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    Hi Atlas, nice to see you around. Sad to see that you ultimately left Waffles but i can understand the move, no offense intended! I see you put a lot of work into your application and i appreciate your effort. It's just fair to say that you were one of the more destrutive elements within the Waffles group during the split from pl and to some degree already before that. Serious real life issues are never easy to deal with but insulting your space buddies cause they joined fleets within the alliance was a low point that i have not forgotten about. I remember the ramblings towards for example @Jo Feth, straight up talking shit to him and claiming he's "sucking Hedliner dick" cause he joined FCI wasn't really something that gave me a positive judgement of your character. FCI, next to the FC Team, is what carries this alliance - these people don't need your personal graditude but they do deserve your respect. We've all said stupid things at some point or another and i am not one to always choose my words with the most care but loyalty is something that i personally value a lot. And if your corp is part of an alliance - so are you. Overall you have contributed to a rather toxic climate in Waffles over a certain period of time that ultimately lead to the split and the corp itself losing important people that ended up hurting it a lot in the long run. This is not me blaming you solely of course, there were many factors involved but you played your part. Nevertheless, i don't feel that we ever had any personal beef and arguments were resolved in one or the other way without any hard feelings. You can be a fun and nice dude and i know you are very helpful and useful if you're motivated. Snigg has very different dynamics than what you are used to and divisive or destructive behaviour is being burned by the stake. If you feel like Snigg is what you want to do in your EvE life and you genuinely want to be part of the team i won't put down a "NO" to your name. Everyone deserves a second chance. I just feel like an apology in a private convo or two are in order. ❤️ pulse
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    ```[12:44:50] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : BWF-ZZ [12:44:51] Fake Armani > read before making stupid remarks pls [12:45:03] Bastildi Tasgari > ?来打架还拆堡垒的 [12:45:15] Fake Armani > ching chong ping pong [12:45:30] Bastildi Tasgari > <url=showinfo:1373//2113928874>Fake Armani</url> rlly? [12:46:46] Darasputin Ibrahimovic > D R A M A``` So it looks like you’re a drama guy who got kicked from Horde by a Director for bad behavior. Trying to join a higher SP PvP outfit that definitely won’t tolerate your behavior might be a stretch. In Horde, really? To FC a fleet you just have to ping for one, Horde will even give you the ships for a fleet. And you’ve never flown logi? Horde hands out logi ships. What have you done that’s useful? Specific examples? Look, drama aside, you don’t have very much SP, and and the closest you ever got to Horde Vanguard was being censored by them. Maybe try applying to Total Mayhem and see if they’ll take you, stay drama free and get some more experience. That would be my advice. Good luck with your app. -1 for me.
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    Update on A&C! I decided to start with a Thorax, which I've molded, baked, and am now in the process of painting. I streamed it on the CCP channel yesterday and the VOD can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/396681650 I've attached a progress picture. I was going to continue painting today but will probably wait until Monday/Tuesday to continue. From the video, I've also started on a Revenant, which is way more detailed and tougher to do! Thanks team! ♥
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    Well i guess that's the thread. Thanks anyway team
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    You might want to consider Pandemic Horde. They are awesome and have the PvP and PvE opportunity's you seem to be looking for, importantly for you, they'll also let you FC in various fleet types. They are a great place to learn about all aspects of the game. Best of luck though. -1 for me.
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    So enough trolling, let me give you my honest opinion. Regarding Renwaults task: You can't kite at 20 if they hit at that range. They'll hit you as long as you're in point range. And out DPS you. And have more than 2 times the EHP, before ADCU. And track you perfectly at that range. You basically failed Renwaults task on all points, this executioner will eat shit to a retri, you have no idea how the fit you gave works, the fit is shit and you even failed to format it properly. Regarding the rest of this dumpster fire: You're dodging questions about your history. You're going on and on about being a "skirmish commander" without being able to back that up at all. You're not upfront about your characters. You seem to completely lack any knowledge of Pvp outside of being awoxed for what I imagine is you being a fucktard. You have no characters that can fly even a quarter of the ships we'd expect you to fly. You still haven't understood the concept of injectors/extractors and how just extracting and reinjecting over and over again is retarded. In extension of that you're talking about completely ludicrous activities you're doing ingame considering your SP. You apparently somehow managed to be dumb enough to get scammed out of 100b when it takes you a month of playing at least 30hr/week to make 6 bil, which leads me to believe you're either lying or you're not very smart. I wouldn't even send you to TM. -1.
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    Please provide chat logs relating to the stories you've told under this question
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    1. List anyone you know in Sniggerdly and give us an idea of how well you know them (make sure that you discuss listing these people here BEFORE you post your application). Please note strict "vouches" or "sponsors" are not essential but welcomed. I know some players from Snigg but can't remember their names. Mostly from gate camps and such around Horde's staging. 2. How old are you? 34 3. Where do you live and what languages do you speak? Romania. I speak Romanian and English 4. Which time zone sees the most of your playing time (US/EU/AUS)? Mostly EU 5. How many hours do you play Eve on average during a week? I play daily somewhere around 70 hours/week. Most days i play from work so sometimes i am active online sometimes i am semi afk 6. Please list all your characters on all your accounts and provide links to skill sheets and killboards. State how long you've had ownership of said characters. If you have characters that you for some reason need to keep secret‚ PM the relevant infо to your recruіter when аѕked to provide ESI tokens. My "main" is called Abbad0n (created 2.11.2008) - not that high in sp but old char. Got banned for login on different PC a couple of years ago and picked it up again after a ticket to CCP gave me back my login rights. On that acc i have 2 more toons: Devil advocate and Uryziel. The last 2 have low sp and have been kept as jita alt and Dodixie alt. Abbad0n i've managed to get him Omega for a couple of months and is currently able to fly a tengu, but still low SP as in around 8-10 mils. Zkill link for Abbad0n: https://zkillboard.com/character/1057791743/. My "alt" Fake Armani (created 22.03.2018), was actually a toon i've created while waiting for ccp's response and since those take a while i've had time to do some pvp and stuff with him, then i've invested some money in game promo boxes and then by the time my other acc was unbanned i had more than 14 mil sp on this one and about 5 months left of Omega so i continued playing on this and atm I have about 34 mil sp on it. On this acc I have another toon: Dan Yakuza, again used as a Rens alt. Zkill link for Fake Armani: https://zkillboard.com/character/2113928874/. 7. Tell uѕ about your history in Eve. Where have you been? What have you done? Who are your friends? Your enemies? What was your most memorable fight? Be thorough! Write a book! Started in 2003, with my first acc Lucifer Demon. It was made using a "friend's" mail and he proceed to seel my acc so i've made another one in 2008 (Abbad0n) at the request of another friend. Joined CVA at the time but due to some personal motives i had to drop the game after a while. I was returning from time to time to play but didn't really come back until last year when i've managed to make my sec acc and get back the one CCP banned. On Fake Armani i've started to do fw for caldari, made a lot of friends and really started to enjoy the game. I've based myself in Tama and i took part in a lot of public fleets like Spectre, Bjorn, Zarvox etc. That was a fun period of my game experience. I've then joined a romanian corp which got disbanded after most of the players dropped the game and so i joined Calmil again with a self made corp and did more fw. After that i went on to live in null sec and joined PH. I have a lot of friends in game, from all alliances. Not close friends but people that recognize me and drop a "Hi fake" or stuff like that in local and chat for a while each time we see each other in the same system. I have no known enemies since i didn't cared that much about the "political" aspect of the game. My most memorable fight is actually 2: one was when i was in CVA with Abbad0n and we had a big op with titans and really really big numbers of players and they took me with them even thou i was a noob at that time and i was in a kestrel and kept shooting at random battleships and supers while no one even cared i was on the field. It was a glorious fight for me, considering that i was only killing rats in belts in high sec until then. The second memorable fight was with Fake Armani in Solaris Chytonum teritory while still unskilled and with a blaster t1 shield tanked gnosis. Found a Cane on a gate and then an Ashimmu dropped by. I've jumped gate, took aggro from the cane then jumped back and went straight for the ashimmu and killed it. The cane jumped back and i've managed to kill him as well. Died to a myrm while he was in low armor because i had no tank left. It was my first null sec roam. Ashimmu kill https://zkillboard.com/kill/70251801/ Cane fleet issue kill https://zkillboard.com/kill/70251868/ Gnosis loss https://zkillboard.com/kill/70251873/ 8. Why are you leaving your current corporation and/or alliance? Please let us know what you did and didn't like about your previous home. I've liked it there. Made a lot of friends but got into some misunderstanding with Vanguard and had to go. To keep it short i've once said in standing while hunting a CODE Loki that was super bling (we saw the zkill) "what ships are you guys using for tackle" and someone said "i'll go catch it in a slasher" at which i replayed "useless...next" as in referring to the ship being useless in this situation and he said "ok i'll dock up now " . The guys know me and they know i've always said things as they are and i've always talked as i do with my friends not in a formal "wooden" way so they never took anything i've said in a bad /offending way and it was part of our "meat shield" talk in standing At that point a Vanguard pilot that was in standing said "don't listen to this idiot" to which i replayed that he has no idea what we are fighting and he never even said anything to any of us and that he was a kid and told him to mind his own business. After this i got convoed by another VG that told me "this is your first and last warning" etc etc to which i've explained what i was talking about and i've asked if the other guy got at least a warning and he said "that's none of your business" at which point i ve said ok and bye. The second incident with VG was a week ago when i was killing some Frat pilots with standing while flying a kestrel. I died but told them in local that i am still isk positive to which one of them replayed by posting a kill on a fellow horde pilot in some expensive ship and said "no you are not isk positive" to which i've said: "i was talking about me please read the chat" and then a Vanguard posted something in Chinese and i thought it was some dude from their fleet and i've replayed : "ching chong ping pong" . As soon as i said that i had to bail cause work and didn't even read the next local message and after 6 h when i came back i was already out of the corp. Seems the guy found it racist although the phrase itself if searched on google it only brings one match as being a definition for an ancient game of ping pong. Nothing about racism. So after that i joined the Romanian corp in horde and did time helping the recruitment and new players channels and pvp and basically what i was doing until that bad moment. In doing so i caught the attention of whoever wanted me kicked and today my director got a request to purge me from the Romanian corp as well. In the mean time true racism talks in chat have been left "unseen". Not a drama queen so I didn't said anything to any director or complained about it in fleet or other corp channels. Just sent an email to the director that kicked me and asked why. Since no one replayed i've left it at that and moved on. 9. Are you a shit disturber? Have you caused drama or headache to those around you? Be honest. Apart from the 2 situations above none that i'm aware off. 10. Why are you trying to join Sniggerdly over other‚ less selective and easier cоrporatіons within Pаndemic Legion? Snigg was actually my first go to corp when i first wanted to try null sec but i applied in game so since i got auto rejected went back to fw. Also i've heard a lot of talk about Snigg and PL in low sec and it made me want to join as in moving from being a random dude in fw to a corp that can make me be a better player and that has the possibility to offer me the pvp experience i wanted. 11. What ѕetѕ you apart from being yet another F1 pushing member in fleets? Give examples of you being useful and/or leading fleets; include logs or battle/after-action reports you might have written. I've never had the possibility to FC any fleets and also i've never piloted logi. Also i didn't took the time to write anything game related on blogs/reddit etc. I only try to do my part in fleets and I always try to help my team mates that got primaried by attacking the tackle/dictor/stuff that's on them if the FC or the situation alows us to "free fire" at targets. 12. Got any tears (griefing logs‚ instances оf scams, etc) to share? My tears: got scamed in jita on a "firesale" the first time i got there. Opponents tears: a couple of those as well from factional warfare time. The usual "lucky noob" "using the wrong ammo" "boss walked in on me" "got a rep bug" "f... y.... noob" "messed my transversal/manual/orbit/range" etc and also I got banned from Karmafleet channel after their director also called me an idiot for having too many questions and an overall friendly/joking with others in chat attitude. So i got him in convo and apparently raised his salt level to over 9000 which got me perma banned from any goon corp as he assured me. 13. What games other than Eve do you play? Feel free to lіnk your Steаm account if you feel comfortable doing ѕo. Used to play LOL and DOTA and Diablo 3 (Diablo is my fav all time game) and whatever i could find when my PC was still working fine. Atm EVE is the only game i like and the only one i can play on my PC with high frames in potato mode. 14. Do you poѕt on Eve-related websites (Reddit‚ FHC, Zulu, EN24/TMC cоmments sectіons)? If so, link your profile/post history. Answered this one already. The answer is no.