if you are a returning waffle that was nomad purged less than 6 months ago and did not join another corp, you can skip the application form and simply post a thread asking to return." But since you joined The Initiative, TRI and Pen is Out means that you should make an application.
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    I rarely post on apps, primarily because I hate p much everyone, but I want to let you know that I really think your app is of a high quality and I look forward to being space guildemates with you. Ignore the other chucklefucks responding to this thread - they are just trying to troll you.