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  1. Hedliner


    Hey Wesp, nice to hear from you and hope you're well too. Welcome back, let me know if you want to rejoin. You're always welcome here. @Mr Rive is still around.
  2. Hedliner

    Theon Severasse returning

    @Theon Severasse are you coming back exclusively for the AT?
  3. Hedliner

    Arestes' application

    This ransom oblivion watch guy is right this is strange Overman behavior. @Cheeb Aman @doobey someone pick this app up before Overman says/does something in this thread to ruin it.
  4. Hedliner

    Arestes' application

    Confirmed good guy, nice job updating your app.
  5. Hedliner

    Arestes' application

    This app has gone cold like my oatmeal.
  6. Hedliner


    Can you read? If you can't you shouldn't write, seeing as the two complement each other.