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  1. Returning member: Chino Saisima

    that seals the deal tbh
  2. Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    from my limited interactions with him jankos seems like a good guy even if euro
  3. Skayarck Arran

    app rejected failed the first fucking task registering on forums with exact ingame name
  4. Rabkillz

    Post an AHAC fit, a Nyx fit and a fleet BS fit.
  5. Daemon Belial's Application

    the meme is that avery believes in natural chest hair and nan doesn't btw so your answer was v astute
  6. Daemon Belial's Application

    I do................................................................................ 156 kills this month fc!!!!
  7. Piratetrader App

    this app is a dumpster-fire and as a dyson member I know how to identify those
  8. Kilo181

    jezza and radakos can you stop fucking sperging everywhere it's someone forgot to lock the door to the asylum at night or something
  9. Kilo181

    if this makes @Reza Najafi mad we all know how @Wrik Hoover will in the fury of his masturbation hit the accept button
  10. Darius JOHNSON

    tbh the only thing to say is this
  11. Application- Dantesi Cadelanne

    this app was dead when you failed to use any colors in the op tbh who tf just bolds shit and doesn't add some spice
  12. Janos Blake

    @BlueMajere comment on the possible addition of an auslord 2 ur corp plz
  13. Toshiro umezawa

    not what I was talking about, he fucked up his forum name
  14. Toshiro umezawa

    ya true u did fuck up step #1 smh @Cotty Vance control your pets