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  1. Eva Vesto

    It's all good dude igaypwndmyself by misquoting Yoyaz lol. Also kickass response btw thanks for giving a detailed answer. Did you like it in Therabois? I had a few nice fleets alongside them in my Hax. days before all the sadbois drama and the split. I understand btw on the activity level. Unless you are motivated to play, find the gameplay compelling and meaningful the drive just isn't there. That's what I particularly love about PL. The opportunities and variety is literally endless. Want to go on a small roam? Done. Want to do a big timer? Done. Have a JC in Waffles or Horde staging and wanna do a brawl later? Done. I don't think I've ever been as active in Eve since joining PL and it's a great place to be all memeing aside. I think the biggest gripe is you get people who want the ticker but not the responsibility nor are willing to contribute. Saying you want an engaging and rewarding experience and equating that to years is precisely what I was hoping for. Now if you'll excuse me Mr Lewis is going to have to reteach me how to use the quote feature on this chinese exercise messaging board xD.
  2. Eva Vesto

    I'm going to drag you into my arms at Vegas. You better go this year.
  3. Eva Vesto

    To be fair Therabois are good dudes. Flew with them quite abit when I was in Hax. Sounds good : D
  4. Eva Vesto

  5. Eva Vesto

    Hahaha yeah its 2 am and I thought it was the applicant. YOU WIN FATIGUE. Avery is it possible to meme too hard? because I think I did. FUCK. This is what I get for getting so many upvotes on the @Dame Death app.
  6. Eva Vesto

    I only said "polished" turd because I love flying a Revenant.
  7. Eva Vesto

  8. Eva Vesto

    So essentially except for flying with Avery you've been inactive since May. You don't have a T2 triage alt, you have no steady income stream to support our doctrines except for Incursions, you've listed neutral alts which could have been kept hidden and used with no PL history, and you have a Hel pilot but no Super nor any experience flying them. So aside from playing Dota and a few small gang skirmishes what exactly do you have to offer us besides another memeing go afk poorboi? I'm legitimately asking because as far as I know we are a self sufficient entity where you need to be able to provide an income stream and have sufficient alts including caps/supers etc. You also tended to bounce around alot in groups and somehow pieced this app together without a shred of humility or a shred of seriousness. if it was serious perhaps you shouldn't try to act like something of value when you come off as a polished turd? But that's my opinion. I didn't know Dota qualified as a prerequisite to get into PL. Fyi that Nag fit is fucking garbage. Learn to suicide dread fit or gtfo. i suggest Waffles where Reza and friends have a superb capital training program where instead of trying to get booshed off of Dota matches and memes you actually learn how to play Eve Online.
  9. hey fuckers

  10. Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    I still love you Judy. <3 (no homo) : P
  11. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    Don't you know they aren't allowed to have fun in low sec? It's serious business there.
  12. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    If I were in EE I'd run for the hills as well. That being said Spiders terrify me but this app doesn't . I just gotta ask doesn't it get boring being in the same Low Sec circlejerk over and over again? I know essentially EE and SC are one and the same so it's gotta get tiring listening to the same drivel over and over again. Why did you wait for so long to apply? Did you not think you had a strong enough vouch or app? I know for myself I wanted to join years ago but I'm personally happy the way things turned out. Hax was an excellent learning experience for me and I made some amazing friends along the way being introduced to the Derelik guys so I can understand your apprehension and nervousness coming from a low sec group like this. I gotta tell you though once and if you app in those groups will hate you. But you'll never look back. There's some good dudes in CYNOU just try not to meme too hard. Get those alts as well into Apostles instead of shield. The shield is handy in a pinch and useful for structure reps but you need a T2 dedicated Apostle alt which I'm sure you'll sort out without issue. If anyone has misgivings about his activity I can give proof towards why: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/495729389/ Shadow Cartels last 6 pages are nothing but gate camps with the occasional Snuff dumpster (lol). https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99006424/page/8/ EE's isn't any better with the last 7+ being nothing but shit frigates and a generic wankfest of garbage. Aside from the Vey engagement both Alliances KB's look exactly alike which isn't surprising considering many of EE's members came from SC. I'll leave it to the mighty @Doomchinchilla .
  13. Anck'Su Namun's Application

    https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99006424/ It's amazing he has any kills at all being in EE.
  14. Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    Sigh and here we see the crux of the issue. Such a blanket statement. Do you not know Waffles uses caps on the regular? Even Horde drops the occasional dread on unsuspecting persons to great effect. I hear this all the fucking time. I get convo'd all the time and when I ask people their simple reasoning behind wanting to join PL I often get such bullshit answers like this. Pandemic Legion isn't a carport to store your expensive and precious shiny ship expecting no risk and protection via ticker. Reputation is one thing digestion of information and cohesion is another. If you had rather framed the answer truthfully perhaps I'd be more lenient. The answer should have been "I want to use caps and supers with little to no perceived risk due to my gross ignorance and presumption." PL isn't your fucking meat shield for babbies desire for his first Nyx. You are expected to know what to do. You are expected to understand that Supers and Capitals in general are but one facet and one tool in the toolbox of our doctrines. If we only were good at "one" thing we'd have died along with Black Legion post Phoebe. Why wasn't Waffles good enough? You give this bullshit answer of "whaa low sec changed and small gang wasn't the same and they got all big" and then give an answer saying you want to join a group that does pretty much what Waffles does on a similar scale. At least speak the truth in this application. Waffles wasn't "cool" enough for you and you wanted to do something else with a capital. Need I remind you that many here graduated from Waffles and fly with them often (I fly with Waffles members) so to sit here and passively insult them doesn't bode too well. -1. Young player. Try hard answers when it comes to dancing around the issues. Gives bullshit reasons why Waffles wasn't good enough and gives the usual dipshit answer why they want to join Pandemic Legion in the first place. Fyi if you had actually said the truth many of us wouldn't have downvoted you to shit. Complaining about -1's on an app when you clearly cannot give "straight" answers even makes me raise an eyebrow.
  15. dj aldard

    Psst. Hey kid. Wanna buy a SNIGG vouch? You got an AT ship stashed somewhere? Some purple mods can sweeten the deal too. Don't bother with this formality crap. You already tried with one corp. Let Uncle Tara take care of ya for a fee. Swallowing is optional.