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  1. Hedliner

    Any Dudes Around That I Might Know?

    Join our feeder corp Total Mayhem. Login join a fleet and see if it is still fun and appealing. Nice to hear from you, glad you're well.
  2. Hedliner

    Hello to my Brosefs !!!

    Grath - gone fishing and enjoying retirement Elise - professional pokemon go player now Penif - joined snuff o7 Bob Ross (lenid) - left SNIGG for CYNOU Killah - left for NC A lot has changed in the last two years but its a great time to be here. Lots happening, lots of change for the better. The future is bright, maybe you'll come back and enjoy it with us soon.
  3. Hedliner

    Hello to my Brosefs !!!

    Glad you're still alive @Hinkledolph - dont be a stranger.
  4. Hedliner

    Theon Severasse returning

    @Theon Severasse are you coming back exclusively for the AT?
  5. Hedliner

    Arestes' application

    This ransom oblivion watch guy is right this is strange Overman behavior. @Cheeb Aman @doobey someone pick this app up before Overman says/does something in this thread to ruin it.
  6. Hedliner

    Arestes' application

    Confirmed good guy, nice job updating your app.
  7. Hedliner

    Arestes' application

    This app has gone cold like my oatmeal.
  8. Hedliner

    Arestes' application

  9. Hedliner


    Can you read? If you can't you shouldn't write, seeing as the two complement each other.