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  1. Nice! Now if I could only get my gf to play Eve
  2. Modding will make the replay value much higher I think. Also more maps and a higher variety of weapons.
  3. Hopefully they work out alot of the bugs and fps optimization. I can't tell you how many times I've crashed or dropped from a game.
  4. I know sarcasm xD. Also pubg is addictive and very fun.
  5. My worst Tindr experience was I met my girlfriend and now we are living together. Not as bad as a fat woman trying to choke you. Did she want you to put an apple in her mouth too? I guess that's going too far even for a Tindr date. Jesus you think that's bad try Grindr. Actually don't. My sympathies on Shamoo trying to put the squeeze on ya.
  6. 4K for life! Never not 4K
  7. Good good! Thank You for giving detailed explanations. I was curious to see if you had not only the how but the why behind the fitting you gave even going so far as to explain differences in mwd cycle times, alignment, purpose etc. Forgive my brash sense of questioning but usually someone either spits out something entirely bogus or don't really take the time to answer questions at all. The buffer tank of the Aeon is surely it's greatest strength whereas the Nyx's is in it's superior damage, application, and fighter bay size in regards to air superiority. I also liked how you touched on a couple points one being the neutability of a passive tank and giving further insight into potential counters such as dreads, dd's and other probabilities.
  8. So let's go into this a little further. You want to drop said Nyx. You drop it on a Jump Freighter but low and behold it's bait and you are tackled. More hics keep coming onto grid and a couple of dreads start tricking in. What do you do? And how exactly would you refit to armor in this situation like you stated? And why the Aeon over the Nyx in a combat situation? I'm asking these questions because you say you are fitting for hypothetical situations. How do you prepare best for these situations when dropping a super?
  9. Why a warp speed or align set? Notice the question says quote "to dunk on nerds" it necessarily doesn't mean solo either. Take note of the earlier fit you posted. You attempt to fit the Nyx like some sort of hybrid shield/solo hodgepodge forgetting stacking penalties as well as other various things. 1. The nyx in particular as well as other Supers Titans etc get an exponential bonus to armor or shields using plates or extenders. With the use of a capital afterburner you can also have yourself aligned in any direction provided you don't bump as long as it's not an Aeon in one cycle even with plates. 2. The 500mn MWD is excellent for travel application yet horrid in an actual fight because Supers are now vulnerable to ewar. This includes scrams. This includes damps and other ewar modules. You "dunking" on nerds would result in you being scrammed in a bubble with zero ability to prop mod out of a jam and maintain some sort of mobility. 3. Why fit a mid slot sensor booster when you plan on running an NSA anyways? If you are dropping said Nyx why on Earth would you not fit some sort of tackle module instead? The Drone Navigation Computers while decent in earlier iterations are sort of a moot point when you have the MWD bonus of anti capital fighters and long range heavy fighters which have a range out to 100km for killing sub caps. 4. If you are going to fit a Nyx like this you are better off truly going for a Hel that is slotted for damage in the lows, enough mids for tank/tackle with a ability to warp the fastest with adendecy/hyperspatials and rigs. I mean we can sit here and pick apart the fitting night and day but if you have little concept or understand what a super does or what the optimal situational fitting is there's no point in arguing a way out of it. In question 9 you state: "I'm best at flying caps but also spend most of my time in my carriers." Is not a Carrier a miniturized version of a Super? If you cannot fit or understand the concept of a basic Carrier how does this translate to the understanding of how Supers function and their overall role on the battlefield? I'll give you a bit of concept theory for you to chew on since hopefully other applicants can see and take note before flooding us with mediocre cookie cutter bullshit from pre Citadel fits and slapped together with a bit of ignorance: 1. Supers have a role learn it. 2. When using or fitting a ship it's best to start from the foundation of what the ship is used for and the adaptability of said ships capability. 3. Study the ships weaknesses as well as it's strengths. Min/Max as well as try and take all options into account. 4. Don't try and bluff out of something. It's best to honestly discuss and communicate what aim or method you are trying to achieve instead of just winging it and looking like a moron.
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    So we aren't getting a hot Japanese cosplaying King of Gondor? sigh A man can dream...
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    My liege lord! It is you it is you! By the light of Arda you return! How can this be? Kneels. You're word is as a command. I will follow you to the end. My captain. My King. You have my sword. And my vouch.
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    That would be a question for our resident merchant @Lex Arson to answer. I do know it is possible for our applicant to possibly possess the light of a Simaril the very light that to this day guides the light of Earendil's ship that drives the darkness from our lands. It is possible! Elessar possessed many tokens of the breaking of Numenor. Who knows what weapons he has?
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    Everyone after much musing and debate sitting by the fire and blowing smoke rings I have deduced this riddle in the dark. While I was wandering the ruins of Caras Galadhon my mind wandered to the ruins upon Lake Evendim that men now call Deadmans Dike. Sitting upon the high seat where the flower Elanor bloomed in the spring and summers of our time it heralded a time of rising of our peoples. Among the ruins and tattered whips of dry leaves upon the breaking of the world I now beg you to consider the truth in these words. "All that is gold does not glitter not all those who wonder are lost. The old that is strong does not whither deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows will spring. Renewed shall be blade that was broken the crownless again shall be king." Our "applicant" is none other than the reincarnated embodiment of King Elessar. Elessar was known to go in many guises and many forms disguising and leading men of Gondor, even to the disdain of a young Steward Denethor II son of Echthelion! Lo! Hear me great Phages of the Legion! Shall we not deny the true and rightful heir!? Shall we deny his entry and seat upon the high places in Catch, to dwell in our Fortizar, to lead us in times of strife? To unite the broken peoples of Pamfam and to take up his sword Anduril and be a flame of the West to wield it against the barbarian weeb hordes of orcs who now pillage and mire that fair region? Speak swiftly ye leaders! For I have unmasked the riddle of who this person truly is! Long live Elessar! Long live the King! Praise him with great praise! A light shall he be to drive the darkness from Providence!! Forward Men Of The West!
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    What if you aren't a man? What if you are a broom? Failing that what about application number three? Would you be a horse? What about application four? A platypus? WHAT ARE YOU ENIGMA APPING INTO PL? REVEAL YOURSELF SHAPESHIFTER!!! WHAT UNBELIEVABLE POWERS HAVE YOU ACHIEVED? Going from a cute 18 year old Japanese girl to a middle aged man? What next? You must pray to the many faced God or something. Do you intend on giving all of us the gift as well? DO YOU HAVE A NAME? OR DOES A GIRL HAVE NO NAME?
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    What if it's a dude who looks like a lady? Surely we can make compromises...