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    So I've been holding off to see how this goes before throwing my 2 cents in. I wasn't willing to vouch pohds because i havent known him well enough or long enough, having been introduced to him through daagin a few months ago. From what I've seen hes good enough at subcaps that hes on par with whats expected. Most of my experience with pohds is being on comms and playing other games with him though. I can confirm that pohds is a spaz and he is young, however I find him an enjoyable kid who as far as I've seen has his heart in the right place. My main concern is leaks, which he has addressed and It seems he understands the gravity of the situation and has a proper respect for what chester has risked in vouching him. I also very much know that pohds is part of a family of friends we have and I know that that is important to him to not mess up. In terms of the video I find it reprehensible. However, you have done as best you can i would say at easing my concerns about it, even though I still have them. I watched closely at how you responded to these concerns both in your snuff application and here. I think you have very maturely and effectively dealt with the situation and I give you props for owning up to it and seem to have learned from the situation. (We didn't get a titan-gate episode 2 when your hel died). Apping to cynou is a hell of a process and probably one of the most daunting apps in eve. To do so with your history and knowing how rough this would go shows your desire to fly with your friends, make new ones, and "CYNOUrself" TM to a higher level of gameplay. The question is whether people see titangate as unforgivable or read your app and think you deserve another chance. I expected this app to be dead on arrival tbh,.The fact that its still going, I think, is a testament to your humility and willingness to try and improve thus far.
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    I second this sentiment