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  1. Confirming Vouch. A nice guy, loves to roam and run a prober for scanning down targets. Will fit in well. Pipo send all your api's to Valan, ddred and Myself via forum PM. @ddred @Valan run his api's please.
  2. Sup Nash, I will get a recruiter to get with you and run through your api's before accepting you back to corp. Welcome back. @Valan @Inira Serra
  3. I am going to take a punt on you, you show some potential, you have holes in your knowledge base but after talking to you, you are willing to listen and learn. I expect you to be nerd active and useful, if not then you are gone. Delete all your API's (these include all the ones you have in zkillboard or anything else) and put a fresh set of ALL your accounts in the authent again, mail Valan, Inira Serra and Myself those to. App in-game when you have re-done your api's. Welcome to SAS.
  4. @Valan @Inira Serra Run the mans api's please. Make sure everything is as it should be. Welcome back.
  5. Will get @Inira Serra or @Valan to do the checks obligatory checks and then push the button. Welcome back.
  6. App in game when your ready. Delete all your API's and put a fresh set of ALL your accounts in the authent again, mail Valan and Myself those to. Welcome to SAS.
  7. App in game when ready. Welcome back.
  8. App in game when ready. Welcome back.
  9. Once @Valan has some free time, I'll get him to do these and then get you hooked up.
  10. App pulled. Thread closed.
  11. Ok let's set a date and time this week for an interview. I'm still not convinced your in for the long haul but if the checks come back clear and the interview goes well then we can put you on trial and see what happens.
  12. If only your posting was as good as your activity. Ohh wait...
  13. So looking at your charaters generally they are not bad, a few holes here and there but the obvious issue is that you have no character that can use an apostle and T2 Triage. You have one character that can fly an apostle but does not Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration injected and then your Capital pilot that has TLR 5 but no amarr or caldari Carrier skill book. Its a relatively simple fix, would you use skill injectors to remedy this? You would also need to train for Capitals T2 guns. My biggest concern though is your attention span, your employment history screams that you have attention span of a 2 year old. PL at time can be very dormant and then have periods of high activity. How would you go about keeping yourself entertained in these quiet periods? My last question for now is what will you bring to SAS and to PL other than being another F1 monkey to warrant giving you a trial period if and when GK vouch's you and that you answer my questions sufficiently?
  14. Welcome back, I have your api's, I will ask @Valan to check they are gucci and then hit the accept button if all is in order.
  15. Welcome back, I have your api's, make sure they are in the auth and I will get @Valan to run the checks and process it.
  16. By your own admission you seem to fall out with people. How are you going to deal with the constant trolling and sperging retards within PL coming at you if your application was successful?
  17. Convince me that your not going to be just another F1 pusher as I have plenty of those already. What are you going to bring to SAS? What affiliations does your husband have within the game. Who's his main and various alts?
  18. Recruitment is Open, Vouch Only. Valan is now head of recruitment for SAS. Ddred is his right hand man.