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  1. StarshipAI

    Swing and a miss.
  2. StarshipAI

    Tell me why these two fits are garbage.
  3. StarshipAI

    Give me a fit for a standard fleet Machariel, a travel fit carrier and a FAX fit.
  4. Evan Giants

    strong answer
  5. Evan Giants

    I like this guy
  6. Arthas Menethyl - Application

    hey I remember your name from when I used your APIs off Pastebin to spy on SMA for 6+ months good times
  7. James Niminen

    Yo I am gonna close this shit in 24h unless you redo the OP with some actual effort demonstrated.
  8. James Niminen

    Is this app the definition of low-effort?
  9. Otto Penken

  10. Otto Penken

    red line or green line
  11. Archeras Umangiar

    When jumping your Super in w/ PL what do you have fit to your Super and what have you done to prepare?
  12. Kristin Sabrioski

    Well formatted app. Explain why your SFI fit is trash.
  13. Franzio Knutz

  14. Franzio Knutz

    gihon or ARARAR
  15. Anaksi Takumi

    fuck I just saw the avatar I honestly don't know