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  1. Radakos

    Back, Want to Come Home

    B) ya that's it Vlad, keep sucking that gud dick.
  2. Radakos

    Back, Want to Come Home

  3. Radakos

    Back, Want to Come Home

    hi ethikos! <3
  4. Radakos

    Grogoth Drem

    His name was Grogoth Drem.
  5. Radakos


    @Edibleghost <3 GL friend.
  6. Radakos

    Anaksi Takumi

    God Bless Public Recruitment tbfh.
  7. Radakos

    Anaksi Takumi

    👌😎👌 See you soon mate. Also I think a jar jar reveal would have made for a much better fight scene between him and Yoda, instead of with fucking Count Dooku.
  8. Radakos

    Anaksi Takumi

    Nice. The real question is what is your opinion on the fact jar jar was supposed to be a sith lord, and the facts that support it. Additionally do you think George Lucas should have ignored the fans that didn't like jar jar, and stick to his guns by keeping him on his original path. Please give more of an explanation other than the short reply you gave in your last post. TIA
  9. Radakos

    Anaksi Takumi

    Who is your favorite Star Wars character and why?
  10. Radakos

    Brett Joseph

    Good thing you won't ever have to fly one. Fuck shiled blops forever.
  11. Radakos

    Brett Joseph

    +1 Tbh this guy is actually talking out tactics and fits with multiple people at once. It's obvious that he is lacking a bit, but I feel if given a 30 day trial from Dyson he would significantly improve critical thinking skills. He also is showing that he cares much more than some applicants. Injecting to have the required skills and ships beofre his app is over shows commitment. I see no problem giving him a chance. Just give a shield blops fit and satisfy our token israd friend @Madkicker
  12. Radakos


    , accepted apply in game.
  13. Radakos


    Im staying. Sorry, not sorry .
  14. Radakos


    I was in Battlestars Sal. I was in Israd too. I've been everywhere. Is that okay?
  15. Radakos


    Show me your Dyson ticker.