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  1. fin1712

    BlackMiners app

    what do you think of the gays
  2. fin1712


    @Eva Vesto @Avery Lewis
  3. fin1712


    monkaS he optimized his bhaal lows for heat
  4. fin1712


  5. fin1712


    +1 for jabal vouch and cat pic
  6. fin1712

    Khalathas Wrenwulf App

    I forgot to post in this thread so I'm doing it now to impress upon everyone my sense of self-importance
  7. fin1712

    Stephen Dalt App

    yo if you guys wanna make meme forum accounts to badpost you can answer to faloopadoose if this is A Bad Thing(tm)
  8. fin1712

    Stephen Dalt App

    Why is your Naglfar fit so bad??
  9. fin1712

    Impunitus Umbra

    do you play DOTA2 what module should always be fit to your supercapital and titan class internet space vessels and should never be unfit
  10. fin1712

    Impunitus Umbra

    are you easily offended by for example: my avatar of christ wearing a santa hat while being crucified
  11. fin1712

    Impunitus Umbra

    If you had an old cat would you lock it out of your bedroom every night while taking Snapchat videos of it sadly pawing at the door?
  12. fin1712


    Swing and a miss.
  13. fin1712


    Tell me why these two fits are garbage.
  14. fin1712


    Give me a fit for a standard fleet Machariel, a travel fit carrier and a FAX fit.
  15. fin1712

    Evan Giants

    strong answer