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  1. Loonatik returning

    I think you have the wrong corporation
  2. Unthrown Brick

    Go to and make sure all your FULL API data, including all corporate APIs has been entered into the authboard. Ensure that each API is set to non expiring. Once you are done with that, apply to CYNOU in game with the characters you wish to bring. @Riffsajetwill have to bring you up to speed on how things work so I expect him to follow through.
  3. Unthrown Brick

    Once again, you think that these things are provided for in corp or PL? Or is the Serenity China bot server where they have caches of titans in every region the right choice for you?
  4. Unthrown Brick

    Why don't you let him answer that
  5. Unthrown Brick

    I can see you are going to be a great asset to the corp and alliance in PVP while making isk on the only two accounts you have.
  6. Unthrown Brick

    Corp Titan caches... Why not just go on Serenity and join PBIC, I'm sure China can use more mindless bots
  7. Chester Paterson

    Are you working on my question?
  8. Chester Paterson

    Please enter NON EXPIRING & FULL APIS to the PL auth board found here. Next send a second set of FULL APIs and send them to myself @Andrew Jester, @Holy8th, and @Sharker2k3 via PL Forum Mail. Make sure you create a set of FULL API keys for any corporate/director characters you may have. This by no means indicates that you have been accepted into CYNOU, this is simply just another step in the application process to give you a quick but thorough ruling. Continue to answer questions and check back constantly for possible updates and or notices from us.
  9. Chester Paterson

    We in CYNOU enjoy traveling the world and experiencing all that America has given us as the most privileged nation to ever exist. One particular group, the PADI certified, CYNOU Scuba Diving Club, is planning a dive to French Polynesia. However, the club is stuck trying to figure out which dives are the best, the places to visit, and the people to talk to. Also @Yaolanneeds a tourist place where he can hook up with one night stand college girls because he cant stand to see them a second time for shame it might bring. As a travel agent, it is your responsibility to plan a week long diving excursion to French Polynesia finding everything from local htospots to tourist centers. Use only PADI certified dive locations as we are not animals and savages, but famed underwater explorers. ADDITIONALLY, @Andrew Jester recently matched with a Parisian cutie on Tinder and needs to fly out to Paris to meet her. Please recommend some places where he can stay, eat, and entertain this cutie as well as recon the local tinder scene and link some of the best profiles for Andrew incase he needs to double dip and find a second cutie. (post screenshots of the main page and a small sentence why you liked her, or him, its a free country after all)
  10. Chester Paterson

    I have added the appropriate image to your application.
  11. Claire Ijonen

    You really haven't provided anything to prove that Claire won't be one of those 6 month afk recruits other than you talk to her in discord and her feats in F1ing and flying in frigate/tackle blobs in TEST. While this isn't far from many of the people brought into the alliance, it doesn't preach a sign of professionalism and long term commitment that is somewhat asked for. This is especially apparent with the amount of injectors that have been needed to bring the pilots up to standard of this app is also another noted concern by many already. It's not rearranging SP or say splitting a super/FAX alt into two new accounts (a requirement that many fail on first go because of PLs unique terms), it's completely new SP given suplimented by the vouch. This creates a sense that you are 'rushing' and being jaded by a new discord friend which hinders confidence and trust in the applicant. Trust is an important thing, not only from the vouch, but from the alliance. Members will have to put their faith into Claire when on grid and are risking 100s of billions to ensure fights go our way. If there is doubt to her abilities or even her loyalties then the bond is broken and members start to point fingers at people and corps. Like I said, this isn't my corp and I have no say in how it recruits. I hope that whichever way SNIGG recruiters move on this app, they will do with conviction and professionalism and have learned from the many recruiting errors this alliance has made (my corp included) over the years. I don't doubt that Claire is a nice person to talk to, but corps have been down this road before with recruiting socialites and it's almost always ends the same. Perhaps I'm doubting Claire too much but again, this isn't my corp to pass judgement. I wont reply in this thread any longer to avoid filling it up with my comments
  12. Claire Ijonen

    Perhaps it got lost in the walls of text on the other page or maybe my dyslexia is getting to me but I don't see any mention of it. How do you know Tara and why do you think he would go out of his way to vouch you given the inefficiencies in your skills? Note: I'm not SNIGG recruitment (my word means nothing here), and while I'm sure SNIGG (being an esteemed corp in PL) would do their due diligence before accepting someone solely on the word of a notable vouch, Im curious as to what you have to say.
  13. For paperpusher convenience

    Application accepted, apply to CYNOU ingame
  14. Spaceking7591

    When doom confirms it's you, put in your APIs to the system and apply to corp. Welcome back