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  1. Cesaro

    Tyler got overhyped by fuckboys who liked his cursing and occult references. He's one of the least talented ppl in Odd Future.
  2. Cesaro

    @Cesaro YW for the *Nsync option. @Daemon Belial Tyler is bad, Earl is better. Check out Ghostemane or smth my guy
  3. Cesaro

    Hello newfriend, I too am from Arkansas. North Little Rock, to be specific. Pls answer the following: 1.) Where in Arkansas do/did you live or come from? 2.) Favorite local brew? 3.) Favorite restaurant? 4.) Favorite outdoor activity? 5.) Do you enjoy Japanese animated cartoons?
  4. Yah, I guess I'll try this game again.

    does this mean what i think it means.....
  5. Murtific

    You seem like a nondumbo and a nonweeb so that's good. Anyway answer the following pls: 1.) Would you consider yourself to be an amateur chef? What's your cooking experience? Could you contribute meaningfully to a cooking chan? 2.) I hear Tempe, AZ is nice. Is it? 3.) What games do you spend time on, other than Eve Online? On a more serious note, you seem like you have your shit together and are willing to contribute, just get your alts/accounts situated. My main concerns are you fitting in well with everyone and being chill. If accepted we'd love to see you attend irl events like Vegas and Breck. CYNOU is fam after all.
  6. Unthrown Brick

    +++++ vgud vid
  7. Unthrown Brick

    Glad to hear about your willingness to hang irl. I like to party fam As far as your steak choices go though, motherFUCK a medium steak. Rare to medium rare is the only way. Also steak sauce, bbq or wtf ever else is haram, inshallah. Good marinades and seasoning before cooking are acceptable. Granted the applicant learns how to properly prepare and eat a steak, +1
  8. Unthrown Brick

    How do you feel about irl meetups? Would you be open to attending Eve Vegas or any of the other meetups that we have? How do you like your steak cooked? Do you add anything to your steak? Seasoning? Sauce? Please elaborate.
  9. Spaceking7591

    Welcome back my duderino
  10. Tajic Kaundur

    Where in Canadistan can I find the best lobster roll?
  11. Pe So

    Morale continues to drop in the Legion Pandemic, more news at 11.
  12. Pe So

    In your opinion, which PUBG weapon needs a nerf the most? Which needs a buff the most? Please explain. Do you plan to attend EVE Vegas this year? In your opinion, what is the most aesthetically pleasing space vessel in EVE Online? The least pleasing?
  13. Toni'Tourette

    Welcome back @Toni'Tourette, hope all is well! Do you have any super interesting tales to tell from your time away? Edit: Easily top of 2nd page.
  14. The Olive1

    What's your favorite kind of olive?
  15. Michele Bachmann

    Drink bleach CIS scum