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  1. markie1994

    I think you would benefit with a stint in Horde. You are nowhere near ready for the rigours and demands of PL yet. If you did’t have a Floppy vouch your app would of been hazed even more than it has been already.
  2. Al Ugilac

    Dal i fynd, diolch yn fawr iawn I live in North Wales so was intrigued to see which part you are from. Thats fair enough, I just hope you have deep pockets for injecting your apostle alt up and buying the relevent ships needed. Not a bad fit maybe a cap battery instead of the cap recharger and a probe launcher in the high but may struggle fitting that with recon 4 but solid enough attempt. A good answer, I hope if you are successful then this is something you do! Never been much of a Steven King fan, perhaps its time to give them another go. I confess to being a huge Tolkien fan also. I've never heard of the Redwall books, a shame as I think I would of liked to read them whilst in my youth. Again not a film I have seen but will keep an eye out for it. Overall I think a solid app, having spoken to Ox about you also I think you'd be a good addition to Sniggerdly. +1
  3. Al Ugilac

    Pnawn da, syt wyt ti? Are you from South Wales or North Wales? Right now we have the pleasantries out of the way, how do you know Ox Fast? I think Tiwaz has covered the holes in your characters, namely lack of an apostle alt and that you really need to have a dread alt also in this day and age. How do you make your isk? I assume you are not a poor having been living in wormholes, if you are successful then be prepared to spend out oinnumerous doctrines and support ships. With the age of the Sov wand is upon us, link a fit that your alt can use and would be able use to help win a timer against the dirty Provi menance. You have been scanning near by low sec and find a very large wormhole which in turn leads to a system where there is a Hel ratting in a anom. Tell me what you would do to next. Name your favourite 5 films or books and give a small review to which ever floats your boat.
  4. MrMojo Mercurium

    Sup Waffle Bro's. I am confirming my vouch for Mojo. Yes he is a little green around the edges, but he is willing to STFU and listen to advice given to him and take it on board rather than be some high skil wannabe that thinks they know everything about pvp and realistically know fuck all and eventually fuck up. As you can see from his app, he is a chill bro and I firmly believe that he would be a valuable asset to Waffles. I am prepared to spend some time with him and look at his characters and advice him on where he needs to improve them, I'm sure he would be willing to inject said characters to bring them up to speed.