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    *Total Mayhem* is a small gang PvP corp set up by **Sniggerdly** (Pandemic Legion) and focused on self-improvement and mastery of PvP mechanics. As a member of Total Mayhem, you will learn how to master your ship, FC your corpmates and take fights you didn't think possible. We don't partake in killboard vanity -- we'd rather have some red on it than have it empty -- and shun risk-averse gameplay. Whilst we sometimes band up with others for an op, we keep few permanent blues (currently only PL) to ensure we always have people to shoot. What we can offer: - A nomadic lifestyle - we go to the content, we don't wait for it to come to us; - 100% focus on PvP - no mining ops, no downtime between deployments, just constant pewpew; - A target-rich environment - our only permanent blue is PL, so you'll never go far for content; - Personal development - you'll manual pilot, you'll FC, you'll learn to make fast decisions; - Deployment logistics - we run JF services between our deployment system & major trade hubs; - A path to Sniggerdly (Pandemic Legion) - because of our close ties with Sniggerdly, we offer a route to PL for members who show the time, energy, ability & dedication to succeed. What we expect from you: - A good attitude - we have a great vibe in TM and we want to keep it that way; - A willingness to PvP actively - we don't care if you're brand new to PvP or a grizzled veteran, what we're looking for is activity & willingness to learn; - A willingness to FC - developing new fleet comps & smashing them into the enemy is our culture, we don't expect you to be a great FC overnight, no one will be mad if you welp your corpmates learning; - 10 million PvP skill points; - Train into our doctrines; - An ability to fund an irresponsible PvP lifestyle - we don't PvE, so you'll probably need an alt to fund your life here; - Your main - we aren't an alt corp, TM is where we live day-to-day; - A working mic; - Full SSO tokens for all of your characters. If we sound like the type of corp you're looking for, check out the 'Join Total Mayhem' channel in game or our public discord. Do not convo us, we're probably in fleet, we'll get to you as soon as we can. Discord - https://discord.gg/h5jGKCM zKillboard - https://zkillboard.com/corporation/481995776/
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    Rarely do I comment on other corps apps. - Phage droppout - knows Travis from amok, went to fwddit on his recommendation then joined amok - admits to talking to the blackhand oh and no vouch. no just no
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    I do like the Marshal but I'm a die hard Sin fan myself. My fit would be something like this - https://zkillboard.com/kill/72180069/
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    1. Whо is your vouch in Collapsed Оut (Read this for information regarding vouches) Who else in PL can confirm you are not a "fuccboi" What is your relationship with your vouch? i.e. How do you know him/her? Do you know anyone else in CYNOU who can speak for you? Penif, augustus, husker admin, grath, ron mexxico, rik hoover,taipansan,degotoga,nf10,dadcul 2. How long have you been playing EVE Online? Since 2010, when the game was still good 3. What do you like to do in EVE Online? luv2krab 4. Give us a brief biography of your EVE career. Ive done it all and more 5. What are the names of all your characters and how many SP does each one have? [redacted] 6. Post three kills that you are most pleased with and tell us why you like them. https://zkillboard.com/kill/52906022/ Avery tried to test me https://zkillboard.com/kill/64045825/ #gotem https://zkillboard.com/kill/64150337/ i made this frag happen 7. Can you fly a FAX machine (what type/ t1 or t2 triage)? Ye 8. Do you own a supercapital/titan? No but i can buy a levi 9. What do you think you are good at and what would you like to improve at in EVE? Im good at being a f1 monkey and i think i can improve at my hacking skills because i tried to hack a citadel earlier and it took me way too long 10. What is your main way of making ISK? I usually ask nicely and people send me isk 11. How did you hear about‚ and why do you want to join Collapsed Оut? Elo knight told me about this place 12. On average‚ how many hours per week do you think you play? anywhere from 0-40 13. Tell us a bit about your real self. Im a 22 yr old russian male living in the slums of east coast usa 14. Poѕt your favorite Taylor Swift gif and explain why it ѕpeаks tо you. [redacted] 15. There’s a ping that goes out for a fleet forming and at the same time a ping from Jeffraider goes out for his movie night‚ what do you do? Im already on OG mumble so nothing 16. Hоw many WHѕ it it worth taking to get a ѕlightly possible cаpkill/fight? you miss 100% of the shots you dont take
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    Part 1 - You Why are you applying to dys0n, and why should we accept you? I'm always flying with members of the corp doing blops and sneaky stuff. My vouch is Iedan , Kraul, Auxi Morningstar & Adarxx How old are you and where do you come from? 33, London, UK Outline your history in EVE. Where did you start? How'd you get here? Started off in a dead end low sec with my brothers and soon created a small pvp gang which went on to high sec war decs. I then moved around a few alliances learning the null life and have basically bounced back and forth from null to low sec learning all aspects of pvp. Due to travelling, I've settled in low sec mainly doing blops and ganking. Now I've settled, I'm looking for a new challenge in regards to using my capitals. How many hours a week do you play EVE? What timezone is your best/easiest to be available in? Roughly 30 hours a week. +0 GMT Are you a notorious badposter? Link your reddit/kugu/FHC/twitters here. Nope Part 2 - You ingame What do you enjoy doing in EVE? I enjoy blops, roaming null through WHs, Gate camping, High sec ganking and basically finding notorious ways to kill people. How do you make ISK? Looting and the odd 6/10 Do you have experience FCing or anchoring, or otherwise running fleets / making content? I have FCd small gangs through null and general loitering around in low sec in blops. Tell us your personal skills. Hunting, combat probing, dictoring, fitting, etc. I am generally always hunting with one of my alts and looking for content whether it's HK hunting, blops, WH probing, war deccing or roam different regions. Show & Tell something(s) in your EVE history that you are proud of. https://zkillboard.com/related/30005268/201806161700/ I was the only FAX on our side and was getting absolutely dicked by neuts/nos but still tanking like a boss having to jettison badgers full of cap boosters to maintain cap. In the end we held grid and finished their structures. What do you think of maltecs? If you can't find out what a maltec is, name your favorite anime. If you don't like anime (destroy all weebs), give us a favourite recipe of yours. Blast a load of olive oil in a pan with chilli, garlic, salt, pepper and a handful of prawns. When the prawns start popping open, throw in some linguine pasta and white wine and mix that shit up. Finally grab some parsley and lightly sprinkle it in and serve in a nice deep bowl. Include your favourite Emma Stone GIF. https://giphy.com/gifs/emma-stone-yIM6uPlic5k2s Part 3 - Your characters Do you currently own any supercapitals, including PVE space vessels? Yes Please list your PVP characters below. Provide ZKILLBOARD and EVESKILLBOARD links for each character. InstinctiveKIller - https://zkillboard.com/character/685998643/ - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/InstinctiveKiller (123) (Main - Most Capitals, Majority of ships, PVP focused) zZzingle - https://zkillboard.com/character/1747932890/ - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/zZzingle (123) (Alt - Capital, FAX, Focused PvP, Blops, HK, Logistics, Boosher) Hollie Brown - https://zkillboard.com/character/2112317135/ - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hollie_Brown (123) (Alt - HK, Prober)
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    I'm deep in to bass and dub so I'm high on that shit
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    You have roles still!
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    Lesson #2 - dont base your actions on the potential reactions of reddit, always be your own person and go your own way. Sure, the reddit sperging about this alliance and its leadership is obnoxious, but the same people just gave me 420 upvotes for making a Keepstar out of packs of kleenex and laughing at Hard Knocks. That should tell you everything you need to know about the reddit community, its attention span and its average IQ.