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  1. Christopher Fer

    I normally refrain from commenting in other corps' recruitment sections because really it's none of my business, but I felt compelled to inform the good people of Waffles that if ever there was proof of the corrosive effect that "recreational" drug use can have on an individual's cognitive functions then you are it. But yeah, like you say, probably nothing to do with you vaping "shatter" all day, maybe you're just really stupid, or maybe I'm a liar. It's also worth noting that @Avery Lewis - one of the most tolerant, forgiving and easygoing dudes I have ever met in this game - washed his hands of you because of your inability to handle your buzz.
  2. Christopher Fer

    It's not out of context. We were fighting Space Violence Goons in Jamunda and you were so btfo'd on your recreational herbs that you couldn't even provide a W in fleet for people to warp back to you when we got tackled, or even string a sentence together on mumble.
  3. Christopher Fer

    He regularly gets so high he cannot function, this is the standard answer to all your questions.
  4. markie1994

    @markie1994 are you still interested in progressing your application? If so we can direct you to our new feeder corp which has been founded to tune up people who want to join but need somewhere to hang out until they're ready. You can forum message me or @Raviolia directly if you're interested.
  5. markie1994

  6. markie1994

    Neither do I
  7. markie1994

    We do not refer people to Horde now we have our own designated training corp.
  8. Vaun Iskan

    My gf met Vaun at the London meet this month and her conclusion was he was "a sweet guy for an eve player" and that someone should let him join their "team".
  9. Tayler Derden

    Sup @Tayler Derden I can probably check your Russian accent out if you like. Do you promise you're not here to spy for mactep, nync, big bas or any other Russian scumbag though?
  10. Coming home

    Of those people only jeff is still around. You might he better off pming him on the forums.
  11. Coming home

    I remember you. I wouldn't be able to recognise your voice though. Who did you send mails to?
  12. I have returned

    Ah the AT excuse. Sorry, don't care.
  13. I have returned

    You have 27 kills in the last 3 months, see you in October. Don't try your luck with another corp either because it wont work.
  14. DeltaJax

    Haven't heard this name in what feels like forever. @Delta Jax can you think of anyone who can voice verify you? I can't even remember what you sound like after all this time!
  15. Claire Ijonen

    This is a fair answer and given you've already injected for a t2 apostle I would probably expect you to inject to make yourself subcap capable too. I understand your hesitation in selling off your stuff prior to knowing the outcome of your application but that risk is on you not us, and the outcome or your application will rest on, amongst other things, your ability to fit into fleets. @Tara Read I would also encourage you to refrain from answering on behalf of your vouch. The onus is on the applicant to fend for themselves in this thread. I know you're enthusiastic about helping your vouch but you should be mindful of wandering into fedora tipping territory here.