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  1. fuck I just saw the avatar I honestly don't know
  2. At least this one isn't implying he's going to use his MILITARY TRAINING and SNIPER RIFLE to get us.
  3. cynou recruitment threads are nowhere near as entertaining as dyson ones you guys need more mentally unstable applicants (and members)
  4. yo threads like this are supposed to go in the hoover subforum you dumb fuck we like to quarantine the dame death's and other automatic denials to one subforum
  5. vouch
  6. Yeah but seriously, go fuck yourself. You have 0 activity in the past two years and won't address concerns regarding this. Your fits are questionable at best. You are extremely combative, can't stand even minimal trolling, and seem to be an overall piece of shit who would last about 8 hours before Grath or Hedliner screamed something and you'd have a meltdown. Now get the fuck out and spare yourself the embarrassment that can result from any further posting.
  7. Quoting this for posterity when he deletes it.
  8. idk if this guy is trying to be an edgy troll or if his family is currently debating whether to pull the plug on the ventilator keeping his brain dead corpse alive
  9. Since you're ignoring this question I'll repost it. Also, the point of asking you for a Blops fit isn't to see that you can google or ask for a fit, it's so we can see that you can in fact, contrary to evidence presented here, engage your brain and use EFT with a minimum of competency.
  10. Over 2015 and 2016 you were active for a total of four months combined. So far this year you've been 'active' (you'd be borderline purge in Dyson) for a total of three months. Are you just going to quit in a month? More generally, why are you so inactive? Are you up to date with the game given that you haven't really played in several years? Why PL other than Radakos?
  11. Tara gets props for almost using intimate as a verb correctly
  12. u mean no wrik vouch tbh
  13. worse than a fucking hoover app god damn them fits them answers w e w
  14. I appreciate that @Doomchinchilla isn't recruiting another anime degenerate.
  15. penif is a pure virginal man please don't imply he would ever have sex with a non spouse @Sumo Sabezan