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  1. 2r4w - Application

    Date a nice tranny girl or a trap. Trust me you are much better off. No child support. No pms. No menstrual cramps or crazy bitch mode.
  2. 2r4w - Application

    Decent application. Well thought out answers. Cute girl picture. Accepted Apply to Adversity in game. Welcome To Pandemic Legion.
  3. Arthas Menethyl - Application

    California was in a boom during the post war era of the 1950's. Returning servicemen flocked to the West Coast after serving in the Pacific seeking new opportunity and the rise of the outer city suburb created affordable housing. There was no lack of job to find and usually one could transfer right from his rate to a manufacturing position. Places like Richmond (ive lived there) were the home to liberty ships, Rosie the riveter, a basis of quality of life for many. However after those jobs dried up and Caifornia turned from the land of opportunity to a land of elevated taxes, outsourcing, and the tech boom cradle of Silicon Valley, many of those neighborhoods and communities were forgotten and swallowed up in Corporate and Government California's greedy steel jaws. This in turn led to the rise of crime and the introduction of crack into the poorer communities in the 1980's where even today the Iron Triangle as it's called in Richmond is not a place where you stay out at night. Also @Avery Lewis is a good man.
  4. Michael JD - Application

    Welcome back.
  5. Sanders Schmittlaub

    No offense but you need a vouch. Unless you are like some Eve Superstar. I mean my opinion means fuck all but still I waited years to get into PL and that was only by the grace of my Lord and Savior @Quickload and only after flying with people for a few months and demonstrating I wasn't an entirely useless fuckwad. Id say be patient and find a group that fits the playstyle you like. PL isn't the best fit for everyone.
  6. Sanders Schmittlaub

    He sounds like one of those hot Firefighters in those calendars so yes. He can spray white foam on me anyday.
  7. Archeras Umangiar

    Fuck You Arch you gay ass Frenchie. <3
  8. The Aggressor

    I remember Agressor from my Hax days. Good dude, likes to do all the content stuff, generally helpful, etc. As far as Snuff and all that jazz I find that kind of drama way outside my scope of experience except in regards to Hax's eventual death then coming back. That sort of drama and bullshit frankly will never be tolerated in PL nor I daresay is it tolerated in Waffles either. Here were all equals with generally specific things we are all good at to bring the goals of our groups to fulfillment. I would like you to settle down and find a good home now and grow some roots. I cannot think of a better group to settle down into. Waffles has grown so quickly and have done such badass things I'm very happy and more than proud to see Waffles bros whenever I log in. Best of luck on the app.
  9. Ormarr Kai - Application

    SC is practically dead. Even @Ormarr Kai said low sec itself is dead and I tend to agree. It was one of those reasons I myself left SC and struck out with Hax before eventually coming to PL in the first place. Everyone wants to change it up. I hold no ill feelings towards SC anyways. We dunked Paq he'll never change. It's time to focus on the now than the past. Besides how can you get mad at dead Vendetta's?
  10. Ormarr Kai - Application

    Nice. I saw your previous posts about the alt issues and had this like nice typed up response and then I saw you already did some awesome alt finding and Injecting. Best of luck on the app! I was just going to say that coming from like the low sec thing and then doing the whole tons of alts into PL can be a little bit challenging with our requirements. But glad to see you snagged a dedicated super alt already and have a fax alt in the works. Dread toons are out there but injectors are so darn pricey these days. Best of luck aquiring one.
  11. Dryden Gootch - Application.

    I think it'll be dank shooting Pocos together . Actually it's not my business commenting on other corps applicants so I wish you the best of luck. Capri is a good man.
  12. Claire Ijonen

    I appreciate the reply but you are incorrect on a couple of points. One is Claire already had the SP of a shield triage and instead extracted and reinjected it into the proper Apostle. Claire has also done the injecting required on her other characters (as pointed out on the App by Hedliner and others). As far as the sense of rushing you speak to again going over another point I had already asked previously of other members if this was a particular problem and that the app should wait. I was given the exact opposite answer. In regards to Trust I could not agree more. Members need to feel confident in a persons abilities, their background, their intentions and their proficiency. Even my app was scrutinized given my past and I had to work against those perceptions. I can gladly say that those perceptions were indeed broken and I am very thankful for the time and trust this Alliance has given me. The benefit of the doubt is something we all extend myself included. So I'm asking you as the vouch to trust my judgement. I've spoken to several members and I have listened to each point and frankly I cannot blame their concerns. Talks of previous vouches gone astray, people being complete and total fuck ups the list goes on and on and on. Yet I also listened to the positives. Claire's attention to detail. Her activity being extremely high compared to some of our more recent applicants. At any rate it is up to our Leadership (whom I have spoken to) and I just ask that you all trust not only Claire but trust my reasoning behind vouching her. Again Claire will have to speak to these points so for sake of not muddying up the application further I too won't reply any longer to the thread.