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    also @Andrew Jester no threats, we just trying to improve our PL FRIENDS, WE ARE AN ALLIANCE U KNO
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    kid seems legit, give this young buck a chance like PL once did for me and I'm sure this kid will fit in, obviously I'm not cynou but you did ur best on this app and you seem like a nice fella, best of luck
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    Did you fit in with everybody else? ur answer sounds very autistic, sorry
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    Liara Enith application

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    Corp Looking to Join PL

    yo wheres #26 u fuckin faggot
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    Erica Durance Application

    thrist intensifies
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    Jankos Sabannfuhrer

    can jeronica even vouch these days, wew how time has passed
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    shit nigga that sounds exactly like me, lmfao
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    Man my bad drunk posting, but i actually didin't vouch bensen, i told him ive been in and out of eve for a year now probably so my vouch wouldn't mean anything. when i said i felt like nobody liked me, was when i apped to habit and got kicked and all the waffabr0s hated me, i felt great while i was in there. anyway im pretty sure im in the wrong here so sorry reza for shit stirring, when he got kicked i just felt furious ♥♥♥ nothing but love
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    only reason u wanted to merge corps because of this reason and u tryin to flex lma00000000
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    Okay, so I talked with him and he seems ultra fucking hyped about joining HABIT. I haven't played too much in the past year, so I should have a chat with boys about it. I told him to talk to nano about his 50m sp char, jf char and a carrier char, over 1k kills over a year and that im super stoked about getting here. I then told him to ask you if it was alright to join habit. Obv I was over the moon- getting a guy that likes doing jf runs and liked the atmosphere. I've been in his situation, where you feel like nobody likes you and the world is against you. Habit was my saving grace and i never looked back. and i hope it can be the same bensen After I got kicked from waffles and joined Habit, Ive been the most baller recruit and jeronica has been even better. I feel like I can relate after having a fnatic CEO above us, and getting the chance to spread my wings by finding the right corp corp for me. I can empathize with bensen, and even though I've only played some DOTA and flown with him a couple times before. I think he'd be a good fit. This negativity just seems childish. It might just be me because I am one Childish son of a bitch who is only here from the dramlama. love you both and 4ever. Reza ♥ Bensen
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    can you reflect on this cause im not sure what you've heard cause i woulda thought u'd known everything from my side?