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  1. Sanders Schmittlaub

    That's cool in going out and finding content, as PL needs more people happy to go roam and find content. I knew Rob briefly thus the question. As for your book choices, all pretty solid except for number four, it's something my 11 year old niece would read but meh each to their own.
  2. Sanders Schmittlaub

    You have stated in your app that you are not happy sitting around reacting to pings, ALOT of what PL do is just that. How do you intend to keep yourself occupied in the mean time? Where did the name of your character Not Rob Giles come from? Tell me what your favourite 5 films or books are? And yes i do realise that is a tough question to answer in just 5.
  3. MrMojo Mercurium

    Sup Waffle Bro's. I am confirming my vouch for Mojo. Yes he is a little green around the edges, but he is willing to STFU and listen to advice given to him and take it on board rather than be some high skil wannabe that thinks they know everything about pvp and realistically know fuck all and eventually fuck up. As you can see from his app, he is a chill bro and I firmly believe that he would be a valuable asset to Waffles. I am prepared to spend some time with him and look at his characters and advice him on where he needs to improve them, I'm sure he would be willing to inject said characters to bring them up to speed.
  4. Kaynard Stormwalker's application

    You just have to accept being a nerd after playing a spaceship game for over 12 years so 3 monitors is the way forward. 19.00 gmt works for me and I'm sure @ddred will be around then. So either Thursday/Friday, you call which suits you.
  5. Kaynard Stormwalker's application

    How many monitors do you have? Film choices are not bad to be fair, nothing out of leftfield. I'm indifferent about your rorq fit. You were very diplomatic with your rugby answer. +1 for the anti anime and anti pokemon stance though. Once GK confirms his vouch then we will set up an interview in the next couple of days.
  6. Kaynard Stormwalker's application

    Tell me what you intend to bring to the Corp/PL other than being another f1 monkey. I realise that you live in Canada and you don't play a lot of football over there but if you had to choose a football team within the UK, who would it be and why? List your favourite 5 films and tell me why they are your favourite. Show me a rorqual fit that you would use in PL. Finally tell me why rugby is better than American football.
  7. Davey 666 Re-applying

    Good to have you back as well. @Valan @ddred Can you do the obligatory api checks and make sure iseverything is how it should be please.
  8. Necrovian Re-applying

    Good to have you back. @Valan @ddred Can you do the obligatory api's checks and make sure everythinhg is as they should be please.
  9. PipoDeYoyo's App

    Confirming Vouch. A nice guy, loves to roam and run a prober for scanning down targets. Will fit in well. Pipo send all your api's to Valan, ddred and Myself via forum PM. @ddred @Valan run his api's please.
  10. NashWolfe re-app

    Sup Nash, I will get a recruiter to get with you and run through your api's before accepting you back to corp. Welcome back. @Valan @Inira Serra
  11. DavidT33 Application

    I am going to take a punt on you, you show some potential, you have holes in your knowledge base but after talking to you, you are willing to listen and learn. I expect you to be nerd active and useful, if not then you are gone. Delete all your API's (these include all the ones you have in zkillboard or anything else) and put a fresh set of ALL your accounts in the authent again, mail Valan, Inira Serra and Myself those to. App in-game when you have re-done your api's. Welcome to SAS.
  12. Kubu Abu - Re-App

    @Valan @Inira Serra Run the mans api's please. Make sure everything is as it should be. Welcome back.
  13. Ynot Eyob - Re-app

    Will get @Inira Serra or @Valan to do the checks obligatory checks and then push the button. Welcome back.
  14. Ox Fast Application

    App in game when your ready. Delete all your API's and put a fresh set of ALL your accounts in the authent again, mail Valan and Myself those to. Welcome to SAS.
  15. Matt Emery App

    App in game when ready. Welcome back.