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  1. Blinky Jimmy

    I'll cross Lance's with you anyday. No homo. Srs. But true that. I think mainly why I detest the whole concentrated low sec squabbles was over shit like this. Like how dare you be friends with someone!? Don't you know they are the enemy and they kill babies??? It's so immature and irrational and why pretty much I got sick of the drama. I legit had people PM me actually concerned I was flying with CYNOU. Little do they know I flew with CYNOU members long before I joined SC but that's for the history books.
  2. Blinky Jimmy

    Wait a second gooby....
  3. Blinky Jimmy

    Why on earth would you reject the very person who's vouching you directly into PL? You do realize Kjan's real life job as a trucker has no foreboding on his capabilities nor his dedication towards his friends? I myself work on the road as a railroader away from home days at a time and sometimes the very friends you have in this game are the only family you have at times. The fact Kjan has stuck his neck out directly for each and every one of you is a testament to his devotion towards his friends and his loyalty. To simply reject Kjan because of real life obligations is pretty shitty imo. In case you couldn't tell this question was posed to each member of your corp with Kjan refusing to answer or place any of you above one another which in and of itself was a test. It proved his loyalty and comradery in a group where trust and openess especially with such a close knit group like Collapsed Out is required. Don't give in too easily to bait questions next time even if it is on our Public forums.
  4. Blinky Jimmy

    So I don't really seriously post in these things often aaide from the occasional roast (here's looking at you @Dame Death ) or for occasional banter but I seem to have gotten two different sides to BJ's app. Yes you are now BJ goddammit and you will like it cause it's funny and sucking dicks ironically isn't gay. Anyways I <3 Waffles. They are the yummiest breakfast food, have awesome singing contests, and Reza is handsome and flies a Vendetta. So for Waffles bros to have some very strong reservations against BJ here is concerning for me. That and there have been some very strong opinions from people from within my own corp about BJ. Well yesterday I hopped onto comms with Kjan and the guys here mainly to say hi and to catch up with a friend I hadn't spoken with in jesus eons it seemed. And I also talked with BJ here. All in all I hear positives about him consistently from his other corp members. Need logisitcs? Done. Cyno? Done. Need any sort of support role or eyes or whatever the fuck and it's there. What overshadows that imo is BJ's ability to communicate ( which has been thoroughly discussed here) along with his past in Waffles. Now I don't personally know BJ but from the brief time I spent talking with him he didn't seem godawful. A little green and socially off a little which is to be expected (no offense) but nothing unmanageable. What I keep coming back to is how people change over time. Remember it wasn't quite too long ago I too was an annoying low sec pubbie faggot shitlord bashing pocos for a trash pussy euro who had such a bad fued against OE and a pretentious ego it made me want to vomit. Now I'm friends with the awesome Chinchilla himself much to the ire of every self absorbed bitch in Essence. Anyways my point being is BJ's usefuelness could be a positive and the kid could turn a new leaf. I'm certain through certain grooming and pointers from friends he'd make out okay socially and his usefuelness in time could shine through. That being said it's not my place to speak for either side I just thought I'd put a little bit of an outside look on it. Have at it <3
  5. Kjan

    No. You either drop the meme Hel or Revenant. Dropping a Wyvern is like memeing to try and be relevant. Dropping a Wyvern is like only using a Super on a Keepstar undock or bashing a POS. Dropping a Wyvern is like sucking dick just to try something new...
  6. Kjan

    Oh god it's been what 5? 6 years and here we are still talking about blowing things. Lmao Christ we're allgaypwnd at this rate. But srs fuck Wyverns they are like the Toyota Yaris of Supercapitals. Something only beta ass males and crazy bloc Euros in track suits would fly.
  7. Kjan

    No it's not a gay ass Wyvern and if it was i'd blow it up myself.
  8. Eson Goldstein Application

    +1 for the <3 Tara -0.5 for the grammar. I hope you are as good at spaceships as you are at shekels Mr. Goldstein.
  9. Kjan

    I flew with Khan way way way back in the day with Holy and Malatha in Generic Pirate Corp back when we lived in Khanid. In fact Kjan and I spoke previously a couple days ago about this very issue with EE and low sec in general. I'm not in Cynou but I've known Kjan for years. Good man. Has my +1 for what little it's worth.
  10. Capqu

  11. Blot'vardy'vard

    No homo
  12. Sallah

  13. Sallah

    I'm afraid the correct answer was Indiana Jones. Sigh.... NC even sucks at pop culture. Look at your name!
  14. Sallah

    I have one more particular burning question. Are you by chance friends with a certain Dr. Jones? I hear he has an interest for the procurement of rare antiquities.
  15. Sallah

    So I have a semi serious question. What is the purpose of a Nyx? Why did you decide to fit this Nyx in a particular way? Also being as you have two capital capacitor boosters why that many? Is this how you fit your Nyx in NC? Getting on to other things what made you app into PL? I mean if you can get into NC with fits like that I guess you can get into anywhere these days?