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    Rarely do I comment on other corps apps. - Phage droppout - knows Travis from amok, went to fwddit on his recommendation then joined amok - admits to talking to the blackhand oh and no vouch. no just no
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    Instructions unclear. Unable to find yellow in colour selector. Using vivid yellow instead. 1. Do you know anyone in PL or Black Omega that can vouch for you? If yes, who. A: While I do remember certain names and certain people from Black Omega, I'm uncertain if someone remembers me and would be willing to vouch. That being considered, I give a 'no' as an answer to this question. 2. If you don’t know anyone, how did you hear about Black Omega? A: Flew with you guys during your time in Circle of Two. 3. Tell us about your time in Eve (alliances, corps etc). A: I have a relatively short corp history. Started out in 2014 as a ninja looter/salvager in Minnie high-sec, befriended a bear and got into his corp. Once he went inactive I started looking elsewhere and found An My. Before I saw and got into any action, the corp was disbanded. Some folks went to nul-li-fy within Co2 and took me with them. That's pretty much where all my experience lies - Co2 and the war for Tribute. Was a hell of a fun. 4. Tell us a bit about yourself as a person. A: I can be the sweetest and most caring person out there, or I can be a complete dick. Depends how you rub me. I'd say I'm open-minded and easy going, with a dark sense of humour and a liking for sarcasm, but if pushed, I can be a fucking nightmare to deal with. 5. What is your main TZ? What hours do you usually play in? A: GMT+2. Hours can vary depending on my schedule and weather it's a gym evening or not. Roughly from 6PM GMT to 10PM GMT during weekdays and whatever I feel like/must during the weekends. 6. List all of your alts, how many SP (to the nearest million), what their role is and links to their killboard. A: Only alt I have is one I had in training when I was still playing. Haulatron 9000. Was supposed to be a Logi/PI alt on the same account as Rofla. 7.5M SP. 7. Do you have any capitals? If so, what and which character. A: No 8. If no, why not? A: I'm a noob. This is as far as I've gotten. 9. Do you have any Supercapitals/Titans? If so, what and which character. A: No 10. What type of gameplay do you enjoy the most? A: Can not compute. On my free time, I like to explore and scan shit down. Apart from that, I like fleets, I like roams, I like to blow shit up and grief where possible. I like to make the game as un-fun as possible, for the receiving end. 11. Do you have any FC experience? If yes please elaborate A: No. 12. If no to the above, are you interested? A: Unlikely. I'm a sarcastic piece of shit, with tolerance levels too low, to deal with the stupidity of other people. 13. How do you make ISK in game? A: Scanning/hacking when possible. 14. If you were an inch inside your mum, and your dad an inch inside you… which way would you push to get out? A: Onwards to victory. But you reminded me of a joke... Sherlock Holmes and Watson are sitting in a room. W: Sherlock, what is a nuance? SH: Watson, you really want to know? If so, take off your pants and bend over the table. W: Sherlock, surely you're out of your mind?! SH: Well, Watson, it was you who wanted to know... [Some time passess] W: Ah, fuck it, Holmes, I really do want to know what a nuance is. [Watson takes of his pants and bends over the table] [Holmes walks up and sticks his cock in Watson's ass] W: (screaming in pain): What the actual fuck, Holmes?! SH: Well, Watson. You did want to know, what a nuance is, did you not? W: (gasping for air): Well, yes Holmes, I did. SH: Well, you see, Watson... You have a dick in the ass. And I have a dick in the ass... but there is a nuance.... 15. SCENARIO 1: You log in and not much is happening....what do you do? A: Depends on the hour of the day. If everyone is asleep, I open up PornHub. If everyone is awake, I either do explo or log off. 16. SCENARIO 2: Someone calls you a faggit in comms....what do you do? A: I'd ask them if that was a compliment and they are hitting on me and if I like them, I'd offer them some anal with sand as a lube, even though I'm straight as fuck... because as they say, an ass is an ass...
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    *Total Mayhem* is a small gang PvP corp set up by **Sniggerdly** (Pandemic Legion) and focused on self-improvement and mastery of PvP mechanics. As a member of Total Mayhem, you will learn how to master your ship, FC your corpmates and take fights you didn't think possible. We don't partake in killboard vanity -- we'd rather have some red on it than have it empty -- and shun risk-averse gameplay. Whilst we sometimes band up with others for an op, we keep few permanent blues (currently only PL) to ensure we always have people to shoot. What we can offer: - A nomadic lifestyle - we go to the content, we don't wait for it to come to us; - 100% focus on PvP - no mining ops, no downtime between deployments, just constant pewpew; - A target-rich environment - our only permanent blue is PL, so you'll never go far for content; - Personal development - you'll manual pilot, you'll FC, you'll learn to make fast decisions; - Deployment logistics - we run JF services between our deployment system & major trade hubs; - A path to Sniggerdly (Pandemic Legion) - because of our close ties with Sniggerdly, we offer a route to PL for members who show the time, energy, ability & dedication to succeed. What we expect from you: - A good attitude - we have a great vibe in TM and we want to keep it that way; - A willingness to PvP actively - we don't care if you're brand new to PvP or a grizzled veteran, what we're looking for is activity & willingness to learn; - A willingness to FC - developing new fleet comps & smashing them into the enemy is our culture, we don't expect you to be a great FC overnight, no one will be mad if you welp your corpmates learning; - 10 million PvP skill points; - Train into our doctrines; - An ability to fund an irresponsible PvP lifestyle - we don't PvE, so you'll probably need an alt to fund your life here; - Your main - we aren't an alt corp, TM is where we live day-to-day; - A working mic; - Full SSO tokens for all of your characters. If we sound like the type of corp you're looking for, check out the 'Join Total Mayhem' channel in game or our public discord. Do not convo us, we're probably in fleet, we'll get to you as soon as we can. Discord - https://discord.gg/h5jGKCM zKillboard - https://zkillboard.com/corporation/481995776/
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    Hi Stephen. This caught my eye and I thought that I'd just give you a quick education in reality. If you're going to join this alliance then you need to understand that PL does not need to be "restored" to its former glory. The impression you, and lots of other misinformed people who play this game have of our alliance is one which is no longer representative of us, or the state of the game. As the game changes, so do we. If you want my advice you should probably unshackle yourself from the past and think about the future, because that is where we're heading.