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    @Pohds 1. I think I get the gist of it now. That was definitely a dumb series of decisions lmao u softbrain, but I do believe in second chances. If you've learned from your softbrain mistakes, then you ought to be okay, especially given how young you are. 2. Thick skin is a blessing. 3. I too, come from BRAVE and really enjoyed my time there. Barleguet was the best staging btw. So long as you can keep your sperg in check, not leaq, etc etc blah blah don't get Chester kicked, +1 from me.
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    @Pohds Looks like I was under a rock or not listening or maybe just fkn forgot but I don't know the details of the drama/sperg that surrounds you. 1. Please explain in some depth why everyone thinks this app is a meme. Be honest and tell me why this wont be a problem if you are accepted. 2. CYNOU is fam, although we tend to haze fairly hard and consistently. How will you deal with this? Bear in mind that if you are accepted, this hazing will occur and if you cannot take it in stride, you wont last long. 3. Out of all the staging areas that BRAVE ever used, which was the best and most fun? Why?