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  1. Your a calvary man?
  2. A very good friend and colleague of mine, whose opinion I value more than many, is telling me about a previous application to the notable independent corporation of Burn Eden. Please enlighten me of this and also build me three variations of a nyx class supercarrier. Travel, combat, and 'gank'. Im also curious about devotors.
  3. Please enter NON EXPIRING & FULL APIS to the PL auth board found here. Next send a second set of FULL APIs and send them to me, @Sharker2k3, @Holy8th and @Andrew Jester via a PL Forum Mail. Make sure you create a set of FULL API keys for any corporate/director characters you may have. This by no means indicates that you have been accepted into CYNOU, this is simply just another step in the application process to give you a quick but thorough ruling. Continue to answer questions and check back constantly for possible updates and or notices from us.
  4. CYNOU is full of members who are constantly moving about both domestically and internationally. Corpmates are seen frequently logging in from exotic lands to help the legion conquer the vacuum of internet space. One member is particularly looking to spend some time in Indonesia from Jakarta to the Komodo Islands and is seeking for advice for his trip. As a travel agent you need to research some destinations, attractions, event viewing, restaurants and so on that will help keep the member entertained for the duration of his trip. Please provide a short paragraph for each selection you made, explaining your process. Include any international ratings such as Michelin Stars if they apply.
  5. It would only be a problem if you blind accepted him. I have faith in my dear friend @Koenig Yazriain holding the line. Adversity will not be a VDD like back door!
  6. waiting for my question @Pe So Just checking to see if you are working on it
  7. Some members in CYNOU lead extensive lives of travel for work and play, often showing up on mumble and discord from very different parts of the world. One particular member is going to be in the beautiful city of Vienna very soon on an 8 hour layover before venturing onto Budapest. As a travel agent you need to help this member by researching a slew of entertainment options from sight seeing to restraunts to hotels to shopping opportunities and much more. Please provide a detailed list of several options this man can do to spend his time Vienna. Explain why you recommend the listed activities in no less than a short paragraph for each. (If something is overly expensive it doesn't always make it good but the same can be said with something cheap. It falls on your judgement if something is worth the 'price')
  8. What is your worst tinder story?
  9. Do you have tinder?
  10. who the fuck is Iakopo Nara
  11. So killah dumps you on ISRAD because he wont vouch you to NESW? Or are you just hoping he will speak up without checking with him first?
  12. Returning members do not need to fill out the application. All you need to do is post a thread indicating that you are back and wish to rejoin. We also would likely need some form of confirmation of your identity so getting someone in corp, such as a close friend, to confirm will help a great deal. We also can clear you via mumble if your voice is recognizable.
  13. I turned 16 in August of 2012 and I thought that 343 Industries would be able to keep the Halo franchise going with acceptable plot (that follows existing cannon), solid balanced gameplay, and a good production backbone. I realized with Halo 4 in November, that I was very wrong.
  14. You are a returning member so idk why you bothered to actually type out an app but ok. Let me look the apis over and we will get you in. That all being said, the app you posted was actual trash and you should feel bad about it.
  15. It's 1:15 AM and you just went home with an strong 8/10. Just as you get to her place, your wingman calls up saying he needs help getting out of some girls place who turned out to be a psycho bitch. If you leave to rescue him, it's over with this girl but if you abandon your bro out right, your blacklisted. What do you do? Bonus if you can win on both sides.